7 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Rank High


7 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Rank High

You might have invested so much time and money to draft keyword-rich blogs. For sure, walking through the steps like picking up the titles, conducting research, writing the whole idea, and optimizing for SEO usually demands hours. 

That’s why getting no traction is a major letdown!

Luckily, by using certain tactics your posts can easily start appearing on top of search results! As per the experts of an SEO company in Cardiff, consistency is the key to better ranking. This means, assuming content writing as a one-time task cannot bring you more clicks. Thus, if you’re serious about uplifting your articles’ position, then post regularly! 

Read on to find out more about boosting your blog’s ranking… 


How to Push Your Blog Posts to the Top?

It can be a huge mistake to expect overnight results from SEO. To get success you’ve to be patient, follow the right tips, and learn all the basic rules. Otherwise, you might not get clicks even if you keep on uploading content for months on end.

To help you out, here is a list of top tips to improving your blog post’s ranking: 

  1. Follow a Strategic Blogging Format 
  2. Focus on Lengthy and Quality Content 
  3. Start Adding Alt Tags to Your Images 
  4. Think About Featured Snippets 
  5. Promote Your Posts On Social Media 



1. Follow a Strategic Blogging Format

Keyword-pivoted blog posts are an effective tool to drive leads, boost traffic, get potential customers and increase brand awareness.

But, all of this sounds nearly impossible if you don’t follow the right format!

Blogs that are SEO optimized, well researched, and most importantly highlight particular issues usually get more clicks and shares. 

So, let’s talk about how you can draft perfect blog posts? 

First of all, you need to understand the anatomy of the top 10 blogs. A good quality blog that gets ranked high by Google provides unique and useful information enriched with enthralling visuals, headlines, and much more. This is what you need to focus on!

To get this straight, have a look at the image below and see how to craft top-notch articles: 

Remember, this format is just a blueprint. Which means you are free to optimize your blogs as per your needs. For instance, writers can add more than 3 headings, images, Call-To-Actions (CTAs), etc. in every post. Just follow this structure, and your blog’s ranking would take care of itself! 


2. Focus on Lengthy and Quality Content

Apart from a perfect blog structure and SEO optimization, the length of a blog article also matters a lot. 

Flashing a few years’ backs, one could easily gain traction just with a 600-800 words blog article. But, this isn’t the case today! 

To make sure your blogs stay on the top, use 1500-2000 words for each post. Only then your articles can survive on the internet.

You don’t believe us? Have a glimpse at the image below: 

Meanwhile, don’t compromise the quality of your posts. Of course, you need to work hard to optimize a 1500-2000 words long post but once you get the grip, things would become easier. 

To draft a long-form quality content, keep the following points in mind: 

  • Say no to plagiarism! 
  • Don’t go for the sale-on technique 
  • Be precise and creative 
  • Insert keywords but don’t stuff
  • Use attractive Call-To-Action (CTA)
  • Stop frequent repetition of words and ideas
  • Don’t use commonly known facts 
  • Avoid factual and grammatical errors 
  • Proofread it thoroughly 

However, posting quality blogs along with running a business might sound like a tough battle for you. Still, no worries because the best SEO company in Cardiff has got your back! You can simply hire their experts and start receiving content that ranks!

Well, this proves that investing in content marketing services is worth it


3. Start Adding Alt Tags to Your Images

Along with enhancing user experience, images can also help the search engine crawl your posts easily! 


When a picture is added to any blog post, the writer can insert keywords in its alt tag. Ultimately, increasing the ratio of keywords.

And, the more keywords the better ranking! 

Thus, don’t miss alt tags if you really want to improve the visibility of your blogs. 

However, you need to be super-careful during this process. Remember, these tags should clearly define what the picture is about in a very precise phrase. Too long sentences might divert your audience’s attention and even persuade them to jump out of your website. 

Further, don’t overstuff it with keywords, adding one or two sounds like a good deal for alt tags. 

Still, if you’re facing problems, you can contact the experts of any SEO company in Cardiff and ask them to help you optimize your content and alt tags in the best possible manner.

But you need to learn all the important things before choosing any SEO agency in Cardiff or wherever else you’re located. Just to ensure that you don’t fall in the hands of the spammers! 


4. Think About Featured Snippets

Today’s online market is changing at an incredible pace. But, this doesn’t mean that your blogs cannot outrank the top positions on search results.

Just stay in tune with the top SEO techniques and you can easily win the race!

This is where snippets come into play! 

Featured snippets are the latest invention of Google and have received a considerable amount of popularity. To be precise, snippets are short and direct answers to different search queries depicted in small blocks. For instance, if you type “what is a featured snippet”, then Google might show results like this:  

Just because snippets are precise, people usually click on them rather than moving down to the bottom search results. Owing to the fact, that they’ve been selected as the best answers out of all the pages. 

And, to not mess with this opportunity, we recommend you hire the best SEO company in Cardiff and let their technical writers help you craft top-notch blog posts that can rank for snippets.

But, if you want to manage everything yourself then here’re some tips for you:

  • Use some tools i.e., SEMURSH, to find out your competitors’ snippets 
  • Answer tons of questions with the help of how, what, why, etc. 
  • Break your content into different paragraphs and headings 
  • Avoid all the SEO mistakes
  • Use full forms i.e., (Search Engine Optimizing) instead of just SEO
  • Conduct an SEO audit and start adding your niche’s keywords 
  • Learn all about the important ranking factors
  • Stick to 40-50 words long snippets
  • Follow the top SEO trends
  • Add Q&A or “How-to” section into your website

No matter, you want to draft your blogs yourself or with the help of the best SEO company in Cardiff, your posts should be enriched with all the features listed above. Otherwise, they would struggle hard or probably fail to appear on top of search results. 


5. Promote Your Posts On Social Media

Social media marketing can bring tons of users to your website, hence, increasing your rate of conversion and overall ranking of blogs.

Unfortunately, if you don’t leverage social platforms, your blogs would keep on resting behind the others. 

Thus, find out which platforms are more popular among your niche’s audience i.e., Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Once you’re done, create your channel and start posting content after 3-4 days. Remember, daily uploads are usually ignored and don’t receive much traction.  

Even different blogs crafted by the experts of SEO company in Cardiff would also suffer miserably if not promoted on social sites! 

So, set your own marketing goals right away, and don’t forget to observe your performance for better results. Moreover, you can also learn how to choose the best social media marketing agency if you don’t want to divert your focus from your business’s progress. 

Now, you know that pro-level content is the key to higher ranking, so follow the top tips to creating viral-worthy content. Or, hire the best SEO company in Cardiff to manage everything in one go! 

By - 21 May 2021

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