Top 5 Tactics to Rank Higher in Google’s Local Search


Top 5 Tactics to Rank Higher in Google’s Local Search

If your website is not ranking on top of local search results, then probably you need to hire the best local SEO services in UK, or read the 5 easy Local SEO tactics that we’ve shared in this article.

So, without further ado let’s get into this… 

5 Proven Techniques to Improve Your Local SEO Right Now! 

Appearing on the top of Google’s local search results is mandatory if you want to increase your web traffic and rate of conversions. Along with, this you would probably want to appear in Google’s local three-pack as well!

Wondering what Google’s local three-pack is? It is a set of three local search results that are displayed by Google on the very top of its SERPs. Getting your business ranked in this local pack means you’d be visible to more of your customers and would attract more web visitors. Ultimately, a high ranking in the local search results would lead to increased local customers buying from your business!


Here’re the top tactics for your local search engine optimization’s success:

  1. Create a Google MyBusiness Account 
  2. Grab Reviews from Your Happy Customers
  3. Don’t forget to Conduct Competitor Analysis
  4. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly 
  5. Post High-Quality Local Content 


1. Create a Google MyBusiness Account

Optimizing your online business profile with the help of Google MyBusiness Account is one of the best ways to rank on top of the search results. 

You just need to provide the requested information to start appearing in the Google search Knowledge panel, Google Maps, etc. 

Here’re some points to consider while optimizing your business profile: 

  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information (that includes your company’s name, address, phone number, website, description, category and attributes)
  • Add your hours of services, logo, images, your products and payment methods 
  • Get customer reviews on your business profiles and respond sincerely to every single review!  
  • Publish posts to share upcoming events, new arrivals and special offers 
  • Interact with your customers directly through Google MyBusiness Messages 

Saying NO to Google MyBusiness Profile is just like refusing the offer of free billboard advertisement in the center of the city! 

Thus, if you want to stay ahead of the pack you need to design a pro-level business profile by yourself or with the help of the best Local SEO services in UK


2. Grab Reviews from Your Happy Customers

Customer reviews can work wonders! 

They are essential factors of local listing and allows your website to stand out easily. 

Just like before buying digital marketing services, you would most probably go for customer reviews to check what they reveal about your chosen company’s services. This is necessary to save yourself from falling into the hands of spammers! 

And, if you’re up to spying your chosen company’s reviews then how come your customers would not? 

Poor or zero reviews signal a lack of experience or technical expertise. Thus, try to convince your happy customers to leave a positive review or a thankyou-note on your Google profile and website. 

Not only reviews would help you appear trustworthy in front of your audience, but they would also boost your ranking. How? Because Google promotes business profiles with tons of customer reviews! 

You know what?

When your users would see five stars on your profile they would most probably click on your website leaving you with an increased conversion rate.

Well, have you ever thought about enjoying so many benefits with just customer reviews? 

No matter, you run a business website or an e-commerce website in UK, you need to have customer reviews at all costs! And, make sure you’re well aware of all the major factors that can impact your local SEO.


3. Don’t forget to Conduct Competitor Analysis

You talk about social media marketing or content marketing, spying on competitors can help you identify your niche’s latest trends.

For instance, a business owner can easily steal the keywords of the top-ranking competitor’s website. In this case, downloading backlink profiles or checking competitor’s top keywords with the help of the websites like, etc. can really help! 

Apart from that, you can also check what your niche’s audience is looking for by just landing on your competitor’s pages. This can save you from never-ending customer surveys and much more! 

Further, you need to have an understanding of your competitor’s social media and content marketing strategy. In order to figure this out, find the answers of these few questions: 

  • What is the engagement ratio of your competitors? 
  • How often do they publish updates on social media? 
  • How many active followers their social accounts do have? 

With this you can design your local SEO strategy yourself or with the help of the local SEO services provider. Identify how many links you would require to appear in search results and see which type of linking can help you out. 

Finally, you need to determine how many articles should be shared on your website every week? Among them how many should be keyword-focused? Further, what ratio of followers you need to have on social accounts. And most importantly, what strategy you should use to attract your audience?

If you want to save yourself from this overwhelming procedure and still enjoy the best results, then partner up with the best local SEO services provider in UK. 


4. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that 60% of searchers use mobile devices? Additionally, 61% of mobile visitors are more likely to hit the contact button if a local business has a mobile-friendly website.

This means if your webpage struggles to navigate on mobile phones, your local ranking would surely drop!

Have a quick glance at the image below:

Well, this clarifies that a mobile-optimized website is necessary if you want to be an excellent player in local SEO! And for this, hiring the best SEO services provider is a shortcut!

Before that, you need to understand what a mobile-friendly website actually means! This does not mean buying a new website. It is just about optimizing your webpage for both desktops and mobiles.

Here’re some tips for you: 

Remember, mobile-friendliness is one of Google’s important ranking factors. Thus, make sure your website is easy to navigate on both mobiles and desktops.

However, working on mobile SEO might sound like a daunting task. If this the case, then hire the best SEO services provider in the UK and let them manage your local mobile SEO optimization! 


5. Post High-Quality Local Content

Content is the soul of local search engine optimization! This is one of the major reasons why content marketing services are worth it!

By local we mean, adding neighboring city names in your blog posts and the latest trends of your town. For instance, if you’re running a business in UK, then better stick with UK’s cities, slang, and latest news, etc. 

Posting high-quality and lengthy blogs can help you rise above your competitors. Here’re the things what you need to focus on while drafting content for your website: 

  • Length of each blog:

Gone are those days where short blogs could bring you incredible traffic! Today, you need to post blogs of around 2000 to 3000 words if you really want to boost your ranking. Or simply get help from the best local SEO services in UK. Look at the image below and see how much lengthy blogs matter: 

You see the potential? 

With long-form content, your website can easily start ranking for local SEO bestowing you with more clicks!

  • Keyword insertion  

Blogs are not just about elongating your content by providing irrelevant text.  This means you need to follow your niche’s audience and make a list of all the keywords they’re typing in the search engines. But don’t use too many keywords. Here’s is the ideal ratio of keywords: 

  • 14-15% focus keyword (for 1500 hundred words)
  • Secondary keywords can be used just for once or twice throughout the entire article


  • Interesting topics 

As far as the topics are concerned, make sure they are relevant and precise. 

For example, if you’re running an online digital marketing agency and want to post a blog on Google AdWords, then try to come up with topics like “Reasons Why to Get Google AdWords”, “Top Google Shopping Ad Strategies” or something like that. This can build curiosity in your audience’s heart and reinforce them to click on your page.  


  • Structure and relevant information 

But, just topics are not enough! 

What if your users have landed on your page but are frustrated due to the irrelevant information? They would simply bounce back and never return! 

Sure enough, you don’t want to lose your customers this way, so it’s better to provide informative details and startling stats in the best possible manner. Your posts must contain answers of your audience that they’re looking for.

Make sure your content is divided into digestible paragraphs, headings, and subheadings. 


Key-takeaway: Find a Reliable Local SEO Services Provider in UK

If you’re running a business in UK and want to rank on top of your local search results, then it is highly advised to shake hands with the best local SEO services provider in UK. Because their experts sincerely work to uplift your local ranking.  

This is how a local SEO services provider in UK and across the world can help you: 

  • They optimize website for local ranking 
  • These agencies provide your viral-worthy and keyword-pivoted blogs 
  • They can help you increase your online visibility and much more 

Sounds like, with the best agency you’re in for a deal! 

So, what’re you waiting for? 

Without wasting a single second, get the best local SEO services in UK to manage everything in one go!  

By - 09 Apr 2021

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