Top 5 Platforms to Promote Your Content for SEO

When it comes to SEO strategy, many businesses often fall short. If your website struggles to make it to the top of Google despite having great content, then you are probably doing something wrong.

After all, who wants to see their competitors having the top position on Google?

So, what’s the solution? One solution is to target the right platforms for promoting your content. Simply writing website or blog content and hoping to make it to Google’s first page is not enough.

If you want to beat your competitors, then you have to do more than them.

Promoting your content is just as important as creating it. The best content writing services in UK will help you create the perfect content for SEO, but you’ll still need to promote it in the right way.

So, which platforms are ideal for content promotion? Read on to find out!

Why You Should Target Different Content Promotion Platforms?

Most things that happen on the internet require two or more parties to collaborate. Having backlinks to your website is essential for a good domain authority score. These backlinks should be on high quality sites, which will improve the authority of your website.

Also, Google often favors viral content, so getting more people to view your content is essential. Targeting the right platform is crucial for getting more people to see your content.

Of course, converting these readers requires high-quality content strategies, which is why you should have the best content writing services in UK to create engaging content.

Which Platforms are Best for Promoting Content?

Targeting the right platforms for content promotion is essential if you want your website to improve its SEO score. Here are the top 5 platforms for promoting your website content:

1. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media site, which gives it more potential in terms of content promotion. When posting content to Facebook, you should shorten the article to accommodate the short attention span of Facebook users.

You can also give a one-line introduction or teaser to the content and link it back to your website. After all, your goal is to improve website traffic.

If you have outsourced your content creation to the best content writing services in UK, then they can help you craft content specially designed for Facebook. Remember, the more engaging your content is, the better it will fare on social media platforms.

If you have exceptional content, then you can even pay to promote it on Facebook!

2. Instagram

Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not take kindly to long form written content. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use this platform. The secret to using Instagram for content promotion is to create an engaging story or post with a link to your website.

You want to ‘bait’ the user to visit your website and read the content there. Doing so requires a catchy title and a short introduction of the content, which stimulates the reader’s interest.

If you are unsure of how to promote your website’s content on Instagram, then you should have a social media agency handle it for you. They may help you with content creation, graphic design, SEO and other areas social media promotion.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to use when promoting business related content. Even if your business does not offer business related services, you can still promote your content effectively on LinkedIn.

So, how do you promote non-business content on LinkedIn?

The key is to target the right topics which may be related to your brand. For example, if you are a tissue brand, you can create content related to health and safety measures in a business environment.

Not only will you get more traffic, it is a great PR strategy as well!

The best content writing services in UK can help you create professional content that targets LinkedIn users and businesses.

4. Quora

Quora is one of the most underused sites for promoting content, despite its effectiveness. So, why should you post your content to Quora?

Firstly, it creates a string backlink for your content, which can improve your website’s SEO score. Secondly, you can get quality leads from Quora thanks to its question answer format.

By providing an expert opinion on Quora, you are showcasing your business’s authority in a certain field. For example, if your business involves selling car parts, then answering questions on car-repair will get you more customers.

If customers see that your business is reliable and knowledgeable, then your brand’s trust will increase significantly.

5. Guest Posting

If you understand SEO, you’ll know the importance of guest posting. Finding high quality backlinks to your website can be difficult nowadays, and guest posting is a great way to get them.

Guest posting is more like a partnership. You provide the content in exchange for a platform that gives your brand visibility and a few great backlinks.

However, creating content that will be approved by high-ranking websites is difficult. If you want to get it right the first time, then have the best content writing services in UK write the guest posts for you. This way you’ll save time and increase your chances of having a guest post on a high-ranking site.

So, if you haven’t yet included guest posts as part of your SEO strategy, its time you do it now!

How to Create Content for Different Platforms

Creating content for external platforms is not the same as creating website content. Each platform has a unique style and requirements. First understand the platform and target market before posting content. Otherwise, your content will fail.

Imagine seeing a LinkedIn post on Instagram. Chances are it won’t get many conversions or even views!

Another professional content promotion tip is to avoid using a salesy approach. The more subtle you are in promoting your brand, the better results you’ll get.

After all, you aren’t running ads in a content marketing campaign!

If you want the perfect content strategy for brand promotion, then have the best content writing services in UK cover your content promotion. Better content promotion will result in more website visitors, improved brand trust and more conversions!

By - 24 Dec 2021

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