SEO Services in UK: 7 Things to Look for in an SEO Agency


SEO Services in UK: 7 Things to Look for in an SEO Agency

Do you own a small business in UK?

If yes, then you must’ve already heard a lot about the wonders that an SEO services provider can work.

But, with lots and lots of agencies out there, finding credible SEO services in UK is a huge task on its own.

Why is SEO So Important?

Let’s face it, keeping your business alive and running in today’s tech-infused world is somewhat of a challenge for every business owner.

Whether you own a small local business, or are running a huge organization, it’s critically important to stay one step ahead of (or one rank above) the competition if you really want your business to grow exponentially.

SEO is important because it helps you do just that – beat competition, attract maximum potential customers, and make more sales every day.

And it isn’t just about ranking higher on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), SEO allows you to be right in front of your prospects’ eyes just when they’re looking for you.

In a sense, by making your web pages rank high on Google for certain keywords, you’d be targeting the customers that are typing those very words in the search bars on their devices.

For instance, if you sell women’s accessories in UK, your target audience should be people who want to buy women’s accessories and are looking for either an online store, or a shop near them.

Having figured this out, you can target people who’re ready to buy from you by focusing on keywords with buyer’s intent, such as “buy women’s accessories in UK” or “cheap women’s accessories in UK”.

So, when your site pops up on the top of the search results, your prospects would likely follow the link and check out the products you’re selling.

Apart from the organic web traffic you get, another major benefit of having your site rank high on Google is increased customers’ trust. When Google’s recommending you, the audience would listen!

All in all, if you have an online presence but still haven’t optimized it for SEO, you’re probably killing a huge number of your own sales, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Having said this, let’s move on to the real question …

How to Choose SEO Services in UK?

It’s a simple trick; pick a credible agency that’s well-reputed and has good customer reviews, check the kind of services they’ve provided to previous customers and who have they worked with, and make sure they’d deliver value for your money!

Now, was that too hard? Doesn’t seem like it, right?

But, when you get to it, the task may start appearing quite devastating.

I’d tell you to not stress yourself out by meeting a lot of sales representatives or talking with the team members of numerous SEO services providers.

Yes, shopping around is important, but you can save a lot of time, effort, and energy by simply following the tips that I’ve listed below!

Here are all the things and factors you need to consider when you’re choosing SEO services in UK, or, in fact, anywhere else around the globe:

Tip 1: Pick a Specialist with Generalist Focus

If you’re looking for the best SEO services in UK, you’d probably also need someone to look after your social media marketing, Google Ads, and take care of your overall digital marketing requirements.

That’s why, it’s recommended to pick an agency that specializes in SEO, but provides other services as well, so you won’t have to deal with a lot of people at once and can easily stay focused on your other important business operations while experts handle your entire digital marketing initiatives.

Go for a digital marketing agency that has the expertise, knowledge, and resources to handle everything, from SEO, to content marketing, social media marketing, Google Ads, creative design, and more.

The major benefit of picking a generalist digital marketing company is that they can provide you with a comprehensive look at your brand’s overall performance in digital marketing.

Also, if you’re getting a number of different digital marketing services from a single company, they’d be able to tie it all together – your SEO, social media, direct response, and overall advertising via digital channels.

Tip 2: Go for Industry Experts

Only a well-established and professional SEO services provider in UK would have the skills and the team that can create quality content and help you rank on the very top of Google’s search results.

Moreover, if you’re in search of something specific, such as local SEO services in UK for your restaurant to rank high in search results, look for an agency that has previously worked for restaurants.

Similarly, if your major focus is B2B sales, you should pick a B2B specialist.

Someone who has previously provided the kind of service you want would know how to handle things from the very beginning.  They won’t waste time on experimenting and creating a ton of strategies just to see which one works.

Choosing an inexperienced agency can cost you not just waste of money, but also time.

Tip 3: Analyse Their Online Presence

When you’re in search for top local SEO services in UK, keep in mind to check whether the potential agency practices what they preach or not.

A simple look at their rankings, online presence, and digital marketing campaign would tell you how capable they actually are.

Truth is, if a company can’t handle t’s own internal projects, how would they manage to provide you with top-class services?

So, when you’re finding an SEO services provider, you’d want to partner up with someone who ranks well for various keywords.

Tip: Using tools such as Ubbersuggest to analyse the rankings of an SEO company can help provide you with a pretty good idea of their SEO skills.

Tip 4: Consider Their Reputation in the Market

Anyone who’s good at what they do, would also have a good reputation. Wouldn’t they?

The SEO services in UK that you choose must have a considerable network of trusted clients with case studies displayed on their website. You can even request them to provide you with work samples and view the kind of services they’ve provided to past customers, and the type of companies they’ve worked with before.

If any agency can’t provide you with information in terms of their previous clients, it’s a red flag!

Also, ask around before finalising the deal – converse with people who’ve availed their services before, look at their reviews online, see if the company has any negative reviews and how they’ve responded to complaints from clients.

Nowadays, anyone with an internet connection can create a website and claim to be an SEO services provider, so it’s best to conduct a thorough research and only partner up with credible agencies in order to avoid getting scammed.

Tip 5: Certified SEO Team is a Must

According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, as much as 38 percent of SEO agencies don’t have more than one SEO expert on their team.

Only 10 percent of agencies have more than 10 SEO professionals.

So, you’d want to check and confirm that your selected SEO services provider in UK actually has a certified team of SEO experts who’re experienced and have an extensive knowledge of search engines.

If you’re not comfortable with having your site optimized by interns and freelancers, it’s best to be careful in your search for SEO services in UK.

Tip 6: Experts with Up-to-Date Knowledge of Search Engines

Google updates it’s search algorithm multiple times within a year.

With every passing year, there’re new additions in the giant search engine’s ranking factors, making it harder and harder to rank on the top of search results.

Only an SEO expert with years of experience and an updated knowledge of Google’s ever-changing search algorithm would know how to make your site rank using SEO tactics and strategies that’re sure to deliver results.

Tip 7: Clear Communication and Consistent Performance

Many SEO services providers would make huge promises of bringing your site up on the top of search results within weeks.

But not all of them would be able to deliver.

When choosing SEO services in UK, its best to steer clear of those agencies whom you suspect of overpromising and underdelivering.

A reputable SEO company may not promise you the top rank on Google, but they’d be consistent in their performance and would keep you updated at every step during the process.

With an SEO service provider, transparency is more than just important, it’s utterly necessary.

Lastly, when you do pick an SEO services provider in UK, remember not to set unrealistic expectations. SEO is a time-taking process when done right. Also, optimizing your site for search engines isn’t a one-time job, the task requires continuous effort if you want to rank high, as well as maintain your rankings.

By - 22 Oct 2020

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