5 Reasons to Use Google AdWords for Reaching More Customers


5 Reasons to Use Google AdWords


Nowadays, raising brand awareness and reaching more customers through various digital platforms is considered not just important, bust essential for all kinds of businesses – specifically the small and local ones.


Well, simply because digital media is more accessible, influential, and, of course, cheaper than its traditional counterpart. I mean, who even reads newspapers or magazines in 2020? Honestly, nearly none of your prospective customers!

In a sense, going digital is crucial if you really want to grab the attention of your potential consumers and elevate your sales.

Now, although there are a lot of different methods that businesses opt for when it comes to magnifying their online presence, including the most common Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by experts, but nothing really works as good as Google AdWords.

Want to know why you should be using Google AdWords for growing your business?

Read on!

Why is Google AdWords a Crucial Tool in Business Marketing?

Let’s be clear, there’s no doubt in the fact that an effective Google Ads strategy can complement your online marketing efforts and help you be seen by your target audience.

Not just this, but it also delivers the fastest results when it comes to paid online advertising.

To be precise, Google AdWords acts as a connecting bridge between businesses who’re offering their products or services and prospects in search of the same.

Hence, it allows you to advertise your business to the right target audience, at the right time, and in the right place. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

However, in case you’re still contemplating whether you should partner with a Google Ads certified agency and invest in PPC or not, here are 5 good reasons why Google AdWords is worth it:

1. Google AdWords is Measurable and Flexible

The best thing about online marketing is that it’s increasingly easy to measure as compared to its traditional counterpart, such as print media or TV.

In other words, with PPC and AdWords, it’s not much difficult to analyze and find out what works best and which of your efforts are bringing the desired results.

Moreover, Google AdWords is also quite flexible, which means you can create your own customized campaign strategy to suit your specific needs and requirements.

For instance, your can use AdWords to:

  • Select a specific keyword and get your ad displayed for search queries that have the word in them.
  • Make use of Ad extension for displaying additional information in your ad, such as your contact information, links to your site, and product images.
  • It’s easier to narrow down your audience with Google Ads. You can discover your target customers by their location, language, as well as the device or browser that they’re using while performing searches.
  • AdWords allow you access to other non-search sites as well, including YouTube and Gmail.
  • Increase your brand awareness by leveraging the extensive display network of Google.

Apart from being incredibly flexible and allowing you to track the performance of your campaign, Google AdWords also delivers extremely fast results.

Unlike the commonly used Search Engine Optimization that can take months before delivering any visible results, AdWords offers instant solution.

In a sense, once your campaign goes live, it won’t be long before you start getting results, such as visitor data.

Moreover, owing to its speed and effectiveness, you can find out the keywords that provide desirable results, and then use them to construct a successful SEO campaign. 

All in all, while SEO is a great way of amplifying your online presence, PPC is what you need for actually getting to the top of Google’s search results within minutes!

Plus, people who click on ads are as much as 50% more likely to end up making a purchase. Here’s a bit more AdWords work:

3. Engages Your Target Audience

Over time, Google has been continuously improving AdWords since it’s a primary source of income, and engaging ads simply translate to more click-throughs from customers, which results in higher revenue for Google.

Moreover, in-video ads on YouTube and product-listing ads tend to get noticed more by the audience. And since YouTube gets as much as several billion views in a single day, it’s a great platform for advertising your products to your prospects.

So, why wouldn’t you want your ads to be displayed just where most of your potential customers are?

4. Google has a Massive Reach

It’s easy to believe that Google is one of the most widely used tools on the internet. In a sense, people Google literally everything, from the best pizza place near them to carpet cleaning services in their area, as well as hair salons and massage parlors.

Which is why, it’s increasingly important for small local business to be seen by their customers just where they’re searching, and that, of course, means on the top of Google’s SERPs!

In addition to this, when you’re using Google AdWords for marketing purposes, you’re providing the searchers with just what they’re looking for – a perfect, instant solution to their problems.

That’s why, a Google AdWords can surely help you get more clicks, which would eventually lead to a higher number of web visitors, and elevated sales! Just what all business owners want, right?

5. You Only Need to Pay for Results

Now this one is definitely a huge plus point when it comes to online marketing.

Google AdWords isn’t just a great way of being seen out there, but it’s also really affordable, and you only have to pay when you get the results!


Well, AdWords is pay-per-click advertising, which means you’d just be paying for each time a prospective customer clicks on your site’s link. So, not even a penny of your marketing budget would go to waste if your campaign is set up correctly.

Moreover, the remarketing feature in Google AdWords allows you to target those specific prospects who’ve clicked on your ads in the past but haven’t converted yet. In this way, you can linger in the minds of your audience until they finally buy what they loved on your site.

All in all, AdWords is definitely the fastest route to improving your online presence, getting more visitors and increasing your sales through affordable online marketing.

So, invest in a digital marketing agency with Google certified experts that know how to develop an effective advertising campaign and ramp up your sales!


By - 04 Apr 2020

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