5 Must-Use Social Media Marketing Tools to Help You Grow

In this modern era, the importance of social media marketing cannot be ignored at any cost! 

However, creating posts on regular basis and posting them on different platforms is indeed an overwhelming task. 

The good news is that, in 2021, managing your social sites won’t be hard if you get your hands on the right tools. 

So, are you ready to become a savvy marketer just like the skilled experts of the best social media advertising agency of this year?

Let’s discuss the best tools that can help you succeed in the world of social media. 

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tools of 2021

Social media marketing tools can do wonders! 

With the best ones, you can draft heavy-hitting content in just seconds, manage several social sites in one place, administer customer relationships, build a social editorial calendar, and more with much less frustration. 

Here’re the best tools that can help you manage everything like a pro: 

1. Discover Popular Content with BuzzSumo 

Drafting trending content is the key to success. Remember, if you keep on creating posts which people are not interested in, you won’t receive an audience!

This means, before uploading any post you need to check your content ideas’ social shares, engagement rates, etc. Just to ensure whether people are reading such topics or not. Only this will help you design posts which your users want to see. 

For this purpose, BuzzSumo can help you a lot! 

Not only you can get a plethora of content ideas, but also find new keywords and influencers with this amazing tool. 

To get started, you just need to plug in a keyword and there you go! BuzzSumo would show you tons of data, such as: 

  • The most popular content in terms of different social sites 
  • Number of links used in each blog and much more 

Apart from this, you can also sort and check data of specific countries and languages. Furthermore, marketers can add their competitors’ URLs as well to check how their blogs are performing.


Use Biteable to Create Enthralling Videos 

Gone are those days where marketers and social media advertising agencies had to spend hours creating a single video post. 

Now in 2021, drafting an entertaining clip has become easier than ever before, thanks to Biteable. 

With Biteable, you can easily create attractive and super-amazing videos with its incredible features, such as free video templates, music, animation, etc. 

It also offers a monthly marketing calendar which you can use to get daily tips, and even high-quality professional clips relevant for different occasions.

What’s more interesting is that users can enjoy several features with free accounts. Further, upgrading to premium accounts doesn’t cost much and is pretty simple.

So, why not add this software to your must-have social media advertising toolkit and take your content to the next level by crafting stunning clips? 


3. Try Canva to Design Creative Posts 

Canva has got so much for every social media advertising agency and individual marketer. 

This tool allows you to create dynamic social media posts to elevate your digital marketing strategy like nothing else!

Even if you’re not a tech pro or have got zero photography skills, still with Canva’s drag and drop features marketers can easily design their posts within just a few minutes. 

The best part is that the beginners can watch tutorials to get started without struggling on their own.  

For each design, this tool offers different styles and fonts. This means you can draft everything as per your choice and even add your own images.


4. Use Buffer to Schedule and Manage Your Social Campaigns

How many social accounts do you handle?

If you’re working on two or more social sites, don’t you think managing everything would be overwhelming? 

Logging into each account for checking or uploading content would, indeed, waste a lot of time and leave you exhausted at the end of the day. 

This is why you need Buffer! 

Buffer has made it possible to manage each of your accounts in one place! You can draft, schedule your posts, and even access analytics to track their performance. 

Along with this, marketers can also reply to their different platforms' users while staying on Buffer. 

5. Utilize Pixlr’s Next-Level Features for Picture Editing

Ever felt the need of editing your pics to transform them into more interactive visuals?

But, tired of trying local tools because most of them lack the necessary features or offer you expensive plans?

Well, if you’re on the verge of giving up photo editing, then we’d recommend you to try Pixlr and we bet it would change your mind!

This easy-to-use tool works just like Photoshop! However, most of its services are free, such as: 

  • Pixler X: This offers essential editing tools, i.e., effects, layers, brushes, etc. 
  • Pixler E: It is used for removing backgrounds, accessing different templates, and editing. 

For more premium features you can get their subscription plan and enjoy more visual effects, stickers, etc. 

Tools like Pixler help you fill your accounts with captivating posts without spending a fortune on local photoshops. So, it’s best to use it as your go-to editor! 


There are numerous tools out there and more would keep on popping up in the market. To save your time and efforts build a perfect social media strategy and then choose the one as per your needs. 

Further, try to take advice from the experts of the best social media advertising agency in UK, if that’s where you’re located. Just to ensure whether a tool is worth trying or not. In the end, don’t forget to stay away from the fatal social media marketing mistakes

By - 10 Sep 2021

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