Digital Media Marketing Agencies: 7 Predictions for 2021

Digital Media Marketing Agencies: 7 Predictions for 2021


Rank yourself among UK’s MOST SUCCESSFUL business tycoons of 2021! Is that easy? 


What if I say “YES!” 


Well, here you go… 


The success of your business is rated by the ratio of audience-encounter!


For this purpose, digital media marketing agencies are stepping in to boost your business growth.


In clear words, the best marketing agencies can increase your business commercialization which helps you to grab more audience! 



2021’s Top Digital Media Marketing Trends!  

So here you go with the top trends of 2021: 


  1. 2021’s Social Media Would Be the Top SHOPPING Platform
  2. Easy and Long Content Would Grab More Audience
  3. Visual Commercialization Would be the King
  4. Voice and Video Search Would Rule Search Engines
  5. Virtual Events are the New Normal 
  6. Influencer Marketing is the New Affiliate Marketing


Let’s start!


  1. 2021’s Social Media Would Be the Top SHOPPING Platform  


Is social media the place for screening your content only? Or is there something else you are probably missing? 

Social media is indeed a huge platform for showcasing your products. From its inauguration till today, it has proved to be a successful tool for commercializing products.  

Regulating daily posts, content-plans, accelerating audience interest, and attracting new customers in 2021 would help!

Bilateral communications are the key factors that would help to uplift your posts on the top of the user’s page.

In a perfect social media arena, you need to modify your pages with comments, shares and likes to build customer trust! 

For that, you need to accelerate instant replies for encouraging passive visitors!  

Further, you could shake hands with any digital marketing company that can help you increase audience engagement and drive profitable conversions through social media marketing.


  1. Easy and Long Content Would Grab More Audience


Creating an SEO optimized blog post in 2021 is a real challenge.


Because in the previous eras, your 500- or 800-words content could generate huge traffic! 

But the SEO trends have been changed and now in 2021, a blog post’s length would be the ruler! 

Greater blog length means a higher ratio of keywords!

Have a look at the image below: 


This research was conducted to highlight the shares of blog-posts as per their word limit, and the results were surprisingly amazing! 

3000 to 10000 words blog posts received the top shares! 

This highlights the significance of the number of words that should be incorporated in all of your 2021’s blog post! 

With the help of these lengthy SEO optimized blogs, you can uplift your downloads and accelerate shares/leads, which means better engagement.

The bonus point of content marketing is that the content creators can get creative as required and along with that they can check the analytic report for further improvements or alterations! 

Before that, make sure you dig deeper and pen down the trending keywords of your target audience! 

In case you own a business in UK and don’t have the time to manage your site’s SEO, partner up with one of the leading digital media marketing agencies in UK.


  1. Visual Commercialization Would be the King


Designing an ad today is easy and free of typical TV add formalities, but the point is how can you modify your ads in 2021? 

We all are aware of visual commercialization's incredible role in marketing for business growth! 

Hubspot’s research claims that 95% of the marketers believe that videos help their customers to 

understand the product better! 

And another research proves that 90% of the consumers claim that watching a product video reinforces their purchase decision! 

In a nutshell, all the researches prove that video marketing is the next big thing! 

However, having your pulse on video designing technique is mandatory to save your investment from falling into a quagmire! 

Yes, because a number of researches also prove that a hive of users is up to skipping the ads! 

So, what to do now? 

First of all, jump out of the pro-level concept of video studios. If your mobile’s camera is compatible enough then just pull the trigger! 

But before that, make sure you have the right strategic plan!

And once you are ready with your plan you can measure the weight of your strategy in the marketing funnel!

The marketing funnel will help you to realize where you stand and would help to upgrade your video marketing strategy! 

Ultimately, the increase in your audience engagement would result in a higher lead generation ratio, hence increased conversions, and more sales! What else does a business owner need?


  1. Voice and Video Search Would Rule Search Engines

A huge number of users are jumping to voice search because it requires less effort and saves time! 

Technological features are not limited.

Can you think about something grand coming to an emergence?

How about searching with certain images? 

2021 would be a pack of surprises! Image search is not yet popular but it actually exists! 

Even Google allows you to search with new or existing pictures! 

Thus, your business might not hang in the coming future if you manage not to ignore the following: 

  • Add  SEO keywords in the image file name, as well as in the image alt text
  • Say NO to low-quality images and use HD pictures 
  • Use appropriate long-tail keywords for voice search optimization

In addition to all this, the Google lens and sitemaps would help you upgrade your image searching techniques! 

In both cases, just handle your SEO perfectly, or let a digital media marketing agency in UK do it, and you’d start ranking on the top whenever your users search through voice commands or images! 


  1. Virtual Events are the New Normal 

While talking about the 2021’s best marketing techniques, live streaming stands out to be on top of the list!

The advantages of live streaming are off the charts!

Low budget and lesser effort has, maximized the comfort level!

This is the reason why live streaming has remained the best technique of engaging the target audience in 2020.

Live streaming is easy-peasy but you need to be cautious before streaming your event!

If you think that your consumers usually prioritize a recorded video, you’re absolutely right!

Then what’s the intention of using live streaming?

Live streaming with its specific features has different advantages that should not be mixed with anything else.

Recorded videos are just promotions and sideline your customer participation!

Let your customers feel special this year! Prioritize customer reviews and engage them during your live streaming!

This would not only enhance the customer experience but would also help build customer trust and loyalty.


  1. Influencer Marketing is the New Affiliate Marketing

Influencer’s participation for promoting consumer’s product is a historical tradition! 

But, the whole arena of influencer marketing has undergone huge alterations within a very short time period! 

About six years back influencers were pretty different as compared to today’s market!

According to a recent study proves that about 40% of the buyers were influenced by their ideal influencer on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! 

The point is if you want to survive in the 2021’s marketing arena, you need to start practicing the ultra-pro influencing strategies!

The social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram have proved to be the most popular social networks in the past few years, and this trend isn’t likely to change in 2021.

Choose the right platform as per your target audience because one wrong step can result in a huge mess! 

Never jump on the platforms that aren’t being actively used by your target audience because if your potential customers aren’t there, even the influencers would be unable to bring any profit! 

After understanding your target audience’s demographics and selecting a suitable social media platform, make sure you pick the right influencer who has millions of followers that’re likely to be interested in the products or services that you sell. 

This easy technique would not only promote your product but, along with that, it would help increase your brand awareness within a short period of time! 

Over the next 12 months, these above-listed digital marketing trends are just what you need to follow in order to achieve your business objectives for 2021 So, it’s best not to mess up!

Don’t have the time to handle it all on your own? Find a digital media marketing agency in UK and let them get the job done for you!

By - 29 Jan 2021

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