4 Google Ads Mistakes You Need to Fix Today!

Google Ads has the power to generate leads and then convert them into sales. It is one of the best ways to place your business right in front of your target audience. 


If you mismanage your Google Ads account, it can cost you a lot of money! This is why it is highly advised to partner up with the best Google Ads agency in UK if that’s where you’re located. The experts would manage your advertisement campaigns in a way that ensures successful results and brings more traffic. 

Whether you manage your Google Ads yourself or with the help of your chosen company, you would want to learn which fatal mistakes can leave you broke. 

Read on to discover the blunders that can ruin your marketing efforts! 

Top 4 Google Ads Mistakes 

Using Google ads in the best possible manner can bring you tons of clicks and visitors. And, for this, you need to avoid all the fatal mistakes and master the techniques that can set up well-to-do Google Ads. 

Here’re is a list of the top 4 common Google Ads mistakes (and how to fix them): 

  1. Ignoring Right Keyword Matches 
  2. Not Tracking Conversions 
  3. Missing Or Poor Ad Extensions 
  4. Not Using Negative Keywords 


1. Ignoring Right Keyword Matches

For a Google ad advertiser, it is important to get familiar with three categories of keyword matching that are: broad match, phrase match, and exact match. 

Wondering which match is the right fit for your type of ads? 

Well, choosing just one category is the biggest mistake business owners tend to commit. You’ve to use a combination of all of these matches.

So, let’s get familiar with each keyword.

What’re broad match keywords? 

It appears in search results no matter your user types the exact keyword or not. For a keyword like “best Google Ads agency in UK”, the ad would pop up even if it is typed as “Google best Ads agency in UK” or something like that. 

What’re phrase match keywords? 

People can only see your ads when they type a keyword in the same order. For instance, if your keyword is “best shoes online” then your ad will show only when the users type the exact phrase. Don’t forget to enclose your phrase match keyword in quotation marks whenever you write it. 

Apart from that, it can also appear for related keywords but only if the order remains the same i.e., “best shoes online in UK” etc. 

What’re the exact match keywords? 

These keywords are written in square brackets i.e., [best Google Ads agency in UK]. In this case, the ad only shows up for exact matches. This means, if a user types “how to find best Google Ads agency in UK”, the ad won’t appear. 

While using all these matches in your ads, make sure you don’t create a mess out of it. Avoid keyword stuffing and use appropriate phrases of your niche.

2. Not Tracking Conversions

If you’ve got your Google Ads campaign up and running, then make sure you track your conversations to check how many clicks are converting into sales. 

For this, you can simply use conversion tags on your pages or import them from Google analytics or CRMs. 

Not tracking your conversions can hinder your progress because without this you cannot identify which areas of your campaigns are at a halt and require improvement. Ultimately, you miss the opportunity to optimize your poor keywords, bids, ad texts, etc. accordingly. Look at the image below and see how much good tracking matters to your Google campaign:

If you want to stay away from this headache and still promote your brand with Google Ads, then better get your hands on the best Google Ads agency in UK or wherever else you’re located, and let them handle your ads. Along with all this, don’t forget to follow the top Google Ads strategy that can boost your sales

Working hard on Google Ads alone is not enough! 

To increase your sales and uplift your traffic you need to focus on both content marketing and social media marketing. Else, you would be left with just a handful of the audience that cannot generate the profits you deserve. 


3. Missing or Poor Ad Extensions

Whether you run an e-commerce website or a business website, before going for Google Ads make sure you get a well-designed website that can load at a blazing fast speed. 

Remember, marketing strategies are of no use if your website could not load in 3 seconds

All done? 

But still, Google Ads is not generating results? If so, then probably you’re incorporating poor ad extensions or not using them at all! 

Do you know why websites with top-notch snippets on Google’s SERPs tend to receive more clicks? Because they use heavy-hitting taglines and descriptions that build curiosity in the minds of the users and urges them to click. 

Similarly, to stand out on Google’s search results and reach more customers with the help of Google Ads, marketers should optimize their ads for SEO, add CTA’s and some extensions.

Here’re some options for you:  

  • Phone extension
  • Location extension
  • Site link extension 

Make your you use the right extensions. Else you won’t receive your coveted results! Here is a perfect example of a Google Ad:  

If managing all this along with your business sounds a daunting task for you, then don’t worry, because the best Google Ads agency in UK has got your back! They’d provide you with top-notch services and would manage everything in one go.


4. Not Using Negative Keywords

It’s nearly impossible for your Google Ads to stimulate successful results without using negative keywords. In fact, the best Google Ads agency in UK can also not work effectively if they start to ignore this type of keywords.

This helps to control the unwanted clicks and shows your ad in front of your target audience only. Let’s take an example, if your keyword is “best SEO services in UK” then it might appear every time users type “best” or “SEO” in the search bar. 

And what does this mean? 

Your ads keep on appearing in the wrong places bestowing you with unwanted clicks. This is going to cost a fortune!


If you just add “best” in the negative keyword section, then it would stop appearing for this match. Here’re some tips for using negative keywords: 

  • Don’t copy exact keywords, try to customize a bit 
  • Keep a track of exact and corresponding keywords 
  • Avoid stuffing your ads with negative keywords
  • Try to use negative keyword list to save time 


How to Find the Best Google Ads Agency in UK?

Finding the best Google Ads agency that delivers results and is worth investing in can be a bit tricky.  

Some companies offer these services as an afterthought without having much experience in Google ads. 

Sure enough, you don’t want to fall into the hands of spammers and want to run your campaign with the best UK-based Google Ads agency. 

But the question is, how can you figure out which company is your ideal fit? Well, for this you need make sure:

  • Your chosen agency is a certified Google Ads partner 
  • Delivers excellent results 
  • Enjoys a good reputation in the industry 
  • Understands your goals 
  • Tracks your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) 

If your chosen agency is enriched with these features, then you’re good to go!


Now, you know which mistakes are crippling your Google ads campaign. So, start avoiding all the mistakes discussed above if you’re serious about increasing your rate of conversions and sales. 

It's best for you to partner up with Google Ads agency in UK, because they offer services that guarantee incredible success. This is one of the reasons why you should get Google Ads services

By - 23 Apr 2021

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