Top 4 Latest SEO Trends to Boost Your Site’s Ranking

Have you ever wondered how some sites seem to pop up on top of every search query? Would you like that to be your site?

If so, then you need to capitalize on the latest SEO trends.

However, doing so means competing with the top companies out there. One way to stay ahead of your competitors is by using the latest SEO strategies, tools, and trends on your website.

This guide will discuss the latest trends and give you valuable tips on how to use them in your SEO strategy. If you really want to stay ahead of your competitors, you should have the best SEO agency to help your brand grow.

Which SEO Trends Should you be Aware Of?

With the speed at which technology is adapting, SEO is changing by the day. The days of keyword stuffing are now a thing of the past and even relatively newer SEO practices have now become outdated.

So, if you want to get to the first page of Google (and stay there!), you’ll need to keep up to date with the latest SEO trends (or hire a Google Ads agency for paid advertising).

Here are the top 4 trends that will drastically improve your SEO performance:

1. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular amongst the younger generation. As more people install smart systems in their homes, people are turning towards voice searches to purchase products and services. The latest studies indicate that more than 25% of people currently use voice search regularly, and this number is only expected to increase.

A staggering 58% of consumers use voice search to find a local business in 2017. The best local SEO services will help optimize your website for voice search queries, allowing you to get more local customers.

Finally, customers who use voice search are more likely to purchase a product or service.

So, how do you capitalize on the voice search trend?

  • Use more specific keywords: Voice searches often contain longer, more specific keywords. Customers are more confident and direct when using voice search, which is why you should make sure that your content is direct and to the point.
  • Include a voice search option on your site: Having a voice search bar on your website can help customers find specific pages or products without having to type.
  • Have a professional agency to optimize for voice search: The best SEO agency will help you optimize your existing and future content for voice search.


2. Artificial Intelligence

You are probably aware of the fact that Google uses AI to send you custom-targeted ads. However, did you know that Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve your SEO strategy?

AI SEO tools can help with keyword research, discovering user intent, and doing more effective competitor analysis. Sounds great, right?

In fact, some people have gone so far as to claim that AI is the future of SEO. But how can AI help with your current SEO strategy?

Artificial Intelligence systems can be used to optimize content by speeding up the keyword research process. Many AI tools specialize in keyword research and user intent. AI tools may also help you identify gaps in the market, which allows you to capitalize on trends that your competitors are overlooking.

However, you’ll still need SEO experts to help you integrate AI tools with your SEO strategy.

3. Influencer SEO

You may have used an influencer before in your advertising strategy, but did you know that they can also be useful for SEO. Influencers are people or brands that already have a large audience.

Do you have a trusted friend, whose advice you'll always take on certain topics? That's what influencers are! They can help you reach many potential customers without having to go through a whole sales funnel.

Influencers give credibility to your website which means more traffic and increased search engine visibility. Influencers also help you by proving effective backlinks to your site.

Search engines usually favor content that already has many viewers, so if many people are visiting your website through an influencer, your site's rankings are likely to increase.

With the popularity of social media only increasing, the role of influencers in SEO has become much bigger. So why not hire the best SEO agency that can help you get the best influencers on board with your brand?

Take a look at this study that shows how 80% of marketers think influencer marketing has a positive impact:

80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective | Smart Insights

4. Embedded Videos

If you were given the option to read how to do a complex task or watch a tutorial, chances are you’ll always choose the video. Your customers think the same way too.

Video content has become a crucial ranking factor and its importance has only increased recently. A good digital marketing agency will help you cover video ads, YouTube videos, and social media videos.

However, SEO experts also understand the importance of video content in improving a site’s rankings. In fact, the latest Google algorithm seems to favor websites that have instructional videos to support the text.

Besides, YouTube is a great place to get high-quality natural backlinks.

When adding videos to improve your site’s SEO score keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep the videos short but informative.
  • Make sure the video and text content discuss the same points.
  • Avoid using a sales tone as Google’s algorithm may penalize your site for this.
  • Only insert video content where necessary

Having high-quality video content will give your website more authority. It will also give you a valuable edge over your competitors.

How to Keep Your SEO Strategy Relevant

The only way to remain relevant in the current fast-changing business environment is to be informed of the latest changes that may affect your business. However, changing your strategy can require certain skills which your business might not currently have.

Having the best SEO agency will help you remain a step ahead of your competitors. The best SEO experts are constantly evolving and adopting new tools and strategies to keep your website’s rankings high.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of these SEO trends and watch your brand’s value grow!




By - 25 Nov 2021

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