9 Proven SEO Tips for Small Businesses

If you are among the 47% new startups in the UK ready to dive into e-commerce in 2021 and have no idea what SEO is, how it can boost your small business, this informational blog is for you.

Before you hire the best SEO services in Leeds, you need a few tips - the hacks that will kickstart your small business and get you on the right track before you even say ‘cheese’.

If you can spare your next 5 minutes reading this blog, you are investing your time in learning what can take your business from zero to enough sales this month.

Probably you know, there is no use investing in your business; buying inventory, making an e-commerce store, hiring digital marketers when you do not know where to find and how to find your customers.

This blog will talk in detail about the easy-to-implement tips and hacks to rank your business higher in search results against the keywords your target audience searches the most.

1.Find the Right Keywords

That is the first and foremost tip to scale your small business. You already know what a keyword is - phrases your ideal customer enters in the search bar when he searches for a product in your niche.

Let’s face it.

As hundreds of businesses are coming online, and everyone is trying to rank on the same keywords. How is it possible for Google to rank all of them? For example, the best SEO services in the UK.

How many businesses in the UK will be ranking on the same keywords? Thousands if not millions.

Not possible to rank. Right?

So, instead of going for the rat race, why not leading all of them?

Go to Quora and Reddit, check your related queries, and see what customers are typing there. What are their pain points, and how can you use them to your best?

For instance, instead of going for the best SEO services in the UK, go city down. Search in your related city where you want to rank your business.

For example, search best SEO services in Leeds or local SEO services in Leeds. This way you will have to compete with only the businesses in Leeds. You have already crossed 90% of your competitors without competing.

This way, you might not have higher traffic, but it will be quality traffic that would help you scale your business.


2.Leverage Google My Business

Google My Business is so far the best SEO strategy for the local businesses and start-ups to top SERP snippets.

When you register your business with GMB and provide every detail, you build your authority with Google.

When someone in your local area searches for the same services, higher are the chances Google will show your business to them rather than an already ranked website.

Unlike other directories, GMB is a free service available for everyone who wants to grow their business. But the prerequisite to rank is if you have optimized your business with target keywords.

Moreover, when you have an account on GMB, ranking for Google local 3 pack is easy. But for that you need to make sure your business listing on Google is 100% accurate. It includes your business name, contact information and address.


3.Validate Your Keywords

Now that you have found the best match keywords for your small business, how will you validate them? How would you know the traffic rate against the keywords you just found in your niche? Does your audience even search for them?

Create an account on Google AdWords, place your related keywords in their search bar. In no minutes, Google AdWords will show you the ratio of monthly searches against those keywords.

For instance, if local SEO services have a ratio of 50 searches a month, that’s a good keyword to rank your business for.

Another best tool of Google AdWords is Keyword Tool to find more related keywords and check their monthly searches.

Now the time is to use those keywords in your web pages to rank your website on Google.

Utilize the keywords in your website URL - the web address of your website. Place them in your title and meta description - the text that appears right down your title showing prospects what your business is all about. And add these keywords in the content that you publish regularly on your site.

While you’re at it, remember that the keywords must be added in the content but not stuffed unnecessarily.  To make sure this doesn’t happen, you should be working with an SEO agency that practices white hat SEO techniques only.

Tip: If you’re looking for quick results, try marketing through Google Ads by hiring a Google Ads expert.

4.Highlight Your Unique Selling Point

Let’s say you are competing in a wholesale market where everyone is selling the same product at the same price. How will you beat them in business? What’s the unique selling point that differentiates you from others? A unique offer that will hook your buyers to come to you and buy your product.

If you’re not giving them a reason to buy, they will never do it. What’s your unique selling point? Are you offering any discount? Do you provide free delivery, or do you cut the middleman cost?

If your website appears on the top of Google and customers can see this unique selling point, higher are the chances, your ROI will increase, and bounce back rate will decrease. It gives Google crawls a positive signal about your business.

5.Publish High-quality Content

According to the latest insights, 60% of businesses create one piece of content each day which means creating high-quality content on your website is mandatory as per the latest Google algorithm updates.

Google ranks websites that provide value to users. If you are writing content daily or at least every third day in a week, it signals Google about your authenticity and originality.

Writing an SEO-optimized blog or article thrice a week can rank you higher on the target keywords, and once the prospects land on your website and see the value, they will convert. 

For instance, if you want to rank for your SEO agency in Leeds, your best keyword would be the best SEO services or the best local SEO services in Leeds. When users type this query on Google, Google will rank you for the keyword considering your website is the most relevant for the query.

6.Utilize Guest Post Outreach

Guest posts are among the fundamentals of SEO. Guest posts can help you get high authority backlinks for your website and provide you a greater authority in your desired niche.

SEO experts in Leeds will deliver published content on high-authority websites and get you backlinks. It will improve your ranking and generate insane leads. Google ranks businesses trusted by high authority websites with 60 or high DA.

Researchers at Ahrefs conducted research to analyze backlinks from the same niche sites that can rank you higher on Google. The Research explains when you have backlinks from websites that have a high domain authority, it signals Google about your authenticity and it improves your overall ranking.


Research from Ahrefs explains the correlation between backlinks and ranking factors.

To get the high authority backlinks, you need to make sure you do guest posting on the same niche website. Because backlinks from complex websites or websites that aren't in your niche can create troubles in the future.

Once your website gets deranked because of poor, and complex backlinks, it's difficult to get the same spot again.

So, choose your SEO service providers in Leeds wisely.

7.Conduct Competitor Analysis

When in business, you need to keep an eye on your business growth as well as on your competitors.

What are they doing in business? What are the specific keywords they are ranking for and what's unique about them that you lack in your business?

For example, if they are providing SEO services in Leeds and they have a well-optimized website, keywords properly placed, and they publish content every now and then, it means they have hired the best SEO services in Leeds to grow their business.

But how do we analyze our competitors?

You need to check the following when analyzing your competitors:

  • Their keywords consistency and optimization
  • The overall structure of their website
  • Backlink analysis
  • Positioning of long-tail and best-ranked keywords in their content

When you have this information, you can easily come up with strategies to implement and rank your business. That's what top SEO service providers do.

Register With Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool and service by Google that provides you complete insights about your website.

Once you have registered your domain with Google Search Console, it shows you all the details, like which of your pages are ranking on the first page, what are your most searched web pages, and why certain web pages aren't ranking.

When you have this much insight, making necessary changes according to the provided data can save your time, efforts, and resources.

8.Hire an Expert

50% of the businesses do not pass one year and fail because they try to do everything on their own like buying inventory, writing content, keywords research, website audit, and what not? This practice results in poor business management and ultimately a business failure.

Many businesses never realize that having an expert beside you to build the latest strategies and provide you necessary assistance will boost your business.

An SEO company in Leeds will start by auditing your website and see what factors are the hurdles in your ranking.

Next is the keywords optimization and backlinks analysis. When done with perfection, SEO strategies always lead to the increased ranking and greater leads.

If you're new to e-commerce and want to scale your business these tips will help you to boost your online sales and get your business website ranked in Leeds like a champ.

By - 06 Aug 2021

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