13 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Do you run a small local business? Want to grow your customer base and turn more people into loyal customers? If so, then this blog post is for you!

In this article, we will be talking about 12 digital marketing tips that can help businesses of all sizes acquire new customers, build their authority and stand distinct from their competitors.

We’d also discuss how investing to hire a credible digital marketing company in Cardiff can help you to grow your business in real-time.

The digital marketing strategies discussed below are perfect for those who don't want to spend too much money on their marketing campaigns or waste time trying to learn complicated advertising jargon.

Let’s begin with the first and most important strategy!

Tip #1: Build a Robust Social Media Presence

Social media is the perfect way to get your business in front of potential customers. If you’re not improving your online presence, you are missing on the 90% of the audience who uses social media platforms for multiple hours every day.

How do you connect with your potential customers?

The trick is, you need to post valuable and engaging content consistently so that people would want to follow you (and keep following).

Don’t know how to develop a social media marketing plan that would improve your brand image?

But don't worry - all you need is the best digital marketing agency in Cardiff to handle your social media and boost your results.

If you already have social media profiles, ask your chosen digital marketing agency for a social media audit before getting to the planning part.

Tip #2: Use SEO to Drive More Leads

SEO is crucial when it comes to digital marketing and business growth. It doesn't require much time or a lot of money, but your website needs to be optimized for search engines like Google and Yahoo! to rank you high on their result pages - meaning that more people will see your company's name as they're searching the internet.

You can optimize your site by following basic HTML rules or hiring someone who knows what they're doing (more specifically, a top digital marketing expert in Cardiff).

Tip #3: Keep Your Customers Satisfied

One of the essential components of digital marketing is to keep your customers satisfied. That means providing them with excellent customer service and a quality product that they enjoy using.

However, it's not enough to have these things; you need to make sure that people know about your great customer service! If someone has an issue or complains, be sure to address their concerns quickly and efficiently.

It may seem simple enough at first glance, but customer satisfaction following along should not be overlooked if you want to keep those customers coming back again and again.

Remember, your customers need to know that you care!

Tip #4: Include Actionable CTAs

If you want visitors who come across your social media to take some action, then include a call-to-action button (CTA) at the end of it! This could be something like "Click here for more information!", "Contact us today!", or “Call Now”.

The more catchy your CTA is, the higher the chances your audience will connect with you.

Here are some examples of powerful CTAs:

Tip #5: Track the Results of Every Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are expensive - which is why they must be effective! You don't want to spend money on a strategy that doesn't work for you or continue using tactics after they've stopped being effective.

The good news is there are some simple tools out there (like Google Analytics) that will help make this process more accessible than ever before! If you haven't already, check them out today because when it comes time to report back on how well each marketing tactic did, these stats will come in handy.

Tip #6: Make Your Website Mobile-Ready

People are spending more time on their phones browsing the web these days - which means it's essential that you have a responsive website.

If not, people will be frustrated and leave before they see what you're selling or find out about all of your products!

Not to mention this can hurt your SEO ranking if Google thinks there is something wrong with how fast it takes for pages to load... So never underestimate the importance of making sure everything works great from any device.

If you don’t know how you can make your site mobile-friendly, this is the right time to invest in your business and hire a top digital marketing expert in Cardiff.

Tip #7: Create Some Micro-Content

What if you're not a writer or don't have the time to create blog post content? That's where micro-content comes in handy.

It's short and sweet - so even those who are pressed for time can still keep their website updated without having to do too much!

And while this isn't as good at converting leads into customers, it does help spread your message across different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Tip #8: Keep Your Blog Posts Short and Sweet

It's not always easy to come up with content for a full-length blog post, especially when there are so many other things on your plate.

That's where shorter articles can help - like microcontent or listicles! This is also helpful because these pieces of content tend to do well in social media feeds since people scroll through them quickly instead of reading everything at once.

And don't worry about making it sound too perfect; if you have a unique voice, that will make your work stand out from the competition!

Tip #9: Improve Your Site's Loading Speed

The last tip is to work on improving the speed of your website. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it can have just as much of an impact on customer satisfaction as anything else!

These days, people are used to waiting less than two seconds for pages and sites to load - so if yours takes more than that, then you'll lose customers who get frustrated before they even see what you're selling. If this sounds like something, you need help with (or want some tips), feel free to reach out today!

But if you are not tech-savvy, you need an expert digital marketing company in Cardiff to handle these technical aspects of your business while you can work on other aspects.

Tip #10: Use Hashtags on Social Media

Hashtags are a great way to promote your product or business on Instagram because they let people who might not have otherwise been exposed to it find you!

If someone's looking for something specific, they'll be able to search through all the posts with that hashtag and see what they're looking for. It also lets them know that others like them feel similarly, making their decision-making process easier when deciding whether or not to buy from you!

Tip #11: Use Videos to Promote Your Products

Videos are a great way of adding more interactivity to what you're selling. It can help potential customers feel like they've learned more about the product, and it also shows off exactly how versatile or durable it might be!

Plus, if someone sees that video pop up on their feed while scrolling through social media, then there's a chance they'll watch it - which means more exposure for your company.

You don't even have to worry too much about production quality with these; make sure whatever is being shown is clear enough, so people know what they're supposed to be looking at (and remember those subtitles!).

Tip #12: Consistency Matters When it Comes to Marketing

Since digital marketing channels can be updated instantly, they require very little time commitment from marketers.

However, if you're not posting regularly or consistently, your content won't be seen by as many people, and you'll miss opportunities to convert leads into customers. For instance, if your prospects comment on your social media posts and you fail to respond to them, it will impact your business in a negative way.

It gives them a hint that your customer support isn’t proactive. That’s why many small businesses in Cardiff hire expert digital marketing agencies to handle their social media campaigns.

Tip #13: Hire an Expert to Handle Your Digital Marketing

If you're not tech-savvy, then hiring someone who is, maybe the best option for your company. There are plenty of digital marketing agencies in Cardiff that offer packages and different types of services - whether it's SEO campaigns or building websites from scratch.

You should have at least one person on board with knowledge about social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more!


Small business owners should invest in digital marketing because it helps grow their company without having high overhead costs or staff requirements.

Digital marketing doesn't require any experience, so anyone in the company can take on this task. There are plenty of digital marketing companies in Cardiff that offer packages and services for small businesses. When you invest in your business, it ultimately benefits you in the long run.

By - 16 Aug 2021

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