5 Reasons Why Guest Blogging Is Crucial for SEO

We all are aware of the fact that SEO is the heart of digital marketing. 

From on-page blogs to compelling headings and from meta descriptions to alt tags, everything plays an important role in uplifting your site’s ranking on SERPs. 

So, why ignore guest blogging?

No matter, whether you want to draft blogs yourself or with the help of the top SEO agency in UK, you would surely want to receive tons of clicks on a daily basis. 

Did you know that guest blogging can help you achieve that much-wanted traffic? 

That’s true! Read on to find out why you should not ignore guest blogging in 2021. 

Ready? Let’s start… 


Why Guest Blogging is a Must for Successful SEO?

If you think that guest posting is just a waste of time, then think again! 

Guest blogging helps you present your services through a well-established website that your customers trust. The best part is that you can easily target your niche’s audience by just picking up the right topics. 

This does not end here, below are a few more lucrative benefits of guest blogging shared by the experts of top SEO agencies in UK. 

Here is the list: 

  1. Uplifts Brand Awareness
  2. Helps Build Strong Customer Relationships
  3. Stimulates Future Leads 
  4. Increases Social Media Shares
  5. Boosts Your Ranking on SERPs


1. Uplifts Brand Awareness

Brand awareness helps users to recall your products whenever they think of making a purchase online. 

Just like, you might search Nike or Adidas while shopping for sportswear online. However, there are oodles of brands out there offering similar products but people usually remember the famous ones. 

That’s how much brand awareness matters!

For a business owner, guest blogging is a golden opportunity to promoting their brand, ideas, and services. 

See how… 

While writing a guest post, you add links to your website in the content. And, once it’s published, there are chances that the readers would click on the links and discover your brand.

To get this straight have a look at the image below: 

Now, think of another situation, where you’re just posting content on your website while your site is not ranking on top of the search results. 

Remember, more than half of the clicks are devoted to the first page of Google’s search results.

Even if you hire the top SEO agency in UK, it would take a lot of days or even months for your website to appear on top with just on-page blogging.

But, with guest blogging, you can instantly receive attention and start promoting your brand within no time! 


2. Helps Build Strong Customer Relationships

If your business is receiving sales today, it doesn’t guarantee that it would generate profits tomorrow! 

You might have to face hard times when your marketing strategies stop working for you. This is why you need to build strong B2B relationships through guest blogging.

Even if social media marketing or Google AdWords are not doing any good for your company, still, guest blogging can work! 

Here is a list of tips provided by SEO agency in UK to building long-term B2B relationships:

  • Find your important contacts on social sites 
  • Join professional groups or online communities
  • Offer something valuable before asking for help
  • Craft content that fulfills your editors’ requirements

Just don’t panic and start with a thorough research to see how experts of top SEO agencies in UK and around the globe are writing guest blogs. 


3. Stimulates Future Leads

One of the biggest advantages of guest blogging is that website owners can receive qualified business leads and sale opportunities. 

As mentioned earlier, contents that solve users’ problems usually enjoy more attention and greet potential customers. This might lead the users to follow and check your website for more details. 

And, more audience means more chances of leads! 

But this can only happen if you win the hearts of the editors.

And, for this we have got some tips for you: 

Top SEO agencies in UK use all the above tactics to draft provoking content, this means you can also hire the best UK based SEO agency if you want to stay away from this overwhelming procedure. Their experts create pro-level guest blogs that can easily drive traffic to your website.


4. Increases Social Media Shares

With millions of social media users getting your guest posts shared on such platforms is more important than ever before! 

Social media marketing allows business owners to promote their services without spending much on advertisements. Further, the sites i.e., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., connect the customers directly to the organization which fortifies consumer relationships. Hence, resulting in increased traffic and profits! 

However, there are tons of guest posts published on daily basis, and getting noticed in such an overwhelming competition is hard. 

So, what should you do to drive your social media shares? 

As per the top SEO agency in UK, you need to provide the users strong reasons to share your posts on social sites. 

Such as, write something that is not available on the internet and provide bombastic tips. Moreover, add informative images, tweetable quotes, and infographics to get the balls rolling fast. 

Apart from all this, inserting links of your social sites and landing pages is also crucial. However, don’t stuff the content with links, instead, use it only when required.


5. Boosts Your Ranking on SERPs

Ranking on top of search results is all that every website owner wants! 

And, what if we say that guest blogging can help you outrank the first position on SERPs? 

Yes! That’s true! 

So, find your niche’s top-ranking websites and try to make a deal with them. Remember, only high-quality content can persuade the readers to click on your site’s link.

Don’t forget, content without valuable information, jaw-dropping facts, and startling tips are of no use. Such blogs not only fail to impress the audience but also ruins your brand’s reputation.

Now, you might be wondering how to create heavy-hitting guest posts that can bring the audience to your doorstep?

Well, that’s not as difficult as it sounds. You just have to follow the rights tips and practices as listed below:

  • Be creative and write on trending topics 
  • Try to solve the reader’s problem 
  • Be precise and don’t exaggerate the point 
  • Show your expertise by providing tips 
  • Divide content into sections and subheadings


Key-Takeaway: Top SEO Agencies’ Secret Tips to Guest Blogging 

Now, you know how guest blogging can grow your business and bring users to your website. So, let’s discuss which strategies can help you draft content that can align with your publisher’s interest. 

The experts of top SEO agency in UK believe that the following tips can help you start your guest blogging like a pro:

  • Set Your Guest Blogging Goals 

A successful guest blogging strategy starts with clear goals. Objectives help to create viral-worthy content that is not just a pack of random facts but a blog that uncovers valuable information as per the readers’ requirements.

Building brand awareness, driving clicks to specific landing pages, representing yourself as an expert, and improving SEO through inbound links are the typical goals of guest blogging.

  • Know the Interest of Publications

As you would be writing for another company, you need to know their area of interest. What type of content your chosen site cover? Do they publish long-form content or short blogs enriched with statistical data? 

Find their publication guidelines and check out what type of content can attain your publisher’s attention. 

  • Draft a Unique Pitch 

If you master the pitch, you can easily get your guest blogs published. 

The rule of thumb is to keep your pitch short and use the site owner's name. Apart from that you also need to add a title and blog description in your e-mail subject line. 

Remember, authoritative sites receive a plethora of e-mails on daily basis, and only the compelling pitches get to have their attention. The rest are simply ignored. 

Do your absolute best to show them that your piece of content is well-researched and is super-useful for the readers. 


According to the top SEO agency in UK, running an SEO campaign without guest blogging sounds like a vague idea! So, find your industry’s top-ranking sites and follow all the tips discussed above to get the best out of the guest posts. 

By - 11 Jun 2021

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