Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020


Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital marketing is a landscape that changes constantly, and often drastically, in today’s technology-powered era.

And that calls for business owners to have an updated knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends.

Ready to dive in?

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How can Going Digital Augment Your Sales?

The question of how to boost revenue generation through elevated sales is what keeps marketers awake at night, and that’s just what’s bothering you too, right?

With the ever-increasing competition in the marketing environment, businesses often struggle to find their own separate identity and differentiate themselves from the crowd.

In that case, digital marketing & search engine optimization often comes as the ultimate savior that can help you stay one step ahead of the curve.

However, if the digital marketing trends that you’re following are outdated, then you’re limiting your own brand’s reach, which puts you at an increased risk of losing your potential customers to the competition.

Don’t want that?

Then you must be interested in learning the latest digital marketing trends that can contribute to the success of your business by adding a special dimension to your profile, and hence help you maximize your profitability.

Stay competitive in the 2020 market with the following current digital marketing trends:

1. Surrender to the Dominance of Artificial Intelligence

You know what’s going to be at the heart of global marketing industry this year?

Of course, AI, or as you may call it, Artificial Intelligence.

The development of ‘thinking’ computer systems has changed the way a lot of things worked, and 2020 is likely to be the year when the world wakes up to their dominance.

Wondering how you can turn AI to your advantage in terms of digital marketing?

Well, to be precise, AI can help you in analyzing your consumers’ behavior and their search patterns.

In addition to this, chatbots are also an interesting implementation of AI that are often used for the purpose of handling payments (we’d discuss more on this later).

Here are some other major reasons why you should be interested in AI this year:


2. Realize the Potential of Chatbots

If you haven’t acknowledged this fact already, chatbots are, and would continue to be one of the major trends for successful digital marketing.

Looking for an introduction to this incredible AI-based technology?

Basically, chatbots employ the use of natural language processing software to decipher and understand the customer’s requirements and respond in a humanly manner.

In other words, chatbots are about maintaining a continuous flow of communication with your site visitors, or customers, through instant messaging.

According to a number of recent surveys:

Other than this, here’s why you shouldn’t be missing out on benefiting from chatbots:

3. Get in the Game with Conversational Advertising

Another trend that can make your digital marketing successful is conversational advertising, and there are various reasons why!

Firstly, your customers want it that way – to have their questions answered instantly and without much hassle.

Don’t believe us?

Well, you’d surely believe the conversational marketing stats according to which 82% of consumers expect instant response on marketing questions.

Apart from this, what makes conversational marketing essential in today’s ultra-modern era is the one-to-one real-time connection that it facilitates. Have a look at this as an example:

Now, isn’t that a great way of bridging the communication gap and building a better relationship with your customers?

Of course, it is!

4. Inject Your Marketing Efforts with Personalization

If you really want your customers to notice you in the noise of competitive digital marketing, personalization is the key.

And, to be more clear, personalized marketing isn’t just about emails, but you also need to personalize your content marketing, products, social media marketing and much more.

In order to avoid annoying your clients with generic advertising pop-ups, here’s what you should be doing in 2020 for successful digital marketing:

  • Connect better with your consumers through personalized emails instead of employing a batch-and-blast email strategy.
  • Use customers’ data and provide them with tailored recommended products.
  • Meet your customers’ expectation with a personalized marketing campaign by drawing on data such as their location and purchase history.

Here’s how personalization can increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy:

5. Take Video Marketing a Bit More Seriously

Let’s take this as an example:

For instance, you own a Chinese restaurant in Slough UK and want to attract more customers to your doorstep, what do you think would have the most impact on your audience?

Well, if you ask a provider of digital marketing services, he’d probably recommend you this:

“Attract more attention by creating a video for your restaurant.”


Because visuals are more engaging than plain content. Also, video marketing is a great way of letting your customers know more about your food’s quality, taste, the variety of options on your restaurant’s menu, the ambiance, and more.

Have a look at this:

6. Spread the Word with Influencers’ Help

Let’s face it, in today’s era of social media marketing, influencers act as a brand’s personal cheerleader. And therefore, more than anything else, they have the power to persuade your target audience (their followers) to buy from you.

So, when attracting foodies to your restaurant through digital marketing, leverage the influencers’ clout and spread the word about your business.

Lastly, apart from the latest trends, don’t forget to follow the key factors for digital marketing success.

Because you shouldn’t be aiming at just surviving, but rather thriving in the age of innovation. And only the best digital marketing services in UK can help you do that!






By - 02 May 2020

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