5 Tips on Developing a Website That Ranks on Google

The two main factors to take into account when developing a website by web development services in the UK or anywhere else are users and search engines.

In order to appear on Google when customers search for your items, you need an SEO-friendly website. However, you also need a fun, easy-to-use website so customers can locate the products they want to buy.

We'll examine SEO web design in further detail in this post, including what it is, why it's significant, and the five elements you should focus on improving.

Why is SEO Web Development Important?

How can customers find your website if it has a beautiful design, but you can't get any of its pages to rank in search engine results?

Finding organic (i.e., free) strategies to drive more visitors to your website and rank on page one of the SERPs is crucial since while social networking and PPC advertisements are wonderful for growing traffic, they shouldn't be your only options (search engine result pages).

Let's go through some of the main advantages of SEO web design or web development services in the UK.

Any search engine traffic to your website that is not purchased is referred to as organic traffic. These are website visitors who discovered your site by conducting a Google search and perusing the suggested results.

To be more precise, the first search result receives almost 25% of all clicks, the second receives 15%, and the percentage rapidly decreases after that.

It's reasonable to conclude that anything past page one has appalling organic traffic results since the 10th result only receives 2.5 percent of hits. To improve your chances of ranking better on SERPs, you should design and optimize your website as effectively as you can.

SEO Web Development Attracts High-Intent Traffic

When someone uses Google to search for anything, they usually have a specific question they're trying to get answers to. They'll click on your website when it appears at the top of the search results with that same response.

Even though they might not convert right away after finding your website, they now know they can contact you if they have any more inquiries.

Due to the fact that they were looking for anything related to your sector, this top-of-mind brand awareness is excellent for boosting conversions.

The key takeaway is that SEO is a cheap method of assisting your website by web development services in the UK in achieving its marketing objectives and boosting its total return on investment.

Five Tips on Developing an SEO Website That Ranks on Google

Let's speak about how to optimize your website now that you understand why SEO web design is so crucial. To make putting these 5 strategies into practice as simple as possible, keep search engine optimization at the forefront of your thoughts throughout the whole site design process.

After all, you don't want to spend all that time and money having your web development services in the UK team build the website only to have your SEO team dissect it and lengthen the process.

Instead, collaborating on each of them throughout the design stage with the two teams makes the project go more smoothly.

1. Website Speed

As of 2018, Google's algorithm now considers your website’s speed. It makes sense since nobody likes to wait for a webpage to load. Google won't thus display it to them.

Your page speed may be affected by the following factors:

  1. Host a website
  2. Data sizes
  3. Plugins
  4. Coding/scripts
  5. Traffic flow

Fortunately, Google provides a free tool called PageSpeed Insights that allows you to enter the URL of your website and check where you stand.

In addition to several data to assist you in identifying where you can make improvements to your page speed and, consequently, your rank ability, your website will receive a distinct score for desktop and mobile.

2. Mobile-Friendliness

Mobile devices accounted for 55% of total global traffic in 2021.

Three-quarters of the globe is anticipated to access the internet exclusively through smartphones by 2025.

While ensuring your target audience has a smooth experience, whether they are browsing your site from a PC or mobile device, having a responsive website also helps you with SEO.

Make sure you or your web development services in the UK team tests your website as you create it to ensure that it functions properly on both desktop and mobile devices.

This is a crucial ranking element because Google updated its algorithm to be mobile-friendly back in 2015, which favors responsive sites in search results.

3. Sitemaps

Even though Google is extremely intelligent, it's never a bad idea to provide a hand. A sitemap serves just this purpose.

All of the web pages, files, videos, and other content that make up your website are contained in a sitemap file. These are useful for websites with a variety of pages, particularly if none of them are related to other pages on your website.

This makes it easier for Google to identify and crawl every page while conducting web development in the UK, making them all search engine-ranking-eligible.

The reason is that a website won't receive any organic traffic if Google can't discover it.

4. URL Structure

Additionally, the structure of your URLs should follow your SEO plan. Your website's or blog post's focus keyword should be the sole thing in each URL slug.

When designing or redesigning your website, be careful to conduct keyword research for each page you intend to include. Likewise, repeat the process for each additional page you add as you go.

This maintains the accessibility of your pages while assisting Google in determining the keyword(s) to rank your pages for.

Because the majority of target keywords are short phrases, this makes sure that your URL slugs are simple to remember and put into a URL field if someone is trying to find a certain page.

5. Indexable Material

The likelihood of the pages showing in the search engine results pages’ increases significantly if a search engine can quickly crawl a site—easily examining, digesting, and comprehending the material on each page of the site.

The primary material on each page should be in HTML text format for the site to be crawlable because it is the simplest method for Google to grasp what the page is about.

While HTML works well for Google, JavaScript offers more capability.

Google uses more resources to crawl and index content when you add more JS libraries to your website. Since this affects site performance and Google's crawl budget, both teams need to be aware of this fact.

Investigate strategies for implementing JavaScript on your website that won't harm SEO.

In order to create a website that is both well-designed and SEO-friendly, the top web development agency in the UK and SEO must be integrated.

To ensure that your website is thoroughly optimized for both SEO and usability, encourage your teams to collaborate from the outset.

Always keep in mind that the greatest approach to rank in search engines is to provide value to your customers. To enhance your search results, optimize the aforementioned factors, provide high-quality content, and develop exceptional user interfaces.

By - 15 Jul 2022

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