Top 5 Google Ad Extensions to Boost Your Ad ROI

Have you ever wondered how some brands get much better results than others when it comes to Google Ads? Why do some brands who invest the same amount in a related campaign get different results?

There may be several reasons for this including better ad copy, more effective headings, or a better offering. However, these are not the only areas you should target if you want to improve your ad ROI.

If you have the top Google Ads agency in the UK managing your ad campaign, then they may use ad extensions to improve the ad quality and performance.

So, what are Google Ad extensions and how can you use them? Read on to find out!

What are Google Ads Extensions?

Google Ad extensions are tools that you can use to extend your Google Ads. This gives you more advertising space and helps improve your ad quality. Google Ad extensions may help increase the text space, improve the ad copy and give you more space to add features such as call buttons, subpages, and discount sections.

Remember that you are paying for your ad to show up in the search results, so you better make it count. Ad extensions are perfect for improving your ad quality and overall user experience, resulting in a high CTR and ROI.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to use these extensions in the right way, which is why you should have a top Google Ads agency in the UK manage your ad campaign.

In the meanwhile, it’s helpful to know which extensions are best for improving ad efficiency and CTR. So which extensions are the most effective?

Here are the top 5 extensions that you should always use to improve your ad campaign:

1. Sitelink Extensions

Your ad text is too precious to be wasted on adding contact information such as website URL or contact details. It’s much more efficient to simply add these details in an extension.

Sitelink ad extensions allow you to show a maximum of two lines of extra information under your site link heading, which can be used for multiple ad campaigns. So, what should you include under sitelink ad extensions? Here are some things to consider:

  • Testimonial text to establish customer trust. For example, you can add your company’s track record stats or other details that may link to an “About Us” page.
  • Product subcategory pages: Sitelink extensions can be sued to link to subcategory pages that are in popular demand, allowing you to essentially advertise more than one page on a single ad.
  • Add call-to-actions: CTAs are a great way to improve the conversion rate of your ads, allowing you to get more out of your current budget.

If you have the top Google Ads agency in the UK managing your campaign, then they will ideally create unique sitelink extensions that you can use for multiple campaigns.

2. Snippet Extensions

Structured snippets are text lines that you can add to your Google Ads to include more information on your product offering. Snippets can include a range of product offerings, giving visitors a more detailed overview of your company.

If you offer more than a single product or service, then these snippets are an ideal way to boost your ad efficiency. Providing more detailed information to customers will help you get more qualified leads as customers are likely to buy if they know more about your product range.

Here are some things that you should include in a structured snippet extension:

  • Product or service category: Google allows you to choose from a range of 12 categories.
  • Device Preferability: Choose whether you want your snippet to show on mobile, computer, or both.
  • Product range: Try to include information on your product quality and range to create more qualified leads.

Again, if you are unsure what to include in a snippet extension, then have a top Google Ads agency in the UK create the perfect snippets for your ad. These snippets can also be used for an effective SEO strategy or Social Media marketing.

3. Callout Ad Extension

Callout Ad extensions are quite similar to structured snippet extensions with the main difference being that they are designed to provide more information about a certain target product offering.

For example, if you are selling shoes, then a structured snippet might include the shoe range such as women’s shoes, hiking shoes, etc.

On the other hand, a callout extension will show information related to the quality of the specific shoes that you are providing. For example, it may include phrases like "high-quality stitching, 25% more density and other information related to a specific product offering.

Callout extensions can be effective in telling customers why your product stands out from others and can therefore help improve the ad CTR. If you are creating manual extensions, then the best UK-based Google Ads agency will help you structure the callout extension to include the right information.

4. Call Ad Extension

Ok, don’t confuse this with a callout ad extension. A call ad extension allows you to add a phone number in your sitelink heading, allowing you to receive calls directly from visitors. On a mobile device, this may be a one-click button that opens up the dial pad on the customer’s phone.

You can also add this extension to a laptop, although it will only be clickable if the customer has a calling software such as Skype installed on their device.

When using call ad extensions, make sure that you can deal with incoming calls to prevent wasted leads.

5. Price Extensions

One of the best conversion tactics in marketing is to provide the customer with a range of pricing options. This is effective in improving the CTR rate and quality score of the ad.

If you have a range of packages, then this extension will help you advertise multiple packages in a single ad. Best of all, each pricing option can link to a different page, giving you more options for conversions.

Once you master these common ad extensions, then you can start applying for other detailed extensions. If you have a top Google Ads agency in the UK running your ad campaign, then they'll ideally run a few extensions for each ad.

After all, the main reason for them being the top Google Ads agency in the UK is that they know how to improve your Google ads CTR, conversion rate, and ultimately the ROI!

By - 21 Jan 2022

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