10 Things That Might Be Hurting Your Site's Rankings

A webmaster's biggest dread is discovering that all of their hard work has been for nought due to a sudden dip in SEO ranks. for else.

Do you belong to that group?

Okay, now inhale deeply! Nobody is alone, not even you.

A decline in ranks has or will continue to affect every website. While you cannot completely prevent it, you can surely lessen its effects by either investing in the best SEO company in Cardiff, or by learning what’s hurting your SEO and implying better strategies.

Numerous factors might contribute to a decline in rankings. Read below to find our what’s killing your SEO score!

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10 Things That Can Hurt Your Site Rankings

In this article, both the apparent and less obvious reasons for damaged SEO rankings are described. Here are 10 factors that might hurt the rankings of your website:

1. Your Site Has Bad Redirects

When a visitor clicks on a URL, they are instead sent to another URL, which is known as a redirect.

Consider the case when your website has a page with the URL www.example.com/mens-shoes that appears on Google's first page.

Each month, the page attracts about 10,000 unique visits.

The developer redirects that URL to the homepage of example.com due to certain modifications in the website's design. Because it does not achieve the user's objective, this redirect is poor.

Men's shoes are what the visitor is seeking. However, the newly redirected page has little to no information about men's shoes.

As a result, the content was fundamentally altered, and the rankings for that URL were lost.

2. You Are Busy Creating Several Low Quality Links to Your Site

A low-quality link is any link built or acquired with the goal of manipulating PageRank and having a significant influence on a site's position in the search results.

Links from spam comments, low-quality guest posts, low-quality article directories, and low-quality web directories are examples of low-quality links.

3. You Have Recently Updated Your Meta Title/Tags

Due to the fact that it helps Google comprehend the contents of your web page, the title tag is a crucial component of your on-page SEO.

As a result, ranking changes might result from even a little modification in the title tag.

For instance, if your homepage's title tag previously read "Web Design Company Boston" and you changed it to "Hire A Web Designer in Boston," your rankings for terms like "SEO company in Cardiff" may suffer.

As a result of your decision to exclude the word "Company" from the title tag.

4. Your Site Has Duplicate Content

According to Google, "Duplicate material often refers to substantive blocks of content inside or across domains that either entirely matches other content or are considerably similar."

Your site's rankings may suffer if you just updated your material and found that a sizable portion of it was copied.

It may also be deemed duplicate content if you have added new pages to your website, but those pages include text blocks that are basically the same as those on previous sites (including the title or H1 tags).

5. Your Site Is Getting Lots of Low-Quality Traffic

Your site's rankings are not directly harmed by low-quality visitors, but they may be indirect.

If you notice that you or the SEO company on Cardiff’s website has suddenly started to receive a ton of low-quality traffic.

It's possible that this is because your website is receiving links from irrelevant or low-quality directories through paid links or negative SEO, which can have a negative impact on your site's conversion rates, time on page, bounce rate, and other metrics.

The sum of all these elements will signal to Google that users dislike your website, perhaps causing the ranks to drop, so you need the best SEO company in Cardiff.

6. You Have Recently Made Changes in Your Content

After making any modifications to the content of your site, including H1s, there can be an abrupt reduction in ranks. Every website's rating is based on its content, which is a key ranking element.

Rankings are likely to change if anything is changed.

7. Google Has Made an Update to Its Ranking Algorithm

A natural component of the entire search algorithm is core algorithmic upgrades.

There is a possibility that your website might anticipate changes in rankings whenever such modifications occur (they may occur multiple times each day, and Google may not explicitly publish such revisions).

It's not necessarily a sign that your website is broken if your rankings drop as a result of a Google upgrade.

Although core updates aren't necessarily a negative thing, they might be a sign that something is amiss with your website.

8. There is A Rise in Local Competition

The level of local competition for you or your Cardiff SEO company may have a detrimental impact on the rankings of your website. Imagine that your bakery is the only one in Dothan and that there are no other bakeries nearby.

You might easily maintain your position at the top of the local search results.

But if two other bakeries open in Dothan, your rankings will drop as a result of the increased competition; it won’t matter even if you have the best SEO agency in Cardiff.

Another example is that a nearby Dothan bakery suddenly opens a new Google My Business account and spends money on internet advertising to outrank you in local search results.

9. You Recently Added Low-Quality Content Pages On Your Site

The ranking decline might have legitimate causes, including low-quality material.

It's possible that low-quality material is to blame for a sudden dip in ranks if you've just added new pages to your website.

Request from your developer a list of URLs that have recently been added to your site, and then carefully review each and every page.

Make necessary revisions to your material to make it more appealing, informative, authoritative, and comprehensible. Make the modifications one at a time, then use Search Console to ask for that page's indexing.

If you fail to maintain track of the various elements that might harm your website, all of your SEO efforts will be for nought.

Your website might lose its current ranks with only one error.

Always adhere to SEO best practices, and keep an eye out for any problems with your or a result-oriented SEO company in Cardiff’s website's future performance.

By - 07 Jul 2022

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