How to Find a Top Agency for Social Media Marketing in UK?


How to Find a Top Agency for Social Media Marketing in UK?

For someone who owns a business in UK, attracting customers through social media marketing is not just important, it’s necessary. Because more than half of your target audience is active on social media platforms EVERY SINGLE DAY!

But can you really manage your social media presence and execute winning marketing campaigns while being able to focus on your business operations?

I believe not.

While some firms hire a social media manager or create an in-house team of social media experts to carry out the tasks proficiently, others partner up with a social media marketing agency.

The decision depends largely on your budget, which, if not much, can limit your choice to the latter option – letting a social media marketing agency in UK handle it.

Let’s discuss it further!

Why do You Need a Social Media Agency?

To increase your customer base, you need to increase interaction with your target audience, earn their trust, and become the ‘best brand’ in your niche or industry.

In today’s digitally-run world, social media can be your No. 1 marketing tool because it allows customers to really get to know you.

You can attract customers by posting engaging content, bring them to your website, and increase your online sales from there on.

Even if you’re not selling online, simply being there on your customers’ newsfeeds with your products popping up in front of their eyeballs every now and then can lead to an immense increase in your brand exposure. It wouldn’t be late before your prospective customers start associating your business with pleasure, delight, and positive feelings.

Which means, you can achieve one of the major marketing goals of ‘building meaningful customer relationships’ by posting useful and relevant content on your social media profiles and running successful social media campaigns.

Have a look at these social media marketing stats:

To achieve all these goals and improve your brand image online, you’d require the assistance of a leading social media marketing agency in UK.

How to Pick the Right Social Media Marketing Agency in UK?

Some of the very best companies with a magnetic social media presence get by with the help of alliances – social media marketing agencies and consultants.

If partnering up with an agency is what’s on your mind, then you’d find a lot of useful information in this article today.

Keep reading as we go through the factors that should be considered when choosing a social media marketing agency in UK, why you need to think twice before making a final decision, and how your chosen agency can make or break your brand image on social media.

Here are some expert tips, tricks, and advices:

1. Know When it’s Time to Get Help

In some cases, it can be hard to know when to seek help, especially if you’re used to handling all the social media work yourself. Your response to the following questions can help with the decision at hand:

  • Are you unable to gain more followers?
  • Do you want to increase your engagement rate?
  • Do you need expert tips and suggestions regarding your social media strategy?
  • Are you unable to measure ROI for the social media marketing that you do?
  • Are you unable to achieve your social media marketing goals because you don’t have the time and resources required?
  • Do you have the budget required to run social media marketing campaigns but aren’t sure how to utilize it?

Apart from your answers to these questions, it’s also useful to have an idea of what a social media marketing agency in UK can actually do for you.

Honestly, they can help build your brand image like nothing else! And their tasks go way beyond just content creation and running campaigns. Have a look at this list:

  • By using tools such as Buffer, an SMM expert can plan and schedule content for your social media campaigns, as well as engage with your customers through chat and comments.
  • They can plan a social media strategy.
  • Execute the planned strategy.
  • Run paid social media marketing campaigns.
  • Develop engaging and unique content that resonates with your brand identity.
  • Track and measure ROI.

In case you’re worried about monetary risks, know that investing in social media marketing services and maintaining an active presence can result in business growth and a tremendous increase in your revenue generation over time.

Now that you have an idea of what a social media agency can do for you, let’s move on to finding one.

We’ve shared some easy steps below that’ll simplify the task at hand so you don’t end up getting stuck with the wrong digital marketer.

2. Step 1: Researching for the Best Social Media Marketing Agency

When it comes to choosing a social media marketing agency in UK that’s right for you, the prospect must:

  • Have prior experience in your industry.
  • Have a wide network of trusted clients.
  • Specialize in the kind of services you’re seeking.

How to find the perfect one?

Start by searching for the top social media marketing agencies in UK on Google.

Have a look at the results that pop up. Also, go to review sites and see the agencies listed as the best ones.

Your chosen agency doesn’t necessarily have to be just a provider of social media marketing services, you can also go for an all-rounder digital marketing agency that offers other promising services as well, such as content marketing, Google Ads management, and Search Engine Optimization.

After you’ve created a list of prospective companies, move on to the next step.

3. Step 2: Reading the Reviews and Analyzing Their Work

From the list of companies that you have at hand now, you have to choose the best one, right?

For this, look at the type of clients they’ve worked for previously, the kind of services they’ve provided, and their past clients’ level of satisfaction.

Also, read their testimonials and online reviews, check their star ratings on Google, and, if possible, have a conversation with a friend or alliance who’ve availed their services before.

Going through the agency’s website can provide you with a detailed insight into the quality of their services and their level of expertise.

Also, you can ask them to provide you with work samples in the form of case studies if they’ve not displayed it on their website already.

Go through their list of clients as well and try picking a social media marketing agency in UK that has previous experience with clients from your industry, so they’d have an idea of how to engage your target audience.

4. Step 3: Getting in Touch with Your Chosen Agency

After you’ve picked the ideal social media marketing agency in UK, it’s time to get in touch.

You can visit them at their office, contact via phone call, chat, or send an email.

While you’re at it, analyze their customer service and how they deal with you.

You can also ask them questions regarding their work process and experience, such as:

  • How would they search and analyze your industry, target audience, and competitors?
  • Examples of work they’ve done for previous clients.
  • What are their core competencies?
  • Can they adjust a marketing strategy mid-execution?
  • How would they measure your brand reach, customer engagement, and growth on social media?
  • What’s their reporting process and how closely in touch would they be with you?
  • Do they outsource any of their projects?

Afterwards, if you like them, discussing your project would be the next step. For that, you’d need to know your own exact needs and requirements.

5. Step 4: Know Your Needs, Requirements, and Project

In some cases, it’s better if this step is done before you begin with your agency search. Anyhow, when you’re assessing your requirements, here’s what must be considered:

  • The specific type of work that you wish to get done, keeping in view the timeline and budget.
  • How will you measure the success of your project and whether your investment’s ROI is net positive or negative?
  • How would you want to communicate with the chosen experts?

Apart from this, one of the most important things to know is whether you need help with the development of your social media strategy or its execution. Having a clear mindset on this point can change your task of finding an agency dramatically.

Additionally, you’d also want to think about your budget, scope, and timeline. Choosing an affordable agency doesn’t necessarily mean that their services won’t be up-to-the-mark. You just need to pick the right one and know how to properly measure success.

Generally speaking, if you want good outcomes, only the best social media marketing agency in UK can provide you with it.

6. Bonus Tip: Go for an ‘All Rounder’ Marketing Agency

If you’re going to market your business and products digitally, SMM services won’t be all you need. You’d probably want someone to optimize your site for SEO as well, manage Google Ads, and so on.

On the whole, choosing a digital marketing company that’s good at providing all the necessary online marketing services can be great, because then you won’t have to go to and fro, measuring success and managing tasks.

Apart from the ease of having it all done at one place, you may even be able to enjoy discounted prices when purchasing various services from a single provider.

Lastly, when investing in social, remember that, according to recent stats, as much as 84% of people use social media, so choosing the right social media marketing agency in UK must be your major focus.

By - 05 Nov 2020

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