6 Ways Ecommerce can Help Your Business Grow

How Ecommerce Help Your Business Grow?

Want to make new customers every hour and increase your sales online?

A powerful ecommerce solution is just what you need!

Because, with a perfect online store, you’d be able to reach new prospective customers beyond your traditional local market. Also, it allows you to keep the door to your shop opened day and night, eventually resulting in higher revenue generation.

Curious to learn more about e-commerce and the numerous ways in which it can benefit your business?

We’ve got all the details below!

What is the E-commerce Mania?

Electronic commerce, or ecommerce is basically all about selling or purchasing of products and services through an electronic medium, majorly the internet.

What has made ecommerce such a popular option among business of all sizes is the ever-increasing demand for online services and stores.

Let’s have a look at some stats:

  • By the year 2018, there were as much as 1.8 billion digital buyers around the globe.
  • In 2019, e-commerce sales accounted for around 14.1% of all retail sales globally.
  • 65% of consumers tend to compare prices on mobiles when they’re in a physical store.
  • In 2019, mobile phone accounted for a total of 65% of retail site visits around the world.
  • The number of active PayPal accounts worldwide is higher than 286 million.

Also, the number one reason why consumers resort to online shopping is because it allows then to shop 24/7.

In a sense, ecommerce stores have made it incredibly easier for consumers to find their desired products online, learn about its features, and buy anything they want from the comfort of their homes.

Here’s some more data on the ecommerce market size:

Why do You Need an Ecommerce Store for your Business?

Whether you’re a startup, a small business, or a huge brand with outlets in numerous locations, ecommerce can help your business prosper and become more profitable over time.

Here are some good reasons why you should be interested in creating your own online ecommerce website with the help of a flexible ecommerce solution:

1. An Online Store Helps Build Customers’ Trust

There’s no doubt in the fact that a well-designed website can help boost your sales while building customers’ trust and increasing the likelihood of them coming back again.

In addition to this, if you have customer reviews added with product description on your online store, it can help convince potential buyers to make a purchase online.

For an additional bonus, you can wave off the delivery charges if the order exceeds a certain amount, as well as offer a return and exchange policy for the ease of your consumers. There’s no doubt that you’d see a significant increase in your number of sales every day!

2. It Makes Your Products More Easily Accessible 24/7

Well, isn’t that obvious?

For an ecommerce store, there are no closing times, and that’s just what most consumers love about online shopping!

The easiness and convenience that ecommerce offers have made it increasingly popular. Also, with the options of ‘cash on delivery’ and ‘online funds transfer’ there’s nothing that can stop a desperate person from making a purchase online.

Moreover, the best part is that you don’t have to close your online store at any time of the day, any day of the week. Which means, even if it’s past 12 a.m. you can keep selling to your customers! 

Plus, ecommerce is definitely a great way for you to reach new customers, but more on that later. For now, have a look at this:

3. Helps Attract New Customers

Didn’t we just mention that before?

Okay, let’s come to the facts!

As we all know, branding and building a strong relationship with customers is the key to successful physical retail. However, for online retail there’s something more that you should have your eyes on – search engines.

In a sense, getting your site optimized for search engines by SEO experts can help you attract more new customers and generate higher traffic.

You can work on your site’s conversion rate afterwards to ensure that your visitors don’t leave without following your call to action.

4. Online Store can Decrease Costs

Now this one’s a major benefit of having an ecommerce website – it helps decreasing the cost of inventory management, labor, and much more.

Plus, ecommerce sites operate on costs that are way less as compared to that of a physical store. Often, ecommerce marketplaces are free to sign-up and take just a small percentage fee for the items that are sold online, which makes them increasingly affordable and lighter on the budget.

So much so, that a big number of small businesses and startups who don’t have a physical location are just selling through their ecommerce sites and generating excellent revenue!

Still confused about how an online store can reduce costs? Have a look at this:

5. Allows You Collect and Measure Consumer Data

Another great thing about having your own online store is that it allows you to keep a constant eye on your visitors’ buying habit.

In other words, with an ecommerce website, you can collect and analyze your consumers’ data and use it to improve customer experience. Also, data helps a lot in terms of developing successful online marketing strategies as it enables you to target your audience more effectively.

6. You can Sell Globally with Ecommerce

While, a physical store location just allows you to sell your products in the local market, specifically if you own a small business and don’t have more than one locations, having an ecommerce site can help expand your reach worldwide.

Which means, if you own a clothing store in Slough, you can sell your products online to customers located anywhere in UK, or even around the world. How great is that?

So, stop killing your own sales and start generating more revenue by selling your products online with a perfectly developed ecommerce store, today!

By - 14 Apr 2020

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