Make Sure You're Doing SEO Right with These 4 Easy Steps

Do you run a small local business? Are you interested in getting more sales? Of course, you must be! And optimizing your business website for search engines is quite an effective way of doing that!

Many people have the misconception that SEO is for large businesses. This is not true. With local SEO, you can rank for local keywords and target customers in your vicinity. It’s a great way to build a strong brand image and gain customer trust.

Many small businesses have no idea how to do SEO right. However, with expert local SEO services in Leeds, you can boost your SEO rankings.

Here are 4 easy steps to help you start the perfect SEO campaign:

1. Make Your Website User Friendly

Before you can start using any complex SEO techniques, you should make sure you've covered the basics first. When it comes to rankings, Google favors user-friendly websites. So how can you know if your website is user-friendly or not?

A simple way is to look at the site from a visitor’s point of view. Notice whether your site is easy to access, has a fast or slow loading time, whether it can be easily navigated and whether the font is easy to read or not. All these factors are important in user design and will ultimately affect your rankings.

Also, don't forget to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. With the majority of searches being made from smartphones, having a mobile-friendly site is key to ranking higher on Google.

Making sure that your site is user-friendly requires technical skills. One of the best ways to ensure that your site is user-friendly is to hire SEO services in Leeds. A good SEO agency will help redesign your website in a way that is both SEO friendly and will retain more customers.

2. Start a Blog

If you really want to increase your website’s ranking, then you will need content. Google ranks sites based on the quality of the content. Having a blog provides you with the ideal platform to add regular content to your site.

When it comes to creating a blog, try to write on topics that get traffic. You can do this by targeting keywords with a high search volume in your area or having an expert SEO services agency do it for you.

You may be wondering; what makes a blog successful?

While many things make a blog successful, the most important thing is that you provide customers with quality information.

Add how-to articles, buying guides, product reviews, and other informative pieces to your blog. By providing your website with valuable information, you will be viewed as a legitimate brand. Just as with website design, content creation takes time and expertise.

Hiring local SEO services in Leeds will give you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

3. Optimize for Local Keywords

Are you a small business owner that operates in a local area? If so, then the majority of your customers will be in a specific area. Doing local SEO will help you target customers that will actually visit your business or use your services.

Local SEO targets keywords that customers use to find local businesses. For example, if a customer needs a plumbing service, they are likely to search for a 'plumber near me' or 'best plumbers in my area'. By optimizing for these keywords, you will be targeting customers that are actively looking for your services.

It’s no wonder that local SEO is so competitive nowadays!

Another reason to shift towards local SEO is that Google’s new algorithm favors local businesses. You may also appear on the local 3 pack. Being on the first page of this platform allows customers to see your business name, website button, and phone number.

This platform also allows customers to find you through Google Maps.

With so many benefits of using local SEO, competition in this area is quite high. However, with professional local SEO services in Leeds, you can get a few high-traffic local keywords in less than 60 days!

Because it takes at least 90 days to rank your website using generic keywords, doing local SEO for your business has become a necessity.

4. Use High-Quality Links in Your Content

So, you've optimized your website, written high-quality content, and targeted local keywords. Now your site should be ranking on the first page, right?

Not necessarily.

SEO is not all about content and keywords. While they do play an important role in SEO, there are other aspects that matter too. One of these is getting high-quality backlinks for your site and using links in your content.

Backlinks are links on other sites that lead to your site. For example, your company's YouTube site might link to your website. Having high-quality backlinks is the key to ranking your site effectively and helps Google recognize your legitimacy.

So, where should you get backlinks from?

Backlinks should always be taken from reputable, high-ranking sites. YouTube is a great platform for getting these links as are other high-ranked websites. You can even guest post for certain popular blogs and get them to link back to your site. Outsourcing local SEO services in Leeds will help you get the right backlinks to rank up your site.

What about linking to other sites? Do they boost your rankings as well?

The answer is yes.

Just as you would like high-quality backlinks for your website, you should also use other sites' links in your content. It's a give-and-take scenario.

Use Local SEO Services in Leeds to Dominate Your Local Area

By following these steps, you will be able to kickstart your SEO program. However, maintaining it requires a lot more effort and technical expertise. That’s why you should outsource your local SEO to expert Leeds SEO services. Not only will they help you rank high-traffic keywords, but they will also make sure your business is seen as a premium service in your local area.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to invest in SEO and dominate in your local area!

By - 11 Nov 2021

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