7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Google Ads Agency

What could be worse than spending your time, efforts, and a reasonable budget on Google ads but targeting the wrong traffic?

That's why most businesses hire the best Google AdWords agency in the UK because running Google Ads is not only about advertising your products and getting tons of customers.

It involves search campaigns, display campaigns, target biding, selecting target traffic, and much more.

When you hire a Google AdWords expert in UK, you can focus on other business requirements while someone else makes sure your online sales targets are achieved every month.

Following are the reasons why you should hire a Google ads agency to handle your ads campaign:

1. Google Ads is Complicated; Let the Experts Handle It

You may know about paying for ads, but that does not make you ad savvy enough to handle paid campaigns on your own. Paid ads are tricky, and you need an expert's guidance to run a successful ad campaign.

Running Google ads is a task with multiple stages, and every stage needs an expert.

What's trending in the market? Why you should target negative keywords and how you monitor your competitors is tricky and can consume your time.

Starting from keyword research to setting up a complete sales funnel, Google Ads can be increasingly overwhelming.

An agency knows the ins and outs of the Google Ads world and can help you run successful campaigns owing to its years of experience and expertise.


2. Agencies Know How to Leverage the Right Tools

Just like how you cannot really master your phone's operating system without going through manual trouble, you will never be able to understand the tools and features on Google Ads unless you are familiar with it.

Google and Facebook have their ads policies that you need to align if you want to run your ads.

Google employs several tools to help advertisers progress in their ad campaigns. These tools are designed by experts and can achieve great results for you.

Agencies have gone through this process and know all there is to know about the platform. They can navigate the platform easily and place ads that deliver great results.

This way, ads experts in the UK can use the right weapon for different situations and monitor your campaign accordingly.

3. They Know How to Achieve Your Business Goals

Agencies with specialization in Google ads can craft campaigns that help you achieve your business goals.

A Google Adwords agency in the UK knows how to position your products and services online. It knows what makes your brand unique and different from your competitors.

You need a good representation of your brand across the online world, and paid advertisements are an effective way to do that.

However, getting website traffic is not enough, and you need highly relevant traffic to be able to convert the clicks into sales.

For this reason, your campaigns should align with your unique business goals so that the web visitors can be converted into customers.


4. Google Ads Agencies Can Help Grow Your Business

According to PowerTraffic, Google Ads convert 50% better than the organic search results.

Isn’t that why you’re running the Ads in the first place – to make more sales and grow your business online?

That's what Google Ads professionals are experienced at doing.

The success of your ad campaign depends on how well you can track and monitor the progress through metrics like cost per conversion and value per conversion.

You need to set up reporting tools that help you monitor the performance of your ad campaign.

With such data, you can make informed decisions and take corrective steps if your campaigns have a problem.

But, monitoring all of these metrics on a regular basis is not piece of cake. That’s why expert assistance is recommended.

Ads agencies can handle all campaigns under one roof; they have specialists in all sorts of marketing services like SEO, email marketing, paid ads, content marketing, etc. They can offer a one-stop solution for all your online advertising needs. Whether it’s about digital marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, paid advertising on Google, or your desire to get more organic traffic by ranking high on SERPs, the right digital marketing agency can do it all!


5. Agencies Have Google-Certified Experts

Millions of ads run on Google daily; most never perform to their potential despite putting in a considerable amount of budget and time.

Because businesses try to handle the campaigns themselves and end up wasting more money on advertising than they earn from sales.  

On the other hand, Agencies with Google-certified experts are well-equipped to manage your campaigns because they have been through this routine as well. They know all about new features and updates on Google Ads.

Google has around 200 ranking factors, and its algorithm is changing every other day, so it's essential to stay up-to-date with the platform's latest tools, features, and regulations.


6. No Need to Worry About Compliance Issues

Google is a big name, and there are strict rules governing the usage of its Ads platform. You need an agency that can ensure your ads run smoothly without getting restricted or flagged.

An agency also knows how to dodge all sorts of compliance issues, stay away from censorship on Google Ads, and achieve results that adhere to legal requirements and help you scale your business.


7. Ad Agencies Provide Better Content and Designs

Usually, businesses fail to understand which keywords to target and which ones to ignore. It takes years of experience in this field to know the difference between low and high competition keywords.

Agencies hire better and experienced researchers, writers, and designers to make your ads look appealing.

Such content can help enhance your brand image online, establish authority for your products, and positively impact potential customers.

Moreover, Ad agencies use specialized tools optimized for the platform and can deliver better ROI on your campaigns. 

They also have specialists that deal with every section of the sales funnel. If there is a problem at any stage or on a specific channel, they can quickly identify the issue and fix it for you.

Since they are experts using Google tools like Analytics, Search Console, and Adwords, you may not be able to use them for lack of time from other business requirements.

These tools effectively create an impact on your visitors.


Conclusion: There are many benefits of hiring a Google ads agency, primarily because they have the right expertise, case studies to vouch for, and optimization tools to help you achieve better results for your PPC campaigns.

The best part is that these agencies are fairly affordable and come with packages to fit all budgets.

A good agency would be a bidding partner and someone you trust as it has access to the inner workings of y

By - 03 Sep 2021

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