6 Fatal SEO Mistakes That You Need to Fix Right Away!


6 Fatal SEO Mistakes That You Need to Fix Right Away!  

Is your website not ranking on top of search results even after years of struggle and investment? 

If this is the case, then you’re are on the wrong track! 

Whether you’re optimizing your strategy yourself or with the help of the top SEO company in UK, you need to learn the fatal mistakes that are killing your webpage’s ranking. Else you would be left with a ZERO percent conversion rate; even if you keep on working for the next 100 years! 


What’re those SEO mistakes?

Luckily, you’ve landed on the right platform because here we’ve listed all those mistakes you need to avoid if you’re serious about receiving heavy web traffic. 

Let’s jump in…

6 Deadly SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Ranking

If you’re not aware of these mistakes, then keeping up pace with the ever-changing Google algorithm might be a tough call. Because all of these mistakes are the root cause of your webpage’s poor ranking.

Here’re the 6 deadly SEO mistakes:   

  1. Ignoring the Right Keywords 
  2. Compromising Quality Over Quantity
  3. Skipping Meta Descriptions and Title Tags 
  4. Ignoring Mobile Optimization 
  5. Avoiding Anchor Texts for Linking
  6. Using the Wrong Anchor Text 


1. Ignoring the Right Keywords

Stuffing your content with the wrong keywords would never rank your website in front of the right audience.

For example, if you’re running a real estate business, then using “Top SEO company in UK” would only rank your website for the customers who’re looking for digital marketing services.

Which means, your business, products, and services won’t be visible to those who actually need them.

However, if you use the keyword “top real estate companies in UK”, then your website would appear in front of the right users. And most probably you would start receiving more web traffic.

Just keep a track of what your target audience is specifically searching for! Make use of buyers-intent keywords to attract the ideal customer.

Remember, the golden rule of content marketing is to use long-tail keywords. Have a quick look at the image below to understand why long-tail keywords matter: 

Long tail keywords normally contain more than three words that clearly state what the client needs and why they need it. The more specific keywords you use on your site, the more likely you are to draw in the ideal visitors.

The image above proves that, the longer keywords might bring less impressions and traffic, yet the quality would be higher. You'll attract specific audience with strong purchase intent. Ultimately, your return on investments would start hitting the sky!

However, managing so much can divert your attention. Thus, to stay focused on your business’s progress, hire the top SEO company in UK and let them optimize your website for SEO.

2. Compromising Quality Over Quantity

Who told you that poor quality content can help your website rank on top of search results? 

Remember, the quality of the content decides whether your webpage would receive audience or not! 

Maybe the low-paid writers and a blog spinner software can draft impressive COPIED content. But it would have a very poor impression on your audience.  Sure enough, not a single business owner wants to smash his reputation this way.

Thus, create high-quality content that is informative and ORIGINAL.

Here is how you can create a heavy-hitting SEO optimized content:

  • Pack more power in your headlines
  • Use keyword-based phrases
  • Add attractive images
  • Use jaw-dropping stats
  • Add internal links
  • Be super-creative

The easy solution is to hire the top SEO company in UK or wherever else you’re located. They offer you world-class services with the help of which you can easily start ranking on top of search results. This might sound expensive but it is far better than handing over your reputation to someone who does not value it!

Believe it or not, investing in the top SEO company is worth it.


3. Skipping Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

Drafting your content never ends once you add your niche’s keywords. 

Meta descriptions and title tags are the crucial features of SEO optimization. Both of them come into play when a person searches the services of your niche. Once, the user notices your site, he would read the them before clicking on the link to your webpage.

This means, that these two things decide either the users would come in or move away!

Within the overwhelming digital arena, skipping this feature would hardly bring the users to your webpage.

Here’re some tips for you:

  • Write unique and descriptive title tags
  • Be sure you follow the correct keywords and use them on the right webpage
  • Create impressive meta descriptions that builds-up curiosity
  • Follow the top SEO trends!


4. Ignoring Mobile Optimization

Did you know that around 60% of the entire web traffic comes from mobile devices? This means ignoring mobile-optimization would send back a steady stream of audience! 

Just remember, having world-class products and services cannot bring you sales. What matters is that how you attract and serve your audience! Because, a better user experience (UX) always brings more sales and customers!

If you want to receive organic traffic through mobile optimization, you’ll want to ensure that your website loads within 3 seconds and is user-friendly. Also, hire the best web designer because the right colors and design can do wonders! 

Make sure all the people who’re coming to your business website or e-store are having an excellent user experience, no matter they’re reaching you through smartphones or laptops. 

5. Avoiding Anchor Texts for Linking

Never go for “click here” anchor text! This is just a waste! 

This would more likely remain unclicked where so ever it has been inserted. However, if you don’t even try to add them, your website’s conversion rate is never going to rise!

Look at the image below and see how linking through anchor texts can bring web traffic to your page:

Here are some tips for you to draft pro-level anchor texts: 

  • Use relevant keywords 
  • Be creative and add Call-to-action words 
  • Avoid repetition and unnecessary insertion
  • Stop using words that are out of the context 

For instance, if you want to add a link to “digital marketing” then better stick with “learn more about digital marketing services in UK” or something like “Don’t miss these latest trends of Digital marketing” etc.  


Does this all sound a lot? If so, then don’t worry because it really is a daunting task! 

How about hiring the top SEO company in UK and let them manage your webpage’s SEO optimization?

Sounds great! 

With their services, your website can stand out easily. Bonus point? All of your attention would exclusively stay on your business.  


6. Using the Same Anchor Text

Adding the same words, phrases and, heading in your blog can wear out your audience! 

The same goes for anchor texts. Using the same links for same words might not bring you more clicks. Because the audience would get bored and jump out of your website, resulting in an increased bounce rate.

You need to build-up curiosity in your reader’s mind if you really want them to click on something. To optimize your anchor text, try to mix it up. Add variations by inserting your company’s name and never use too long phrases. Be precise and link to the relevant pages to receive maximum traffic. 

Along with that, don’t forget to follow all the essential copywriting rules.

Here’re the types of anchor texts you can use throughout your content for the same link: 

  • Generic anchors: Use general words i.e. read more, over here, etc.
  • Exact match: Add as-it-is text of the targeted word
  • Branded anchors: Use words that represent organization’s name 
  • Naked anchors: Insert URL instead of phrases or words
  • Partial match: Add additional words with the focus word
  • Image anchors: Link an image (specifically in Call-to-Action strategy) 
  • LSI keywords: Use phrases for same meaning of the target words (where they do not exactly match)

Note: Using anchor texts throughout the content is a smart move. But, adding tons of them might cause trouble. Thus, make sure you don’t cross the ideal density that is 50%


Key-Takeaway: Hire a Reliable and Top SEO Company in UK 

Optimizing your content for SEO is a huge challenge! 

But the top SEO company in UK can help you to overcome this problem. Thus, choose an agency that truly values its customers and works sincerely for uplifting your traffic, sales, and business. 

There’re oodles of SEO companies claiming their services as a perfect solution for your website. In this case, finding the right one and staying away from the spammers is really difficult. 

Of course, you cannot test every agency’s services. So what to do now? 

No worries… 

Because here’re some features of the top SEO company that would help you find your perfect fit. Make sure your chosen agency has:

  • A professional team of experts 
  • Good Industrial reputation
  • Considerable amount of experience 
  • An impressive Client’s portfolio

And, most importantly, they follow the latest SEO techniques!

Unlike social media marketing, hiring the top SEO company cannot bring you web traffic right away!


Once things kick-off, your conversion rate is going to improve instantly and your company would soon hit the mark! 

If you’ve made any of the mistakes listed above, then you got the reasons why your website is painfully struggling to rank on top of the search results! 

If you really want to uplift your ranking then better avoid all these mistakes and partner up with the top SEO company in UK.

By - 26 Mar 2021

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