7 Amazing Content Marketing Tools You Must Try

Referring to content marketing tools as the most powerful weapons of UK’s every SEO agency won’t be wrong! 

They offer super-amazing benefits! Such as, marketers can get actionable content ideas, improve their SEO, spy on the competitors, and much more.

However, not all of the tools guarantee positive results. To experience more success, you need to choose the right one! 

So, let’s discuss the best tools that can help you reach new customers and improve your online visibility by creating top-notch content. 


7 Best Content Marketing Tools of 2021 

Every tool has its own specifications. The rule of thumb is to identify your needs first and then select the one as per your requirements. 

Wondering which tools are worth trying? 

Well, we’ve listed the best ones down below: 

  1. BuzzSumo: Content Ideas and Keyword Generator 

Content is the heart of your SEO campaign. 

However, creating content on the not-so-trending topics won’t get you audience. 

This is where BuzzSumo comes into play! 

It helps you get content ideas which your users are clicking on. 

What you’ve to do is, simply write a keyword of your niche and there BuzzSumo would show you the top-ranking blog topics. Such as, for a phrase like “digital marketing agency”, it would generate results as shown in the image below: 

You can clearly see the audience’s engagement with each blog and its shares on different sites. This provided information can help you find out topics that can receive more attention. Such as, “Predictions of the Top UK’s SEO Agencies for 2021”, “Quick SEO Hacks for Startups in 2021”, etc. 

Now, let’s talk about what makes this tool stand out the most? It’s content alert feature! 

With this tool, you can also receive instant notifications when a company uses your niche’s keywords or post new content. Just to help you stay in touch with everything!  

BuzzSumo is the top-recommended tool by all the UK’s best SEO agencies, for the ones who’re struggling to find perfect topics for their blogs! 


  1. Ahrefs: Keyword Explorer 

When it comes to spying on your competitors and discovering new keywords, Ahrefs can help you the most! 

This tool is used for: 

  • Analyzing different websites’ link profile 
  • Finding out the ratio of social shares of any content
  • SEO analysis and Keyword research 
  • Tracking mobile ranking and much more

The prime objective of Ahrefs is to help you see how other brands of your niche are working and what you need to do to rank on top of the SERPs. 

It would provide you a list of top-ranking keywords along with trending content ideas which you can utilize while crafting your own blogs. 

Have look at the image below and see how much information Ahrefs provide for a single keyword: 

With this much data, you can easily find out which topics and keywords are worth working on!


  1. MailChimp: E-mail Marketing Manager

While discussing digital advertisement, how can we forget e-mail marketing? 

Well, this connects you with your potential customers who’re really interested in your content. Further, it allows you to interact with them directly in the inbox. 

This means, this technique should be an essential part of your marketing strategy and to make sure everything runs smoothly, use MailChimp as your go-to e-mail marketing tool. 

The best part is that it offers all-in-one solutions! From managing your e-mail list to creating custom e-mail templates, and from tracking your subscribers to monitoring your matrices, MailChimp can handle everything related to e-mail marketing. 

Bonus point? This tool offers free services up to a certain number of subscribers and e-mails. 

What else are you looking for? 


  1. SEMRush: A Complete Marketing Toolkit

Want to discover valuable keywords?


Want to look for tons of backlink opportunities?

Whatever your objective is, this tool can help you achieve it successfully!

SEMRush provides you insights into your SEO campaign’s performance. Such as, you can see which keywords are working best for you and which are not, and much more! Along with that, you can also keep an eye on your competitors.

The best part is that using this tool is super easy! You just have to add your URL to start enjoying its amazing benefits. 

Believe it or not, SEMRush is one of the top choices of UK’s SEO agencies, and if you also want to improve your content just like the experts, then better start using it! 


  1. HootSuite: Social Media Manager

Even if you’ve invested a fortune in Google Ads, and SEO services in UK, still you can’t live without social media marketing.

With millions of users on the sites, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you can easily target your potential customers globally.

Sounds great right?


Running a social media campaign isn’t as easy as it seems to be!

You’ve got to create and post heavy-hitting content regularly. Further, interact with your audience and keep a track of your progress as well. This takes a lot of time and energy.

However, if you start using HootSuite things would become easier to manage. With this tool you can:

  • Schedule social media posts in advance
  • Monitor more than 35 social sites under one umbrella
  • View how your social media campaign is working
  • Craft amazing posts and store draft messages
  • Manage customer services more effectively
  • Save your time and energy

Moreover, its user-friendly features are super-easy to use even for newbies where you don’t need any technical expertise to run your campaign here.

Remember, without avoiding social media marketing mistakes using this tool might not show you desired results. Thus, build a perfect strategy to manage your posts as per their top engagement hours.


  1. Evernote: Notes Organizer 

Ready with your content ideas and keywords? 

Now, where to store them? 

Most of you might save their collected information on MS Word files which might become a bit difficult to manage.

In case, you want to send the data to your coworkers, you’ve to open your laptop, log into your e-mail ID, and follow the rest of the procedure to successfully share the information.

Why don’t you save yourself from this headache and start using Evernote

With this tool, you can easily save and manage your data and let your colleagues access it with much less frustration.

What’s even more exciting is that you can store any type of data in it, i.e., images, PDF files, audio notes, etc., and access information from different devices.  

Try it yourself and see how amazing this tool is! 


  1. Grammarly: The Awesome Proofreader 

Once you’re ready with your content, the next thing you would want to do is proofreading. 

For this purpose, you need Grammarly

It detects different kinds of errors and helps you correct them with easy clicks. 

You can either use it online to proofread specific content or install it on your devices to catch mistakes without jumping again and again into the website. 

Bear in mind, audience blindly believes in perfection and if they spot grammatical or spelling errors in your content, they would never sign a deal with you. 

So, better use Grammarly and let it proofread your content thoroughly. 


Whether you’re running your SEO campaign on your own or with the help of UK’s best SEO agency, using these tools is important to boost your content engagement rate. 

So, pick the ones that perfectly befit your requirements and start improving your content without spending a great deal of time and energy!  

By - 27 Aug 2021

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