7 Quick SEO Hacks for Startups in 2021

Liverpool is growing rapidly in terms of startups and may soon become the hub of small businesses in England.


If you are a startup or even a well-established business, it would require off-the-shelves SEO services in Liverpool to optimize your ranking on search engines as the competition is sky-high.


If you want to rank your business in Liverpool, you need the best SEO services in Liverpool - no second opinion.


Gone are the days when merely placing keywords on your website to get you the first spot.


The problem is Google’s algorithm is forever changing - the moment you think you have mastered SEO, Google releases new updates and reverses the cycle.


So, it’s not easy to suggest what factors are more important to others when ranking your small business with primary SEO strategies.


But no matter what comes up new, the fundamental principles of SEO remain unchanged.


And the best thing is you don’t need any technical knowledge to master these hacks.


Let’s help you kickstart your business with these proven SEO hacks.



1.FAQ Page Schema is a Must


You probably already know what FAQs are, but you didn’t realize how important they are.


Did you know adding FAQs schema to your landing page can boost your conversion from 6 to 14%?


When you answer your audience’s most popular questions, clear their doubts, and educate them, the higher are the chances they will convert.


Most importantly, Google loves it when a business answers every possible query a customer search online. That may not equal the best SEO services in Liverpool for your business, but a 14% boost isn’t a bad idea. Right?


Do your competitor analysis. I’m sure they won’t know this easy and a must SEO hack.


Adding FAQs schema is just like you add review schema to your website service page. Create your FAQs based on what people are usually searching online.


This strategy establishes your authority and also helps you to top SERP through resolving user intent in FAQs.


Tips to Utilize This Strategy

Make a search based on your business services.


If you search for the best SEO services in Liverpool, you will see Google shows you, “People Also Ask” box.


It shows what other related information people are Googling. Get as many ideas as possible and implement them in your FAQs.



2.Update Your Existing Content


Have you had the blog written months ago, and you haven’t updated it at all?


Probably you have placed the most ranking keywords in your blog but are still not able to rank. Sometimes, the first draft isn’t the best. So, you need to update your content to meet search ranking requirements.


Businesses are utilizing time and resources to stay on the first spot - ranking on SERP is becoming competitive day by day.



Google ranks websites with the most updated content. If you fail to resonate with your audience and do not provide sufficient knowledge, Google will derank you and bring your competitor to the top.


How Can You Utilize This Strategy?

Search your primary keyword on Google.


For instance: Search ‘best SEO services in Liverpool’, analyze your first competitors and check which additional keywords they are ranking for and what specific information they are providing that your blog lacks.


Most probably you will see secondary keywords like SEO in Liverpool, SEO tricks, and many more.


Optimize your content accordingly, and you are all set to boost your ranking without spending more bucks.

For this, we’d recommend you to get content marketing services, because, even after all these years and the numerous updates in Google’s search algorithm, content is still the king!



3.Internal Linking on New Page


Internal links are backlinks distributed from one page to another on a website. Internal linking is one of the finest SEO strategies used for years to optimize your ranking and providing value to your readers.


John Mu from Google emphasizes internal linking placed within a blog on a separate page on your website.


He says: “Most links do provide a bit of additional context through their anchor text. At least they should.”


Check out this link pyramid explanation from Moz


Usually, businesses, when publishing a blog, hardly add related internal backlinks to their content. If your content is worth reading and provides value to the readers, they will crave more.


That is the right time when you can navigate them from one page to another signaling, Google that your website provides value to visitors and they are engaging.


It increases your chances to rank on the right keywords through this pretty old but powerful strategy.



How Can You Implement This Strategy?

If your blog has one to no internal links, you are probably missing the chance to stand out on the same keyword.


If you just published a new blog containing the keyword best SEO services in Liverpool and you want to add internal links, search the following in Google: website name/blog “SEO Liverpool.”


If you have any related content on your website, it will appear on Google.


You can add the links to your post with the best possible anchor text.


If you’re doing your SEO yourself and don’t have enough time to craft high-quality content that is deserving of backlinks, you need a content writer ASAP!

4.Improve Website Speed


Website speed has always been a major factor in SEO. Competition among businesses is increasing forever. If your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, 40% of your visitor will move to your competitor. Period. Full stop. End of discussion.


Slow page frustrates your reader and encourages them to move from your website as there are 10s of same-niche websites that can replace you if you don’t stand out.


Want to check your site speed?


Head on to Google’s Page Speed, enter your URL, and check your speed.


The results will probably suggest to you what internal factors are slowing down your website. It can be a suggestion to compress images or addressing broken redirects.


Faster the better! Picture from Social Media Week


Still unable to improve your website loading speed?


You need the best SEO services in Liverpool to help you fix your problems quickly.


You can’t risk losing 40% of your buyers. Do you?



5.Catchy and Relevant Meta Description


Many businesses neglect the importance of meta description when they publish a blog.


When readers search your business online, what they first see is the title of the blog and meta description.


Never copy the meta description from other relevant content. It might get you penalized. If you, by chance, avoid penalty, you aren’t providing value to your visitors.


If your blog already has a duplicate meta description, install All-In-One-SEO (for Word press users) and fix this issue.


Not tech-savvy?


If you are a business based in Liverpool, let SEO experts in Liverpool do it for you.



6.Repurpose Content in Different Forms


You can never reach a wider audience if your website only has written content, as not everyone loves lengthy blogs. People usually prefer to skim through the entire blog, reading just what interests them.


If your blog doesn’t contain sections or heading and headings, chances are your reader will skip your blog and move to another website. Hence, a good content marketing service provider knows how to write blogs that are divided into engaging paragraphs and interesting headings.


Another strategy you can utilize is to repurpose your content into different forms. Many users prefer videos over written content.


You can repurpose your longer blogs into digestible chunks in the form of video.


How Can You utilize This Strategy?

Check out the insights on which of your articles are gaining more organic traffic and conversion. Also, check out the search engines stats, which of the trendy topics are gaining more popularity.


For instance, since more startups are registering in England, repurposing your related content will get you more popularity and immense views on Google.



7.Audit Your Underperforming Content


Not every SEO blog you publish will perform equally, and not every blog is a must-kept on your website. But leaving them as it is isn’t the right SEO strategy.


Instead, audit your poor-performing content and find the reason why it fails to resonate with your audience.


Does it need to be updated, reconsolidated, or removed from the website?


Possible reasons can be the broken internal links, absence of long-tail keywords, or the length of content is also the factor.


Does your blog answer all the possible queries people are searching for online?


For instance, if you are based in Liverpool, instead of targeting the best SEO services, you need to target the best SEO services in Liverpool to target a specific audience.


Compare your best-performing and underperforming blogs, find out the loopholes and boost your content.




SEO has been the fundamental ranking strategy in the past and still be the decisive factor in the coming years.


Businesses spend hundreds of dollars developing websites, building brands, and social media marketing, but they hardly pay heed to the importance of SEO to rank your business on search engines.


These seven quick SEO hacks are your go-to tips to understand why some businesses appear on the top of different search engines while many businesses with the same business niche, fail to resonate with readers.


If you implement all these proven SEO hacks in your business strategies, it will hardly take 15 minutes to implement each strategy, and you can boost your ranking in one hour.


Spending extra one hour is worth your efforts considering the ultimate benefits that come with it. 


By - 01 Aug 2021

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