6 Digital Platforms for Promoting Business Content in 2022

Are you looking to grow your business online?

All business owners are!

However, not all businesses know how to effectively promote their brand digitally, which often results in wasted time, effort, and money.

Choosing the right platforms to promote your content is essential for growing your brand online. The best digital media marketing agency in the UK will help you create the right content for each platform. However, you should know which platforms are essential for online brand growth.

So, which platforms should you target for efficient brand growth in 2022? Read on for the complete list!

Why do You Need to Target Several Platforms? 

In the days of online marketing, targeting a single platform may be a recipe for disaster. Many customers may see an offer on several different platforms before making a purchase. The statistics show that retargeting is effective, especially with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Website Retargeting.

Customers are becoming savvier and will do more research into a brand before making a purchase. Similarly, businesses have to prove their reliability and digital presence before getting business from a customer.

Targeting a single platform may limit the range of customers that you can target, resulting in fewer conversions and sales. The best digital media marketing agency in the UK will create a strategy that will help you target more platforms- so you can maximize your brand exposure.

So, which platforms should you target for business growth? Here are 6 of the best platforms to promote content in 2022:

1. YouTube

When it comes to business content, many people would think of Google or Facebook at most. So, why YouTube?

While it often depends on your business model, YouTube is one of the best platforms for brand growth. It’s also the number one platform that most businesses underestimate. Getting the right educational videos on YouTube takes time and investment, but the returns are amazing.

Posting YouTube tutorials and videos is a great way to showcase the expertise of your brand. It’s also good for building a brand following, which you can then export to other platforms. YouTube backlinks are also great for SEO, so if you have a company that’s offering SEO services in UK, then they may recommend starting a business YouTube channel.

Best of all, the content on YouTube can be the same on your blog, so there’s no need to create content from scratch. The best digital media marketing agency in the UK will understand the potential of YouTube in digital business growth and help you create quality content that can be posted on various platforms, including YouTube.

2. Google

When it comes to content on Google, you may have several platforms to target. This article deals with an organic platform, so Google Ads isn't included. When posting content on Google-based platforms, you may have the following options:

  • Website content: Website content includes op-page content, product descriptions, and blogs.
  • Reviews: Reviews on Google Listings are essential in improving your brand’s reliability. While you can’t manipulate reviews, you can create a marketing funnel that rewards customers for quality reviews.
  • Google My Business posts: Google's local listings are a great way to promote your brand locally, but require content to rank. Post a few pictures of your product/service on your listings, respond to customer queries promptly, and keep your listings updated and your site will rank much faster.
  • Third-party sites: This may include guest-blogging and other strategies as part of your SEO strategy.

Posting content on Google is generally associated with SEO, so make sure you consult with a digital media marketing agency in the UK to create the right content strategy.

3. Pinterest

Do you have a fashion brand, footwear brand, or even a gardening product? Many product-based businesses find Pinterest a unique platform to use when promoting their business. Pinterest naturally ranks high in searches, making it the perfect platform to get your product out to customers.

Best of all, you can target customers with high-quality images of your products, enhancing the buying process.

One thing to keep in mind is to always use original pictures on Pinterest as they will help you rank higher and establish customer trust.

4. Social Media Sites

Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are usually on top of every marketer’s list when it comes to ads and digital promotions. However, these platforms can be used for much more than simply running ads.

For example, posting educational articles or videos on Facebook will help create a brand following and is great for establishing brand trust. Posting high-quality pictures on Instagram will help showcase your product range and can also be used as a marketing strategy.

The best thing about content on social platforms is that it doesn’t have to be recreated. For example, the same blog article can be used on Facebook and Instagram- although you’ll have to change it a bit to match each platform’s style.

So, if you are looking to take your business to the next level, then use a professional agency to create the perfect social media marketing strategy for your brand.

5. Content Sites Like Reddit and Quora

While social media sites will get your brand access to large numbers of potential customers, they are not suitable for all businesses. For example, if you deal with a specialized product like business software, then you’ll need to target a platform that will get you qualified leads.

For this, content sites like Reddit and Quora are ideal. Not only do they provide you with an opportunity to showcase your expertise in the field, but they are also great for getting qualified customers.

6. Email

Many people falsely assume that e-mail marketing is dead in 2021. It’s quite clear that email has slowed down from its peak, but ignoring email marketing is a major mistake.

Studies show that, with the right email marketing campaign, brands can create qualified leads, track sales and retarget potential customers effectively. Email marketing is most effective for brands that provide a digital product or sell through an e-commerce platform.

If you have a digital media marketing agency in the UK designing your digital marketing strategy, then make sure to include email amongst the platforms to target in 2022.

So, whether you’ve just developed a new website or want to take your business to the next level, consider adding these platforms to your content strategy in 2022.

By - 28 Jan 2022

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