How Can You Generate SEO Leads Through Facebook Ads?

We've all heard about Facebook's capacity to attract a sizable number of B2B prospects, but it may not be as easy as it sounds.

But how difficult exactly is this?

We have outlined the specific steps you must take to generate any sort of SEO leads from this social network getting SEO services in Leeds or anywhere else.

1. The Budget

How much money are you willing to spend on Facebook advertising?

Each campaign will cost you a fair amount of money, and if you've never used this type of advertising platform before, things might get out of hand fairly fast unless you've been an expert using it for years.

Current statistics show that B2B marketers spend more than half of their overall spending on merely generating leads.

We are aware that there are additional expenses along with SEO services in Leeds, but that represents a sizable portion of the overall budget.

But we continue nonetheless. Why? Since Facebook has 1.52 billion members, there are undoubtedly many profiles that contain gold mines of leads.

However, you must first pay to locate them.

2. The Page

The Facebook Page would be the fundamental platform for your business. A Facebook Page is absolutely empty the first time you create one; there is no material, no followers, nothing.

In order to get people interested in what you have to say, you will have to stay active on your Facebook Page and engage your customers there.

I'm sure you see what I mean. Getting five people to like your page on the first day is already a tremendous accomplishment, despite the fact that technology is undoubtedly amazing and Facebook has lots of potentials.

However, targeting the right customers o Facebook can be tricky, and if your audience isn’t right, converting them into leads may not be possible.

The next thing to do after creating your Facebook Page is to start a Facebook Group. Facebook groups are all about communication.

People may publish content there just as on their own timelines, and Facebook now has a cool function that allows the members of a Facebook Group to be instantaneously combined into a Group Chat so that people can communicate with one another via Messenger.

But on the other hand, the Facebook Group has to be filled with real individuals who are interested in what you have to say, and at the beginning, the process will be agonizingly slow, too just like SEO services.

Facebook marketing in this sense is not for those who want instant results.

3. Facebook Pixel

The task of examining visitor activity on your website falls to Facebook Pixel.

Additionally, Pixel enables you to connect with website visitors who came through Facebook Ads so that you may retarget them with retargeting ads.

Your ability and drive to sift through analytics data and understand how visitors are interacting with and acting upon the information on your website will determine how useful this analytics tool is.

It doesn't provide fast fixes for anything, nor is it a miracle cure-all.

The user must decide how to use the data to advance his initiatives since that is all that it is: a tool.

Nobody ever said that obtaining SEO leads from Facebook would be as simple as getting SEO services in Leeds, and if we stated it was, we'd be stretching the truth.

4. Tap Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead advertisements, thankfully, exist. Due to the fact that Facebook lead advertisements let you gather important information like names, emails, phone numbers, etc., they differ significantly from your typical, everyday Facebook ads.

In order to feed a CRM program like MailChimp with the information gathered by lead advertisements, it is possible to download it.

It might be difficult to convince individuals to sign up and really submit useful information that you can utilize for your funnel.

Is there a chance of success?

That is sometimes the case, especially if your targeting is not precise enough and the offer in the advertisement is not obvious enough to prevent false positives.

5. Take Them Home

The landing page, which is the most crucial page on your website, is the one we expressly mean when we say "home."

Multiple landing pages are possible for a website and split testing is strongly advised in order to determine the most effective landing pages.

If you stake all of your resources on one landing page that "looks nice," you run the risk of squandering your Facebook advertising investment and doing nothing.

An eBook or white paper that is offered for free on a landing page designed to generate SEO leads typically requires the user to give his name, phone number, email address, etc. in return. Be aware that your results will improve if your landing page is simple.

It is advisable to provide the download link to your SEO lead by email so that they must enter a working email address in order to access the free content.

Because you can't be sure whether the emails you are receiving are legitimate or not, this strategy is preferable to applying a gateway and a download link directly from the landing page.

6. Those Viral Posts Coming

On social media, "going viral" refers to a single post (or several posts) receiving a lot of attention and publicity through word of mouth (or more specifically, through likes, shares, and tags).

Creating content with viral potential can be difficult. Plus, Facebook user behaviour has evolved along with the site itself over the past years.

Before, for instance, image boards like 4chan or 9gag's impact allowed memes to spread quickly. However, individuals these days are more concerned with providing relatable, high-quality video material.

Simplifying things including getting Local SEO services in Leeds is crucial in the end. An easy-to-understand call to action is always your greatest choice for persuading consumers to click on your advertisement.

It should be clear what you're offering and what your advertisement is about.  You'll be more successful in attracting your ideal customer if you are clear.

Lastly, don’t forget to invest in the best Leeds SEO services on the side since Facebook Ads and SEO should be done together for a greater impact and higher conversions.

By - 23 Sep 2022

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