Top 5 Tips for Creating Powerful Blog-Posts


Is your content unable to rank on top of the search results? Or your blogs are failing to convert the audience into actual customers? 

Well, if that’s the case then you’re probably missing the top tips for creating powerful articles. 

It is highly advised to get the best content writing service in UK to manage your business and blog posts in one go. But if you love to draft the content yourself then make sure you follow all the tips that we’re going to discuss below. These practices would not only improve your rate of conversion but also reinforce your users’ purchase decision! Isn’t that what you want?

So, without further ado let’s get into this…

Top-Tips on How to Draft Viral-Worthy Articles

First of all, we need to accept the fact that writing content for only search engines is just a waste of time and effort! Only a great post that is a pack of jaw-dropping facts can help you stand out on the internet. 

Here’re some tips for you to design powerful blog posts: 

  1. Use Catchy and Working Title Tags 
  2. Break Content into Subheadings 
  3. Insert Informative and Quality Images 
  4. Add Keywords but Never Stuff! 
  5. Post Lengthy and High-Quality Blogs 


1. Use Catchy and Working Title Tags

Titles are the very first thing your users are going to notice. They should provoke the audience to click on your page. Thus, come up with catchy and working titles.

In easy words, your title tags must explain the entire idea of your blog in a nutshell. For instance, a tag i.e., “how to create a digital marketing strategy?” would work. But, to make it more precise you need some variations, such as ‘4 easy steps to creating a digital marketing strategy’. Sounds great, right? This is how a simple title can be converted into a working title. 

Here’re some heading formulas to help you create heavy-hitting titles:

  • The Ultimate List Guideline:

Formula: (Number) of ways (to achieve an outcome)

 Example: 10 Ways to Grow Your Email List

  • The fear-monger Headline: 

Formula: Warning: Are/do you (verb) (something dangerous)? 

Example: Warning: Do you still believe in these fatal SEO misconceptions

  • Breaking News: 

Formula: (NEWS) + (outcome)

ExampleGoogle’s New Policy Left the Marketers Startled!

  • Provocative Questions: 

Formula: (Pose a persuasive question) 

Example: Are Content Writing Services in UK worth it or not? 

Key-takeaway: Do some digging and find out your niche’s keyword and add it in your title tag to help search engines crawl your website easily.


2. Break Content into Subheadings

Now comes the body of your content. From here the readers would decide whether they should trust your services or not! This means you have to draft a digestible masterpiece for your readers. Most of the users usually skim through the blogs before they decide to read them. So, simply stay with short paragraphs, bullet points, and subheadings. Because they’re easy to understand and read. 

Look at the image below and see how you can optimize your content’s important parts into headings: 

Don’t forget, the readers are not here to spend their leisure time, they simply want to learn how to drive traffic, reduce bounce rate, and much more in as short amount of time as possible. 

Remember the thumb rule, “never repeat!”. If you keep on repeating the same ideas, you’re going to wear your audience out! Thus, each and every paragraph of your content should be enriched with something new.

But, don’t you think that managing all this along with your business is a tough call? So, why don’t you just get the best content writing services in UK or wherever else you’re located. Because their experts would offer you pro-level content marketing services that can boost your sales easily.  

3. Insert Informative and Quality Images

No matter you run an e-commerce website or a brick-mortar business, posting blog posts without images is a big no! 

Why? Because the human brain processes visuals faster than written content. People usually don’t stay on the pages that are overloaded with just texts and paragraphs. They’re eager to find the solution rather than wasting their time on reading. 

Thus, make sure to use informative images. Not only it can boost your engagement but along with the visuals you can add much more power to your blogs.  

Here’re some types of images you can use throughout your content: 

  • Try to use screenshots 
  • Add images with faces 
  • Use infographics and pictures of stats 
  • Pick relevant and high-quality images 
  • Incorporate legal pictures 

Using a combination of these images can take your posts to the next level. Apart from that, start uploading your own images or hire a professional photographer to help your content stand out easily on the internet.

But, did you know that if you hire the best content writing services in UK, you don’t have to worry about this at all? Their experts manage every single thing from SEO optimization to adding visualizations without having you to do anything!


4. Add Keywords but Never Stuff!

Years back, you could rank on top of the search results by just repeating the keywords. But this isn’t the case today! Now, search engines only promote the pages that answer the queries of the users.

Further, you have to use different types of keywords just to draft a perfect SEO-optimized article. Keywords are generally categorized into two major kinds: 

  • Focus keywords (should be used 14-15 times in a 1500 words article) 
  • Secondary keyword (can be used once or twice)

For instance, if you run a business in UK and want to publish a blog post on “why investing in the best content writing services is worth it?”, then consider “best content writing services in UK” your focus keyword and rotate it throughout your article. In this case, secondary ones can be “UK’s best content writing services” etc. 

Make your own list and start adding them to your articles. One of the best ways to find your niche’s keyword is to check out your competitor’s website and view their page sources. Apart from that, you can also use free keyword tools to find the trending phrases which your target audience is typing on search engines. 

5. Post Lengthy and High-Quality Blogs

Gone are those days when your website could rank on top of search results with just 600 to 800 words. Today, lengthy content is the king! 

Have a quick glimpse at the image below: 

You see the potential of long-form content? The longer contents can improve your ranking incredibly! Thus, start posting blogs of around 2000-3000 words if you serious about increasing your clicks.

But make sure the quality is not compromised while elongating the content. Remember, converting users into customers is only possible if readers find the information valuable enough. 

Here is how to create a high-quality content that can rank and bring sales:

  • Come up with topics that your audience is looking for 
  • Perform a deep research on your chosen title
  • Have a strong and promising introduction 
  • Use jaw-dropping stats
  • Follow the top SEO trends 
  • End it on a high note 
  • Don’t forget to avoid all the SEO mistakes!


Pro-tip: Get the Best Content Writing Services in UK

Unlike Google AdWords and social media marketing, SEO-optimized content cannot uplift your conversion rates instantly. Creating and posting content on your website is not just a one-time thing. If you really want to corner the market, then you’ve to post high-quality posts 3-4 times a week! Yes, you read it correctly! 

For a business owner, managing the progress of his company along with creating content regularly sounds overwhelming. Still, no worries! Because the experts of content writing services in UK have got your back!

Once you shake hands with them, you can get professional articles right on your doorstep. What’s more? Look at the startling services the best content writing agencies provide: 

  • Helps you post unique content to beat competition 
  • Saves your precious time
  • Optimizes the content thoroughly for SEO
  • Provides you content from industry experts 
  • Helps your website rank on top of search results 
  • Your focus solely remains on your business!

With the above-listed amazing benefits you can be sure of one thing: investing in the best content marketing services is worth it


For writing content, you’ve to think like a customer and optimize it with the help of the tips we have discussed above. This is the only way to get your website more traffic in the coming future.

So, what’re you waiting for? Get your hands on the best content writing services in UK or start posting content yourself, right away! 

By - 30 Apr 2021

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