Top 6 Misconceptions About SEO – Do You Still Believe This?


Top 6 Misconceptions About SEO – Do You Still Believe This?

Want to rank higher on Google SERPs? 

Google’s algorithm is evolving with an unstoppable speed and to keep up pace with this ever-changing algorithm you need to demolish some of the past SEO beliefs and adopt the latest SEO trends!

No matter you want to self-optimize your website for SEO or with the help of the best SEO services in UK, you need to have an idea of which misconceptions can ruin your ranking on Google SERPs. 

Keep reading to discover the common myths about SEO…

6 Popular Myths About SEO

Optimizing your website for SEO is indeed crucial if you want to stay ahead of the pack. But, following the outdated concepts, won’t just mislead you but would also hurt your ranking in the worst possible way! 

 Here’re the 6 SEO misconceptions that are straight-up wrong: 

  1. Guest Blogging Is of No Use! 
  2. SEO is All About Linking 
  3. Content Marketing Can Replace SEO 
  4. Stuffing Keywords Can Boost Ranking 
  5. SEO is Not an On-Going Process
  6. PPC Ads Automatically Uplift Ranking 


1. Guest Blogging Is of No Use!

If your content can not provide an answer to one particular problem that your users are looking for, then definitely it won’t work. Thus, draft something useful, relevant, and informative that other websites would feel proud to post on their pages.

Want a pro-tip? Get the best SEO services in UK to grab blog posts that are worth publishing on popular sites

And who told you that guest posts don’t work?

With guest posts, you can build new relationships with the experts of your niche and attract clients through trustworthy platforms.

Look at the 10 incredible benefits of guest posts:

With so many benefits, do you really think that guest blogging is of no use?


2. SEO is All About Linking

Today Google acts differently when it comes to linking. 

Flashing a few years back, marketers tend to spend a huge amount of investment in buying links. In fact, they kept on adding excessive internal linking just to help search engines crawl their websites. 

But this isn’t the case today! 

Google only promotes high-quality links that come from a reliable and trustworthy website.

In fact, Google would to penalize your website’s ranking if your page lack’s high-quality content.

You see? How carefully you ought to link your content? Thus, never go for low-quality and get help from the best SEO services in UK to design contents that can potentially attract organic linking! 

3. Content Marketing Can Replace SEO

Any website owner who does not go for content marketing or social media marketing is going to suffer a huge drop in traffic. You have to create fascinating videos, ads, infographics, e-books, etc. to attract, convert and retain your audience! 


This doesn’t mean that content marketing has replaced SEO! 

SEO is still there and is not going anywhere!

Blog posts are enriched with oodles of keywords which ultimately boost your ranking on Google SERPs. And, not having this type of content means missing the opportunity to rank higher. 

Thus, every bit of your content including blog posts should be optimized.

Here is how you can optimize your website for SEO:

If these tips are not even followed by the best SEO services provider in UK, then their content is also not going to rank!  

4. Just Stuffing Keywords Can Boost Ranking

Creating any keyword-based content and publishing it… is one of the common misconceptions of SEO.

You need to accept the fact that content is not just for the search engine! It’s good to add keywords in your blog articles but just stuffing them would never help you rank better.

This is how odd a keyword-stuffed content looks like:


With these kinds of paragraphs, you’re going to wear your audience out!

Your readers would simply jump back immediately leaving you with an increased bounce rate! Much worse? They would move towards your competitors!

The content you publish represents the image of your organization. So, start creating high-quality content! By high-quality, we mean content that is a pack of heavy-hitting information and stats. Be sure, whatever you post can address the problems of your users. The better your content would be the more the audience would head towards a purchase decision. And, isn’t it what you want? 

However, managing all this along with your business can deviate your attention from your company’s progress. And, we all know that your business should never be left alone! 

It is highly advised to get the best SEO services in UK and let them help you draft content as per your niche’s keyword! During all this don’t forget to follow the essential copyright rules of SEO


5. SEO Is Not an On-Going Process

One of the most common questions people use to ask is that “can we stop SEO now?” The answer to this question is a big no! 


Because SEO is a battleground! 

Where your competitors are working incredibly hard just to uplift their ranking on Google SERPs. Most of them probably have got the best SEO services in UK or wherever else they’re located, which help them to publish high-quality content etc.

If a top-ranking company drops even just 1% of its conversion rate, the next website is going to take its place. 

And the system goes on! 

Well, in this scenario, not working on SEO sounds like a disastrous idea! 

Consistency is the key top ranking on Google SERPs. No matter you run a business website or an e-commerce website, you need to optimize your pages for SEO and upload keyword-pivoted content REGULARLY! If your performance starts to narrow down, your ranking is going to suffer miserably. 

Here’re the types of SEO optimization you need to focus on:

Now you decide, either you want to rank on top of Google’s search results or want to leave that seat for your competitors?


6. PPC Ads Automatically Uplift Ranking

Ranking for organic search results and through PPC ads are two separate things.

PPC ads can increase your brand awareness and place your website on top of Google SERPS, which often in return leads to a higher rate of conversion. This is one of the major reasons why to get Google Ad services. But, this won’t in any case improve your ranking for SEO. 

To rank for SEO, you have to create blogs, optimize your website for SEO, and much more!  Imagine, if you’re unable to pay for PPC ads for months and your website is also not SEO optimized! Sounds like your website’s ranking would drop miserably!

Taking help from Google ad services sounds a good idea but ignoring your SEO is going to cost you a huge amount of audience and loads of profits!

How to Find the Best SEO Services in UK? 

Investing in the best SEO services in UK or wherever else you’re located can help you create content that ranks. 

But the question still remains there, that how to find the best SEO agency in UK and across the world? 

With so many services out there, finding the perfect provider is a tough call. But, you can easily measure the strength of your chosen agency by just checking whether they’re enriched with the ideal features or not! 

Here’re the features of the best SEO agency

  • Delivers quality work on time 
  • Have professional team of experts 
  • Their client’s portfolio is pretty impressive 
  • Enjoys good reputation in industry 
  • Implements the latest SEO techniques 
  • Avoids black-hat methods

 If you find the best SEO services in UK or in any corner of the globe with all these features, then better sign the contract without wasting a single second! 


It is really difficult to pinpoint specific SEO strategies that would constantly help you rank better on Google SERPs. The thumb rule is to expel all the SEO myths that have been discussed in this article and start working hard latest trends.

By - 20 Apr 2021

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