4 Things No One Told You About Digital Marketing

What can take your profits up a notch in this modern age? 

Of course, a powerful business website! 

Having a website is crucial indeed, but promoting your brand and services is far more important than that. Who would click on your website if users don’t even know that your company exists? 

Well, this means, soon after website development, you need to start your own advertising campaign or hire the best digital marketing firm in UK. Just, to let people know what services/products you’ve got for them! 

But, there’re so many things you need to know before starting your journey. Here in this blog, we’re going to list down everything that no one told you about digital marketing. Just to help you take a professional start! 

Ready? Let’s get into this…

4 Things About Digital Marketing You Probably Didn’t Know! 

Digital media marketing is surprisingly affordable and far easier to manage as compared to traditional advertisement techniques. But, if you ignore the latest tactics, then probably you won’t receive an audience on your website. As a result, your company would fail to generate profits! 

Is this what you want? Obviously not! 

So, here is the list of things you MUST understand about digital marketing:

  1. SEO is the Lifeline of Your Campaign 
  2. Leading Influencers Can Do Wonders! 
  3. Image and Voice Search Are the Next Big Things
  4. Google Ads Increases Brand Awareness


1. SEO is the Lifeline of Your Campaign

Considering the fact, that millions of people are searching businesses online, business owners are focusing on developing a user-friendly website. 

But, do you really think that just having a site is enough to promote your services? 

Well, no! 

There’re tons of websites out there. And, you won’t believe that search engines generate millions of results on every search query. With such an overwhelming competition, the sites that appear on top of SERPs get to receive more audience and sales. This means, a website that fails to outrank the top position would be left unclicked. 

Still, if you have any doubts look at the image below and see how many clicks are devoted to top-ranking pages: 

Around 91.5% of clicks happen on first page!

But how can you rank on top of the SERPs? The answer to this question is SEO optimization!

Whenever a user types any phrase/word on the search bar, search engines rank all the websites with relevant keywords. Hence, you need to conduct an SEO audit to find out your niche’s keywords and start adding them to your blogs, alt tags, etc.

This is how leading digital marketing firms in UK work, thus, if you also want to take your SEO to the next level then better follow their track! 

Conduct competitor analysis or use different SEO tools to discover your target keywords. Once you’re ready, draft fresh content and post it regularly. Over time, you’ll start noticing a prominent uplift in your ranking. This is one of the prime reasons why you should invest in content marketing

Along with all this, don’t forget to follow the latest SEO trendsSEO copywriting rules, and most importantly learn how to create content that ranks


2. Leading Influencers Can Do Wonders!

Marketing your products through influencers is an evergreen strategy. 

Flashing back a few years, we could see famous personalities promoting products on billboards. 

And, nowadays, these billboards have been replaced by social media platforms. A plethora of influencers with millions of followers are promoting products virtually. 

The experts of digital marketing firms in UK and all around the globe predict that influencer and social media marketing would be the top-trending strategy in the upcoming years. 

Still, if you’re missing this, then better get started right away! 

By hiring leading bloggers, famous product reviewers, or field experts, business owners can easily receive attention and reinforce their target audiences’ purchase decisions. 

Influencers are the ideals of many people and you would be surprised on hearing that 90% of the consumers trust their recommendations.

Sounds like influencer marketing can bring you incredible success!

So, here’re some tips for you: 

  • Choose relevant individuals i.e., for promoting clothes hire models, etc., 
  • Select the ones that are super-active and share updates regularly
  • Make sure they’ve a steady stream of followers (around millions or thousands)
  • Hire the experienced and creative ones who can deliver quality content
  • Choose the right platform i.e., LinkedIn for B2B promotions and Instagram for fashion advertisements, etc. 
  • Try to get advice from the leading digital marketing firm in UK to have a clear idea which influencers are trending in your niche
  • While selecting your platform make sure you avoid all the major social media marketing mistakes


3. Image and Voice Search Are the Next Big Things

Image and voice search gained mileage because they’re super-easy to use than typing. You talk about teenagers, adults, or seniors, everyone loves to use them. 

But …

For website owners it has opened new challenging doors.

Before digging deeper, let’s try to understand how image and voice search work. 

For voice search, people use speech instead of typing the entire keyword. For instance, for searching “why investing in a digital marketing firm in UK is worth it”, searchers would simply turn on their device and articulate the entire sentence. 

Well, in this case, you can optimize your content by adding such keyword-rich questions and their answers throughout your blogs. Use more long-tail keywords since voice searches are longer than typed ones. This practice would help your site appear on top of search SERPs.  

This was easy! 

But what about image search? In this case, people don’t use speech nor do they write keywords, but just upload relevant images to find certain answers or products. So, how can you rank for them?

The only thing that can help you appear for image search queries is “SEO optimized alt tags”. Like other types of searches, you have to add certain keywords and add them to the image file name.

Just take care of the copy-right claims, image file size and avoid all the SEO mistakes while choosing your keywords. 

If digital marketing is not working for you, then probably you’re overlooking the importance of voice, and image search. So, better optimize your website for both of them, else, your business might suffer a lot!


4. Google Ads Increases Brand Awareness

There is no better way to uplift your site’s ranking than by signing a contract with the best digital marketing firm in UK for Google ads. 

To be precise, Google AdWords allows you to create attractive ads and showcase them in front of your target audience on different pages. 

Bonus point? Your Ads would keep on popping up on different sites but you only have to pay when someone clicks on them.

As the ads would only be showcased to your niche’s audience, probably a user with buying intentions would click on it.

This is how Google AdWords works: 

You see? How website owners can save a huge part of your investments and use Google Ads to reach more customers

Google AdWords works faster than SEO and brings traffic without having your website to rank on top of search results. 

What’s more? 

It can also show your ads as a reminder for the users who have already visited your site but left without a purchase. If you follow the right tips and practices, then you can easily make money online.

Want to learn the next-level tricks? Here is the list: 

  • Align your ads with the relevant landing pages 
  • Don’t overlook the importance of UTM codes and tracking
  • Utilize negative keywords
  • Try not to leave blank spaces on your ad content 
  • Use strong and provoking Call-to-Action words 
  • Make sure your ad is optimized for every type of screen 
  • Avoid Google Ads mistakes 
  • Set custom audience for remarketing 

The best digital marketing firm in UK, considers all of the above points which further helps them to draft heavy-hitting Google Ads. Such Ads boost traffic and grow sales like wildfire!

Don’t you think, with so many incredible benefits, spending money on this strategy is worth it?


Digital marketing is constantly evolving, hence, bestowing us with new tactics. And, the rule of thumb of every digital marketing firm in UK is to keep up pace with the latest techniques. So, if you want to start your journey like a pro, then better not miss any of the points discussed above! 

By - 04 Jun 2021

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