What Happens When You Quit Doing SEO?

SEO is tough. It requires consistent effort and once you’ve ranked your website on the first page of Google’s SERPs, you can’t just quit doing SEO. Rather, you’d have to keep working and adopting new techniques if you wish to retain the position.

So, if you’re wondering when would be the “right time” to stop SEO… The answers is “NEVER”.

Can’t continue investing your energy in SEO? Hire a digital marketing firm in the UK, because quitting SEO will make your business suffer.

Read below to get answers to your why’s and how’s!

Why Should You Never Stop SEOing?

You'll gradually notice decreased ranks in search results if you cease conducting SEO. This will result in less organic traffic to your site and reduced online exposure over time.

That was obvious, right?

Well, here’s the real bad dream tat may come true if you quit SEO:

Your rankings will continue to drop until your website reaches a level where you stop getting any organic traffic at all!

Which means, all that expense you saved from not doing SEO, you’d have to invest double of that in Google Ads just for your website to get some visitors, who may or may not convert depending upon how your ad is performing and how relevant it is to the customers.

How long would it take for your ranking to drop after your SEO efforts have been stopped?

Your rankings will not plummet in the blink of an eye. After you quit SEO, you'll probably observe minimal difference for several weeks to months.

However, your ranks will begin to deteriorate with time. Then, unless you start utilizing SEO to get them back up, they'll continue to fall. If your competitors continue to execute SEO while you are away, your rankings will plummet, allowing them to outrank you.

Your organic traffic — the number of people who arrive at your site through organic listings on search engine results pages will begin to fall as your search rankings decline (SERPs).

You should expect to see data similar to those presented in the Google Analytics graph below which Google ads agencies in the Uk use, which shows the number of organic users maintaining stability before beginning to decline.

Downward-trending user count report in Google Analytics

For internet companies or specifically Digital marketing firms in the UK and website owners, organic traffic is critical. It accounts for over half of all website traffic and over 40% of a company's income.

Because around 75% of consumers linger on the first page of search results, even a minor drop in ranking can have a substantial impact.

You can see a large fall in traffic if you go to the second page of results. While the rate at which rankings and organic traffic decline vary for every site, you should anticipate a drop in your online presence.

Why Is It Essential to Avoid Quitting SEO?

Well, we’ve answered this question just above, but now it’s time for some real facts!

SEO isn't a one-time task with a specific deadline. It's a long-term approach that necessitates ongoing effort to maintain your site doing effectively in search.

So, why is it crucial to keep SEO running? Some of the most compelling arguments are as follows:

1. Google Values Regular Updates

Updating your website regularly might also help you rank higher. Google's algorithm might include "freshness" as a ranking element.

Your rankings may suffer if you stop running an SEO effort and don't maintain your website in a user-friendly fashion.

2. SEO is Constantly Competitive

Are you considering giving up SEO? Remember that your competitors will not. If you don't conduct SEO, your competitors have a good chance of outranking you.

If they or any other Digital marketing firm in the UK keep improving on their SEO while yours stays the same, their site will ultimately outrank yours in search results.

3. Google might change the criteria of their ranking

Google is continually adjusting the algorithm that ranks search results, and it releases major modifications regularly.

To stay up with these developments, you must adjust your plan frequently. Something that worked last month may or may not work this month in your Digital marketing firm in the UK.

As a result, it's critical to stay on top of these changes and alter your SEO approach accordingly.

4. You Leave Behind Unnoticed Risks

A halted SEO effort indicates that you aren't paying attention to potential hazards or issues with your SEO.

If you don't address these concerns, your company may lose out on leads and sales. The following are some potential hazards:

Unrecognized technical SEO difficulties Things go wrong on a website from time to time. You might be fined for duplicate material if someone replicates your work.

If a lot of spammy sites link to yours, Google could assume yours is as well.

You must disavow these links regularly, or else your search engine rankings will suffer. Stolen material: On the internet, people can misappropriate other people's content and pass it off as their own.

5. You Will Miss Opportunities

If you're not doing SEO, then you'll miss out on lots of ways to get traffic and leads. Of course, there are a lot of opportunities available, including:

Increased opportunities to rank, every new piece of content is a fresh opportunity to improve your search engine rankings.

Fresh material also allows you to rank for new keywords, thereby increasing the number of leads you receive.

You decrease your chances of getting new links if you cease developing and distributing fresh content.

Even if you don't use SEO, you'll need to keep your site up to date and maintain it regularly.

 All of these changes have the potential to improve your search engine optimization.

Why Stopping SEO isn't a Viable Option | MAXPlaces Marketing

Should You Quit SEO?

So, is it a smart idea to abandon your website's SEO efforts? It's critical to spend constantly on SEO if you want to get the most out of it.

You are now aware of the consequences of discontinuing SEO.

Wait, you might lose traffic in a Digital marketing firm in the UK? Yeah, over time your rankings will fall and so will your organic traffic. So even if you're at the top of the search results for a lot of keywords right now, they'll change if you don't do anything.

Consistent SEO effort is required to guarantee that your site performs well in searches and is visible to the 1 billion people that visit Google each month.

You can get help from a leading online marketing agency in the UK to assist you in your SEO activities.

By - 03 Jun 2022

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