5 Pro Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Google Ads

In today's world, most businesses rely on some form of digital advertising to get new clients. Whether you are running Google ads, Facebook Ads, or other PPC campaigns, your primary goal is to maximize profits.

If the conversion rate is important to you, then you've probably invested in Google Ads. Google is still the largest online platform and a goldmine for businesses that know how to use it.

Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with poor conversion rates through Google ads. A top Google Ads agency in UK will help you improve the ROI of your Google ads for better profitability.

Read on for easy tips on how to improve your Google ad campaigns!

Why Conversion Rate Matters?

As a business, your primary aim of starting any campaign is to improve your profits, right?

Even if your current campaign is profitable, wouldn’t it be great to double or triple your revenue while paying the same ad expenses?

You’ll be amazed at how little changes to your strategy can drastically improve your campaigns’ efficiency and probability.

Here are 5 Pro tips to help you improve the conversion rate of Google Ads:

1. Make Sure the Ad Intent Matches the Format

Whether it’s your Google ad campaign or your SEO strategy, knowing the user search intent is crucial to improving your campaigns. You’ll be surprised at the number of google ads that misinterpret user search intent.

When it comes to targeting, being specific pays off. For example, if you provide electrical services, you ideally should target a specific area in your ad copy. Instead of having "best electrical services", you should have "best electrical services in Leeds".

Making your ad copy more specific will help your business get more conversions from your ads. It will also help reduce the number of irrelevant clicks.

Creating the perfect ad copy is a skill that takes years to master. Having the top Google ads agency in UK will help your business create ad copy that converts!

2. Improve Your Landing Pages

Do you get a lot of clicks, but very few conversions? If so, then your landing pages may be the issue. Lansing pages are designed for specific ad campaigns and are optimized to improve the conversion rate.

The first thing that you should look at on your landing page is whether the offer is clear. Don't beat about the bush on a landing page. If a customer clicked on your ad, then they have come with a buying intent. What more could a business want?

There are certain tricks that you can use to improve the efficiency of your landing pages. Scarcity techniques involve convincing the customer that there is limited stock available or a limited number of seats. Another technique is to place the call-to-action buttons in the right place. Be short, specific, and direct with your call-to-action buttons.

Lastly, the overall copy of your landing pages should be optimized. The best UK-based Google ads agency may also provide SEO services and web development services to help you create landing pages that convert.

3. Get the Basics of Ad CopyRight

Before you can try out advanced techniques, you should first master the basics of ad copy. When you look at an ad, the first thing that you see is the headline, right?

As such, your headlines should be convincing. Make your message directly in the headline. You can do this by asking a question, fixing a customer's problem, using humor, and incorporating keywords in the heading.

Keywords are important as they define the parameters of your audience. Google ads are based on search intent, and targeting the right keywords is important if you want to improve your conversions.

4. Use Negative Keywords

Targeting the right keywords is important for getting more customers from your ad campaign. However, sometimes people may search for similar keywords that aren’t part of the user intent that you are targeting.

For example, you may have an ad that targets the keyword “apple watch”. If you only sell Apple watches, you won’t want your ad to appear for “apple watch repair”! In this case, “repair “is a negative keyword.

Adding negative keywords is essential if you want to avoid irrelevant clicks. If you are paying for impressions, then it is even more crucial that your ads only appear during relevant searches. The top Google ads agency in UK will help you identify negative keywords that you can use to improve the efficiency of your Ad campaigns.

5. Use A/B Testing

Running Google ads is a great way to increase your sales or run a promotion. However, sometimes small changes in the ad copy can drastically affect conversions. Before you spend money on an ad, you want to make sure that it will convert, right?

So, how can you avoid wasting money on ineffective ads?

One way is to do A/B testing. A/B testing involves creating two different ads and running each separately. You can easily compare the performance of these ads and then select the most profitable one.

When doing A/B testing, avoid investing too much in your test ads. At this stage, there is still a lot of uncertainty as to which ad is more effective. The last thing you want is to spend all your ad budget on a failed campaign!

To avoid such issues, you should ideally have a top Google ads agency in the UK to manage your campaign. Not only are they more experienced in creating the perfect ad copy, but they also know which ad strategy is perfect for certain brand categories.

Bonus Tips

If you’ve followed the above tips, then your Google ads should start performing much better. If you want to perfect it even more, then consider implementing these bonus tips:

  • Use ad extensions like callout extensions, structured snippets, call extensions, and location extensions.
  • Target long-tail keywords to achieve more with a smaller budget.
  • Use ad automation tools like smart bidding.
  • Use Google analytics to identify where most of your traffic is coming from and target those areas specifically.

If you don’t have the time or technical expertise to optimize the ad campaign yourself, then it’s best to have the top Google ads agency in UK do it for you. You'll end up saving more through a better conversion rate and fewer irrelevant clicks.

By - 31 Dec 2021

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