4 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Not Working for You

You might have spent hours creating heavy-hitting content. In fact, most of you would also have invested a fortune in the top content marketing services in UK or wherever else you’re located.

But unfortunately, you fail to receive potential customers on your websites! If that’s the case, then your organization is probably committing some huge mistakes!

Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! Below are listed some of the most common content marketing blunders and how to fix them.

So, let’s get into this…


4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Need to Fix Right Away! 

The experts of top content marketing services in UK predict that this type of advertisement is an evergreen strategy. As it is one of the best cost-effective techniques to increase brand awareness, promote services, and generate future leads. Further, it is not going anywhere until the search engines are around us.

But why isn’t it working for you? Here’re some reasons:

  1. Working Without a Strategy
  2. Not Spending Enough Money
  3. Using Outdated SEO Tactics
  4. Not Promoting Your Content


1. Working Without a Strategy

One of the biggest blunders you can ever make is starting content marketing without a proper strategy. 

For every business owner, it’s important to establish a vision. Why? Because it prevents the members of your organization from losing the track of your goals. 

Thus, calling strategy the lifeline of your entire content marketing campaign won’t be wrong. Conduct a meeting with your company’s individuals and write down every single objective.

Further, follow the steps to creating an effective content marketing strategy while considering the following points:  

  • Define your KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and track your views, clicks, shares, etc. 
  • Keep strategizing your goals after 3-4 months after analyzing what is working for you 
  • Don’t confuse strategy with content creation (both are two different parts of the story) 
  • Make sure you add all the key elements of an effective social media marketing strategy 

Moreover, it is highly advised to follow the content marketing cycle for strengthening your strategy. Essentially, it highlights the entire marketing process from setting goals to creating content and so on. Here is an image that would help you learn more about this:

Once, you’ve aligned your strategy, you can start spending on content marketing.


2. Not Spending Enough Money 

Remember, you always get what you pay for! 

With content marketing the case is simple… the more you spend on it, the better ROI you would have! 

Conduct research on the successful and least-successful business owners, and you’ll notice a big difference that can be seen through the results they get. 

From promoting on Google Ads to advertising your services through an influencer, and from getting the top content marketing services to using the best online content creating tools, everything costs money! 

For instance, if one influencer can get you, 500 visitors, then think of how many users you can attract by hiring 10 social media ideals of your niche? That’s just an example, you can invest in more influencers as per your budget. 

However, this doesn’t end here. You’ve got a plenty of options, so, spend on all the strategies equally and if one fails to work for you simply remove it. 


3. Using Outdated SEO Tactics

SEO techniques provide us a list of to-do things that business owners need to adopt in order to dominate SERPs and receive organic traffic.

Remember, publishing content is important indeed, but posting useless content that cannot fulfill the search engines’ requirements is a bad idea.

Think of it this way, any agency selling top SEO services in UK posting blogs without once adding the focus keyword “Top SEO services”, won’t rank for this phrase. So, how can it appear on top of the search results?

You see? How important it is to follow SEO trends?

Apart from just keyword insertion, there several other things to focus on.

Here’re some of the top SEO trends you need to follow: 

  • Create keyword-rich meta description and compelling headlines 
  • Get content and keyword ideas to form SEO tools, i.e., Ahrefs, etc. 
  • Add questions/answer throughout our content 
  • Try to rank for featured snippets 
  • Optimize for voice and image search
  • Draft long-form content (1500-2000 words)
  • Avoid the deadly SEO mistakes and create fresh content 
  • Increase internal linking but don’t overstuff 

These SEO trends keep on evolving with the passage of time and according to the users' needs. So, pay attention to Google’s algorithm updates. Just to make sure you don’t miss any latest technique! 


4. Not Promoting Your Content

Just uploading content and leaving it on your pages cannot attract customers.

How can users click on something that is not even appearing in front of them? Sounds impossible right? 

However, you can start ranking to on the top of the search results by optimizing your SEO but that might take months.

So what to do during that time span? Start promoting content with different digital marketing strategies!


As mentioned earlier, investing in the promotion can show incredible results. However, keeping a balance between content creating and promotion is important. If you focus on one side but neglect the other, you’re going to wear your audience out!  

Don’t forget users are looking for informative content that can solve their queries and help them learn new things. Hence, make sure the content you decide to promote can potentially attract customers and bring them to your site.

Along with this, you can also promote your content yourself. How? Here’re some top-tips provided by the experts of top content marketing services in UK: 

  • Comment on online forums and add links to your landing pages 
  • Find which social platform is trending among your audience and start promoting there 
  • Write guest blogs and hire influencers with millions of followers 


Remember, creating content is an art that takes time to show results. Just, try to stay away from the mistakes discussed above and learn from the best agencies who’re selling top content marketing services in UK and all around the world. 

Don’t get panic and keep exploring until it starts to bring customers in! 

By - 18 Jun 2021

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