7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid


7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid 

Social media is everywhere! 

Considering the fact that millions of people are using social webs, getting social media marketing services in UK (or where ever else you’re located) is one of the super-effective ways to promote your brand. 

But why it is that you’re not receiving more followers? 

If this is the case, then you’re probably committing some huge mistakes! 

Social media is not just about posting content. It is way more complex than this! 


To be successful in this overwhelming and ever-changing platform, you need to follow the right practices and avoid deadly mistakes! 

Thus, keep reading to discover what mistakes are killing your sales and how you can turn them into success with smart tricks! 

So, let’s get into these tactics…

7 Disastrous Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing can bring you more profits as compared to any other marketing strategy.

Thus, make sure you stop committing the mistakes listed below: 

  1. Uploading Posts Too Often
  2. Working Without Strategy or Plan
  3. Targeting the Wrong Audience 
  4. Not Leveraging Video Content 
  5. Buying Followers and Likes
  6. Missing the Right Hashtags 
  7. Staying Silent in Comment Section 


1. Uploading Posts Too Often

“Uploading too many posts on daily basis can bring more engagement”, is one of the biggest miss conceptions every business owner is living with. 

Remember, the audience likes innovations! 

You’re going to wear them out if you start posting 10 times a day. Much worse? They would start ignoring your posts! 

On the contrary to this, when you upload once a day, you’ll receive more attention… audience would notice what’s coming! 

Still, if you don’t believe us then look at the image below: 

Social media posts are for your audience. Thus, understanding their behavior should rest on top of your marketing strategy.  

So, stop bombarding your audience with hundreds of posts and start posting no more than once a day! 

2. Working Without Strategy or Plan

Many entrepreneurs land on the world of social media without having a fool-proof plan and strategy. 

Working without a plan is just like wandering in a dark forest without knowing where to head! 

Thus, you need to design a step-by-step plan that would guide all of your actions. You need to understand whom you’re addressing and how you should market your posts. 

Here are some tips for you: 

  • Set your specific goals 
  • Understand your budget 
  • Schedule deadlines
  • Prioritize Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Measure your progress 

This way you would stay on track and start receiving more audience! 

And, if you want to enjoy top-class social media marketing strategies then partner up with the best social media marketing services in UK

3. Targeting the Wrong Audience

Positing content where nobody is interested in like throwing your products out of the window!

If you want success, you need to co-relate your content with your target audience. Dig deeper and find out whether they are on social media or not. And, if yes then figure out how you can market your products on social platforms. 

But how to find the right audience on social media? 

This is easy, just keep the following points in mind: 

  • Create your audience’s demographics 
  • Find out where your audience is hanging around the most 
  • Spy on your competitors 
  • Conduct surveys to understand your audience’s behavior 
  • Join Facebook groups 


Having all these points in mind would help you to quickly set up your marketing strategy without wasting your budget and energy on the wrong audience! 

For instance, if you’re running an e-commerce website in UK and your target audience is also relishing in UK then join the groups of your country only and save yourself from additional hubbubs! 


4. Not Leveraging Video Content

You would be surprised on hearing that around 80% of the internet traffic is occupied by videos! 

This means…

If you’re not leveraging video content, you’re at a huge loss! 

Look at the stats below to understand why creating world-class video content should remain on top of your priority list: 

Here are some tips with the help of which you can design heavy-hitting marketing video to grab your audience’s attention: 

  • Create videos on the current and viral trends
  • Use cartoon or whiteboard animations 
  • Mention your brand through expert’s interviews 
  • Use digital editors


Start creating videos right away! 

Because it's not just about today, but the future will be of videos! 

5. Buying Followers and Likes

Who told you that just having more followers on social media can boost your sales? 

When you buy followers, you pay for numbers only but with zero guarantee of engagement! 

Not only this… you also risk your credibility if you’re caught with a steady stream of fake followers. Not a single organic follower would like to hit the like button in this case! 

If you talk about Instagram, you can easily get your account blocked with these fake followers and likes. Because Insta keeps a check-and-balance of each account. They are protecting the real accounts only! 

So, it's better to stick with authenticity rather than going for a shortcut! 

6. Missing the Right Hashtags

If you want more exposure then start using hashtags! 

Involve your brand in the top-trending conversations and let thousands of people see your account. This is how just using hashtags can uplift your brand awareness! 

Just like SEO optimization helps you to rank your web pages on top of Google’s search results, the hashtags also uplift your engagement and bring heavy traffic!  

This might sound simple but there're several things you need to take care of while using hashtags.

Remember, the good reputation of your brand can increase your conversion rate and a poor reputation can do the opposite! 

The point is, social media is a platform where you build your reputation depending upon the posts you upload. 


A single mishap can ruin the entire reputation of your brand! 

Try not to indulge in every hashtag because not each of them is for you! Thus, go for relevant hashtags and avoid jokes that may put a question mark on your authenticity?

7. Staying Silent in Comment Section

Social media platforms are all about socialization! Where you and your customers can communicate directly. 


Ignoring your users more likely means that your customer services are not up-to-the-mark. This can cost you organic traffic and sales!

Thus, be sure your customers are valued on every platform. However, community management is one of the difficult parts of social media marketing as your followers start growing. But social media platforms allow you to turn the push notifications on. 

So, you might not miss a single message or comment and hit them up instantly! 

Pro-tip: Get Reliable Social Media Marketing Services 

Social media demands creativity!

However, designing top-notch content to attract your audience sounds like a daunting task. So, simply getting the best social media marketing services in UK would help you to design your desired posts! 

The content designed by the experts would bring a huge amount of audience right to your doorstep. Along with this it would increase your brand awareness, generate future leads and boost your sales!

What else a business owner wants? 

But not every agency can guarantee you all these benefits. Thus, stick with the best and bear in mind the following characteristics of the best social media marketing services: 

  • Their Services are Unique 

So many agencies keep on offering content based on the same strategy. This simply is not going to do well! 

Each business owner has its unique business goals and target audience. Thus, find an agency that can provide you personalized content based on your requirements. 

  • They’re Enriched with High-Level Expertise

There’re thousands of agencies in UK alone that offer the same social media marketing services.

Under these circumstances choosing the right one is not so easy. 

You need to make sure which company has worked well in past. Check out their previous works and try to weigh their expertise. 

  •  They Enjoy a Good Reputation in Industry

If a company serves well it would definitely have a good reputation in the industry. 

Thus, jump in their review sections and see what their customers have to say about them. And, go for expert advice and testimonials just to make sure you stick with the right agency! 

Running a social media campaign is indeed a tough task!

And, to be successful in this overwhelming arena you need to utilize smart tactics and avoid all the mistakes we have discussed above. At all costs!

Else, you would keep on struggling for the next 100 years and receive zero sales in return! 

So, it’s better not to mess with your future and get the best social media marketing services in UK.

By - 12 Mar 2021

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