5 Common Guest Blogging Myths: Are You Falling for Them?

Do you know what can uplift your traffic like a wildfire? 

Gest blogging! 

Yes, you read it correctly! The experts of the best SEO company in Cardiff and all around the world are doing it since long enough. This is their secret to building strong relationships and gaining authority. Isn’t it what you also want? 

But, a few myths are circulating about guest blogging, and falling for them might cost you a lot of potential customers! Read on to find out what misconceptions are wrong and tips on how to do guest blogging like a pro…

5 Guest Blogging Misconceptions You Should Never Believe

Believing in certain guest blogging myths can ruin your entire SEO campaign. Don’t forget, it’s one of the best ways to convey your message and ideas to potential customers through the top websites. 

So, better don’t take any risks and never fall for the myths listed below: 

  1. Guest Blogging Is Almost Dead
  2. It’s Overwhelming to Manage
  3. It’s a Waste of Time and Nothing! 
  4. Having A Strong Reputation is Crucial
  5. You Can Rely on the Same Guidelines  

1. Guest Blogging Is Almost Dead

Many people believe that guest blogging is dying or would die in the coming future. But, this isn’t true! 

The experts of the best SEO company in Cardiff believe that this off-page SEO technique is not going anywhere, until we continue to optimize for search engines.


Because content is the lifeline of SEO! Every website is publishing articles on a daily basis. And, they need more blogs to adjust their niche’s keyword in order to win the overwhelming race on the internet.

So, how come guest blogging can die? 

However, today it works differently as compared to the recent years. But, still, you can reap the real rewards.

For instance, now you have to craft high-quality and long-form content (of around 800-1000 words each) instead of delivering a 400-500 words article. Apart from that, you’ve got to focus on adding visuals, such as informative images, amazing infographics, etc. 

One thing you should never comprise is quality! Don’t ever try to deliver plagiarized content. By this, you would ruin your reputation in the industry and even get blacklisted by the top editors. 


2. It’s Overwhelming to Manage

Website owners usually stay away from guest blogging just because it sounds like a lot of work. Especially, when they’ve got to handle their on-page blogs as well.


In reality, it is super-easy to manage. As their word count is pretty low and you don’t even need to optimize the meta descriptions.

The very first step to writing guest blogs is to define one specific aim. Like, do you want to target potential customers? Are you willing to build backlinks to your website? Or you’re just looking forward to attracting Cardiff’s users only? 

Once, you’ve defined your objective, you can easily draft content for that specific purpose. For instance, focus on long-tail keywords for appearing in front of your audience and use proper anchor texts for backlinking, etc.

See how the expert of Cardiff’s SEO company is doing guest blogging and learn all the latest SEO trends from them. Just to create viral-worthy and powerful content that can rank!


3. It’s a Waste of Time and Nothing!

That’s not true! 

As mentioned earlier, it allows you to attract customers and increase profits. This means investing and spending time plus money on guest blogging is worth it! 

Here’re a few more benefits of guest blogging:

You see, why guest blogging is crucial for your business?

With so many incredible benefits, how can you call it just a waste of time? If that would have been the case, the best SEO companies in Cardiff won’t have focused much on this.

Even if your posts are not being published, you don’t need to be disappointed.    

Let’s suppose, you have devoted your hours to write a blog on any topic related to Google AdWords, but, sadly the publisher seems not interested. Does this mean that your hard work is going to burn into ashes? 

Well, no! 

When you draft guest posts you get to know new SEO techniques that can help you in the future. Whatever information you have collected you can use it as a foundation of writing new on-page blogs without wasting time on research again. You can easily create pro-level and SEO-optimized content, that can boost your site’s ranking.

You might not see instant results, but, over time you’ll realize how much guest blogging has helped you achieve excellent writing skills and customers.


4. Having A Strong Reputation is Crucial

For getting started, you don’t need to have a pre-existing strong reputation in the industry. No matter, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced professional, you can start posting guest blogs right away!  

Believing in this misconception is just going to waste your time.

Let’s take an example, it took you a whole one year to get prominence, and unfortunately, your organization hasn’t posted any guest post yet. 

Think of how much traffic you could have received in these 12 months if you’ve started off soon after building a website? 

Guest blogging has not much to do with your reputation. However, the downside is that the beginners are usually ignored by famous publishers. They’ve to shake hands with the local and small businesses. 

Take a start from there and keep building on your credibility. After all, having something that can win you a few customers is better than having nothing at all!

Once you get prominence, people are going to trust your organization and as a resultn the top publishers would want to post your blogs.

Plan for the next 10 years just like the best SEO companies in Cardiff do. Never get disappointed and keep on working hard!  Further, keep the SEO copywriting rules in front of your mind and avoid deadly SEO mistakes.


5. You Can Rely on Same Guidelines

For every guest post, you need to create new guidelines! 

Once you’ve written for one website, you might start believing that the same set of rules can work for others too. 

Don’t forget, every publisher out there is unique and has his specific aims. If you cannot fulfill their needs and requirements why should they post your blog?

So, next time you think of writing a guest post, check out what your chosen organization is looking for and what kind of posts are relishing on their websites. 

Most of the websites prefer detail and specific tutorials, but, others usually like to post generic posts. You can jump into their blog section and find out what type of content you should write for them. 

Along with this you also need to know their audience. Like, what is the level of their readers? Are they young or seniors? etc. 

For instance, any agency (e.g., SEO company in Cardiff or content marketing agency) selling services to businessmen usually receives professional readers on their pages. Writing for them would require a great deal of knowledge and industrial expertise as well. 


Do you want to use guest blogging just like the best SEO companies in Cardiff are?

If yes, then stay away from all the myths that we’ve discussed above. Else, you won’t be able to rise above your competitors and attract a myriad of customers! 

By - 25 Jun 2021

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