Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

E-commerce is growing rapidly.

Starting from ecommerce web development in UK to utilizing mobile apps to connect with the audience, businesses are utilizing every opportunity to advance their businesses.

If you want your business to be successful, it must have an app, no questions asked!

According to the latest insights, by the end of 2021, mobile apps download will reach 258 billion - that's a 45% increase since 2017!

This means that if you don’t have a mobile application for your business today, then you're missing out on 99.99% of the potential customers who would download it if they had one!

But do you need a mobile app? How will it benefit your business?

Read on to understand why you should be investing in the mobile app for your business?

1. Better Connection with Your Audience

Businesses that have a mobile app enjoy a more direct connection with their customers, as opposed to the indirect connection they get through a website.

A strong mobile app strategy delivers an array of benefits for any kind of business across all industries - large or small, retail or B2B.

If you're running one, it's time to take advantage of its full potential by adding push notifications and engaging your audience in new ways.

The use of push notification can be used freely without much work on the developer side (just create the settings screen where users enter their device ID), which helps generate traffic and increase retention rates.

This is because it lets businesses interact directly with their users via channels like email, SMS, and push notifications.

Moreover, if your app is location-based or has a geolocation feature, you can use push notifications to send alerts when the user is in the proximity of a business location.

Your users will appreciate the convenience, and you'll be able to reach them quickly, at just the right time and in the right context.

2. Mobile Apps Aid Promotion and Offer Great Support

Retail businesses can use a mobile app to increase sales and manage inventory by providing better product recommendations, location-based services, and social sharing options.

An ecommerce store that has an app also benefits from marketing campaigns made easy with in-app promotion tools.

Push notification is a great tool for sending out regular reminders and discounts. You can even launch customer loyalty programs through app promotions!

The possibilities are endless when you have the ability to reach your customers at their fingertips anytime anywhere!

 3. Mobile Apps are Easier to Access Than Websites on Smartphones

Studies have found that people spend more time browsing apps than they do surfing the web on their mobile browser.

With websites, you often face no ranking issues and you need seo services to understand why your website isn’t ranking but it doesn’t matter with mobile apps.

This is true for all kinds of E-commerce Web development. You can also make your business presence felt across another platform - social media!

Your customers will be able to share their experiences and reviews from directly within your app, which helps spread the word about what you have to offer!

It is a great way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic from multiple channels. Mobile apps allow your business to tap into the vast social media market and make a name for itself.

You’re also able to monitor how your business is trending on different social media platforms and respond to queries as soon as they’re posted.

4. Apps can be Used for Social Media, Banking, and Shopping

Banking and shopping apps are popular because they provide convenience.

It's easy to check your account balance, transfer money quickly, make purchases in-app without the need for typing in all your credit card information, and paying wirelessly through Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Mobile banking app users typically use their smartphones three or four times.

If you're running an ecommerce store, think of how much easier it will be to track sales transactions if they're conveniently recorded from within your mobile app.

You can even offer handy tools like push notifications that alert customers to deals! All this is possible with just a few extra lines of code written by a professional developer.

Whether you want to add advanced analytics or create multiple user accounts, a mobile app is a great way to keep track of your sales performance and establish relations with current and prospective customers at all times.

Get ahead of your competitors and invest in a mobile app strategy today!

5. It's the Easier Form of Brand Advertisement

Lastly, given that mobile apps provide a better avenue to connect with your target audience, you also gain access to instant feedback and reviews from your customers which can be used for product improvements.

Since most apps are free you only need to make back the money spent on app development and save yourself from spending lots of ad dollars.

Think about it!

You no longer have to worry about whether or not your campaign will catch the eye of your customers because they're literally right there in front of their phones waiting for new content and updates from you.

Just imagine all the data we're giving away every day when we check into our favourite stores on social media sites like Facebook Places!

Mobile apps are just another way for you to get more exposure to various platforms through one simple tool - your mobile app.

Developing a custom mobile application for your business provides many advantages that can ultimately help boost its visibility.

Mobile apps are the best form of promotion because you have direct access to social media, are easily accessible, are more affordable than any other means of advertisement, and most importantly it's convenient.

We encourage you to start thinking about how an app can benefit your company today!

All you need is A reasonable budget and searching for e-commerce Web development in UK.

6. It Aids Growth and Sales

Lastly, developing a custom mobile application for your business provides many advantages that can ultimately help boost its visibility.

Mobile apps are the best form of promotion because you have direct access to social media, are easily accessible, are more affordable than any other means of advertisement, and most importantly it's convenient.

We encourage you to start thinking about how an app can benefit your company today!

Sales are up, your website is jam packed with buyers, your social media presence is astounding, you're just wondering if there's something else that can improve your business when BOOM!

Your best friend, a mobile app. iOS and Android have a huge market share so having a presence on both can increase your sales.

Furthermore, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time by your clients.

Lastly, you also get to grow your customer base through mobile app features like push notifications, real-time updates and a hyper personalised user experience.

You can offer special deals or coupons to those who download the app and save them something special.

Or maybe even showcase your latest product through push notifications. Either way, mobile apps are the future of business growth!

7. Mobile Apps Provide Great Analytics

A mobile app can be an effective tool to track the performance of your marketing campaigns.

It provides great analytics that show where your customers are coming from, how often they use your app and which device is mostly used by them.

The data collected helps you better refine your future marketing efforts so you won't waste time on ineffective channels.

With this information at hand, you can then split your target audience into sub groups to gain more targeted exposure.

You can then adjust your ad spend accordingly. You may even discover the best time to send out a push notification or message to your customers.

And most importantly, you get to understand your customers better!

8. Customer Management

Customers want to be heard. If your business provides great products or services, you know that satisfied customers are some of your best salesmen.

It's only logical then for you to listen to them so you can better understand who they are and what they want.

Creating an app also lets you manage all your customer information in one place so you can see who's opening the app and how they interact with your features.

You get to understand their interests, likes and dislikes, and identify them as leads when they're in store.

This way you're able to refine your sales strategies and give them exactly what they want!

Further,  if you have a customer rewards system, an app lets your customers check on their credits and even redeem items.

All of these features are only possible if you have a mobile app.

Final Thoughts!

After reading this article, you can see how important it is for businesses to have a mobile app.

Mobile apps are an easy way for customers to stay connected with your business through unique features that allow you to grow your customer base and sales. 

What's more is that it's cheaper than most marketing strategies, but provides greater results.

So are you ready to invest in a custom mobile app? Get started with the UK top development agency and scale your business to greater heights!

By - 29 Oct 2021

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