Top 9 SEO Trends You Should Not Ignore in 2021


It's time for us to look forward to the next big SEO trends of 2021.

A number of business owners out there have predicted the death of SEO! But is that so?

No! If this was the case, the agencies would have stopped providing SEO services in Liverpool and all around the globe.

SEO optimization has just manifested incredible innovations and without keeping an eye on them ranking your website on the top of search results sounds nearly impossible! So better to adopt them as soon as possible.

Let’s dive in to discover these trends…

Top 9 SEO Trends of 2021!

Whether you run a website in Liverpool or any other corner of the globe, you don’t afford to ignore these latest SEO trends of 2021:

  1. Identify User’s Search Intents 
  2. Never Ignore Mobile Optimization! 
  3. Create Lengthy Content
  4. Greet Voice Search 
  5. Play with Featured Snippets 
  6. Grow Your Channel through Influencers 
  7. Add-on Image Search Optimization 
  8. Customize Your Content Presentation and Add Visuals 
  9. Conduct Semantic and Keyword Search


1. Identify User’s Search Intent

Understanding user’s experience is the heart of your SEO strategy in 2021… Not only to enhance customer and digital experience but to provide useful benefits.

Plus, User Experience is also one of Google’s many ranking factors.

This means your website should provide an excellent experience to the users.

Google would never rank the websites that are potentially unable to address the problems of your audience. 

Before that, you should have a clear idea of the user’s expectations, which includes excellent loading speed, user-friendly experience, and navigability. No matter what device they’re using, if they could not spot these, they would simply walk away.

And, Google would keep on updating its algorithm to provide a better user experience. 

The point is, what you should prioritize to enhance your UX?

Here are some tips for you:

  • Never compromise on the website’s performance
  • Use easy-to-understand and world-class content 
  • Try to be available most of the time
  • Provide all-in-one solutions 
  • Use creative content
  • Be precise

2. Never Ignore Mobile Optimization!

Mobiles would be the leading searching tools in 2021. 

This means, your content should be easily accessible on both laptops and mobile phones. You won’t believe that around 79% of mobile users have purchased items online! 

Further, Google also ranks those websites higher in its search results that’re capable of showcasing their content on mobile phones along with other devices. 


Ignoring mobile-optimization would lead you to a lower ranking and a bad user experience! 

No matter whether you are running a business website in Liverpool or anywhere else, if your content is unable to pop-up on mobile phones your business would more likely lose a huge number of potential customers to the competition! 

You might be wondering that how can you optimize viral-worthy SEO content for your website…. If it stands out to be this important. 

Well, in 2021 this is not at all tough because the best SEO services in Liverpool and all around the world are providing you with world-class Search Engine Optimization with content writing services as well.  

3. Create Lengthy Content

Content has always remained one of the best marketing tools and indeed would remain in 2021 as well. 

There’re are two major factors you need to focus on while creating content. Number one, draft lengthy content of around 2000 to 3000. Wondering why?

Look at these stats below: 


Focusing on length is not just enough! 

Quality is the second most important factor you must consider while crafting content. A user would never return to your page if they could not find something worthwhile. Boom! 

So, lengthy content escorted by high-quality information would help you to corner the market in 2021.

4. Greet Voice Search

Around 33% of online users use voice search! This ratio is further predicted to rise in 2021. 

How about your website not even appearing for these users? Doesn’t this mean that your website is not worthwhile? 

To survive in 2021’s business chaos you need to make sure your website appears each and every time the users search through voice. 

Here is how you can get started… 

  • Focus on conversational log-tail keywords that people usually use during their daily life conversations 
  • Length matters! Use long keywords that sound original i.e., “which SEO services agencies to choose in 2021”, or “list of best SEO services in Liverpool” rather than “SEO in 2021” 

5. Play with Featured Snippets

This is something easy! 

Google’s snippets are the smart techniques you can use to gain prominence within a short period of time. With this, you just have to write few catchy lines that are highly informative to inspire your customers to click.

Bonus Point?

Snippets receive more traffic!

Featured snippets depict just bits of information and can be in form of Q/A or bullet points etc. Other rich snippets include visualizations, reviews, or pricings of products/services. In easy words, snippets act as a menu of your webpage. And, catchier menus receive more audience! 

Well, have a look at the two different types of snippets google shows while searching for “top SEO services in 2021”: 

In this case, the snippet with more precise information (bullets) would receive higher clicks. And guess what… it actually ranks on top of Google’s search results.  

6. Grow Your Channel through Influencers

Influencers are followed by millions of people. Means? Your target audience is most probably following their ideal influencer. 

Through these influencers, you can easily target a huge number of your prospects and can convert them into customers easily. 

That’s it. 

These influencers have earned a great deal of trust from people and their followers tend to follow whatever their influencers bring in front of them. Additionally, connecting to influencers offers plenty of other benefits as well: 

  • Triggers organic backlinking 
  • Elevates your brand visibility 
  • Stimulates social media traffic 

However, you need to be super-careful before choosing any influencer. Because not every influencer can help you. You need to go for the right option by analyzing where your target audience is. For instance, if your target audience lives in Liverpool then choosing a native Liverpool influencer sounds like the perfect option for you!

7. Add-on Image Search Optimization

Image search has been revolving for the past few years. The users are loving this feature and are drastically switching to image search on Google.

This predicts that whatever business you’re running through websites, it must appear when the user uses the image search option.  

If your website is missing this optimization even in 2021 then hurry up and optimize for image search as soon as possible, or get help from an SEO services provider near you! 

Start using high-quality-images and link their filenames with the right target keywords. You can use alt tags or add them to your site map as well.

8. Customize Your Content Presentation and Add Visuals

We need to accept the fact that no one bothers to read dead-boring posts! There are thousands of other webpages ready to provide solutions to the users. And, users would probably run there!

Content presentation is the key to your website’s success. The way your content delivers the information and how much it is capable of engaging the audience decides whether the user would buy or not! 

Users are super enthusiastic and keep on jumping from one page to another. And to make sure, they don’t jump out of your website provide them direct and easy to digest solutions. 

For instance, if any e-commerce businessman in Liverpool is trying to market his products through exhaustive content then he would soon regret it because much of the audience could not even understand what the seller is trying to sell!

So why should they buy?

They would simply walk away…

To save yourself from such disasters you need to be really careful while designing your content. 

Ideally, content enriched with high-quality images tends to hold more users. You can even divide your content into different sets of short paragraphs or bullets to make it easier to read.

Here are some top tips for you: 

  • Stick to originality and avoid plagiarism
  • Make it easy-to-read and understandable for readers
  • Highlight tips to solve their issues
  • Provide jaw-dropping stats 
  • Address your user’s problems 
  • Say hello to creativity 
  • Update-your old content 

The more easily readable your content is, the more visitors it would attract! And if your bounce rate is lower, your website’s ranking on Google would eventually improve. 

9. Conduct Semantic and Keywords Search

Don’t forget, user-intent and buyer-intent keywords have a high search rate, and the audience that types in these keywords are al your perfect potential customers!

So, which keywords should you prioritize in 2021?

In 2021, you need to use powerful secondary keywords and semantic searches to fulfill your user’s intent. This is the best way is to approach the subjects your target audience is directly searching for. 

Your primary focus should stick to optimizing the whole content than just using keywords. Most importantly, the content should be written for addressing the problems of your audience and not for just marketing purposes.

In a sense, optimize for humans before you do for search engines.  

How to choose the Top SEO Services in Liverpool?

Creating content in 2021 sounds hyper-hectic. 

You might be wondering how you can design the best SEO-optimized content for your users with such an overwhelming competition out there! 

An easy solution is to simply partner up with the best SEO services in Liverpool, or wherever else you’re located, and let them help you design powerful content. 

But before that make sure your chosen service agency is enriched with the following features: 


Content marketing is the next big marketing technique that would not only bring you a plethora of audience but would boost your brand awareness as well! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Without wasting a single second, choose the top SEO services before it's too late. 

By - 20 Feb 2021

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