5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Not Working for You


5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Not Working for You

Did you know why many digital marketing campaigns fail to hit the mark?

Because marketers tend to commit some huge mistakes and keep on overlooking the latest trends. Ultimately, they drop their sales, kill their website’s ranking, and hand over the income to the competitors! 

If you fall in this category, then this blog is for you! Read on to find out why digital marketing is not working for you and how to fix it.   

With marketing mistakes, even the top digital agency in UK cannot help your brand to stand out on the internet. Thus, to run a successful campaign you have to avoid marketing blunders at all cost!

So, let’s get into this…

Why Your Digital Marketing Campaign is Failing? 

No doubt, digital marketing is one of the amazing, yet tricky businesses of this modern age. You have to stay updated with all the latest strategies i.e., SEO optimizationPPC advertisementssocial media promotionscontent marketing, etc. Else, your campaign won’t succeed!

Here is a list of 5 reasons why your digital campaign is failing: 

  1. Not Having Clear and Realistic Goals 
  2. Focusing On the Wrong Audience 
  3. Overlooking Your Website’s Design 
  4. Not Paying Attention to SEO Optimization 
  5. Ignoring the Power of Social Media



1. Not Having Clear and Realistic Goals

Without goals, you can never succeed! 

Setting a vision is crucial to check whether your marketing is progressing or not. How can you improve if you don’t even know what’s going on? 

Having goals can help you reach your business objectives and even motivate you towards attaining better results. Every marketer should aim at specific objectives i.e., the amount of traffic to be received in the first months, etc. You ignore this step and there your campaign would fall miserably! 

Thus, set SMART goals before launching into digital marketing. By SMART goals, we mean objectives that stay within the means of your budget and can be easily achieved.

Apart from that, keep a track of your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure your performance and ROI. Even if you’re planning to hire the top digital agency in UK, you need to make sure your chosen company defines specific goals for your brand’s digital marketing campaigns. Because now you know that it is the backbone of your entire campaign! 

2. Focusing On the Wrong Audience

Frankly speaking, targeting the wrong audience or everyone would set your business up for failure! 

Imagine you’re running a jewelry shop but the people you’re targeting are men. Most probably, your products are going to be ignored no matter how much you have invested in the quality. On the contrary, selling the same products to women can stimulate entirely different results. You can get potential customers and start receiving sales. 

But, the question is how can you find your target audience? For this, you need to create a buyer’s persona. Gather buyers’ information that includes: 

  • Demographics 
  • Likes and dislikes 
  • Background
  • Employment status 
  • Income and location
  • Buying habits etc.

After creating the persona, you can easily target an audience with similar qualities. But, what to do if this all seems like a huge hassle for you? Well, don’t worry… Because the top digital agency in UK has got your back! You can easily run your campaign with the help of their experts without you having to do anything! 

This is why investing in UK’s digital agency or wherever else you’re located is worth it!

3. Overlooking Your Website’s Design

Website development is a lucrative start but using pinchy web designs would never bring you sales.  You don’t believe us? Then have a glimpse at the stats below:

Remember, only a positive user experience can help you rise above your competitors and with poor layouts, this is never going to happen! 

Sites with beautiful web designs have an edge over the other companies. Check out the top brands’ websites i.e., Nike, Toyota, etc., and see how beautifully they’ve presented their products with the help of enthralling pictures, colors, and much more. This helps them grab more customers which improves their profits incredibly. You see how a well-designed website can boost your sales

No matter whether you want to start your campaign yourself or with the help of the top digital agency in UK, make sure your website is super-easy to use and is enriched with stunning layouts. For this, you need to keep the following aspects in your mind: 

  • Test your website’s speed and make sure it loads within three seconds
  • Prioritize mobile-friendliness and use scalable elements that fit on every screen size
  • Use killer call-to-actions (CTA) to reinforce the user’s purchase decision 
  • Add catchy headlines with keywords in them
  • Divide the products into sections and add a search bar on top of the pages
  • Use high-quality images of the right stock
  • Avoid all web designing mistakes to get the best results!

4. Not Paying Attention to SEO Optimization

Millions of people are searching for your products on Google. And guess what? 55% of all the clicks of Google’s SERPs are devoted to the first page. Well, that’s a huge ratio! 

This means if your website is unable to rank on top of search results your target audience won’t find you whenever they search your services. But, how can you start ranking on top of the search results? 

Using relevant keywords can help!

 For example, if a user types “top digital agency in UK” or “best digital agency in UK” in the search bar, then only the sites that have frequently added these particular keywords to their website would rank on the first page. 

Thus, follow the ultimate guide to SEO and start your website’s optimization today. Because even a minute of delay can cost you a huge amount of sales and customers!  To help you work effectively on SEO, experts have divided SEO optimization in two major categories: 

  1. On-page SEO (blog posts, image alt tags, meta description, etc. 
  2. Off-page SEO (link building, guest posts etc.,)

Use top tips to creating powerful content and post keyword-rich content regularly. If you’re struggling to come up with SEO-optimized blog posts, still you can publish top-notch content with the help of the best SEO services. Surprised? The plus point is that you don’t have to spend hours and hours drafting content. Instead, their experts keep on sending you contents right on your doorstep! 

5. Ignoring the Power of Social Media

We all know that millions of people are using social media in this modern age. You would be left startled on hearing that people spend 28% of their time on internet on social sites! 

This shows that using social media for marketing is now crucial than ever! 

With the sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you can build good customer relationships and even find new target audience. Here are some more advantages of social media:  

  • Drives future leads and conversions 
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Saves you the hassles of traditional marketing 
  • Connects you directly with your audience
  • Improves brand loyalty
  • Increases brand awareness and much more

Still, if you’re not into this, then it’s the right time to get started! 

First, find out where your target audience is. Do your customers spend the most of their time on Facebook, Instagram, or on any other such platform? Here is an image that would help you find the right platform: 

Once you’ve figured this out, design attractive posts that can potentially grab the user’s attention. But, don’t upload too much content on daily basis. As per the experts of the top digital agency in UK, one should not post more than 3 to 4 times a week. 

Want a pro tip? 

Forming a partnership with well-known influencers can do wonders! People usually idealize influencers and pay close attention to what their ideals showcase. Thus, if you get your products out there with the help of the influencers, you can easily start receiving sales.

But, don’t fall into a trap! Not all of them have the power to attract the audience. So, find the one that is already being loved by your target audience. 


Digital marketing is a complex procedure due to which many marketers fail to run their campaigns successfully. However, with the help of the top digital agency in UK and by avoiding all the mistakes that we’ve discussed above, you can easily get your campaigns closer to success. So, watch yourself and stop avoiding all these blunders! 

By - 07 May 2021

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