10 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Store Is Not Selling

E-commerce web development services in UK and all around the world help to stimulate a huge volume of sales for both small businesses and corporate agencies.


If and only if you follow the right practices! 

Even though around 2.14 billion people shop online, e-commerce website owners are still unable to receive their coveted revenues. 

If you count among them then this blog is for you!  

You might have spent a fortune just to help your online store stand out! But why isn’t it selling even after your years of hard work?

Probably you are making some HUGE MISTAKES! 

How about understanding these mistakes and overcoming them for a better future? 

Good idea! 

Here we have listed the disastrous mistakes you need to kill as soon as possible! 

So, let’s dive in… 

Why Your E-commerce Website Is Not Selling? 

Online merchants keep on stuffing their website with loads of products without optimizing it in the right manner! 

Just publishing the products would not set you up for success even if you work for the next 100 years with the same mistakes.

Choosing the best e-commerce web development services in UK (or wherever else you’re located) is not enough…Following the right practices listed below should be your top priority as well:

1. You’re Not Targeting the Right Audience 

Product failure is one of the major reasons why websites fail to generate profits.

If you’re selling a product where nobody wants it then you’re in an exhausting position from the beginning!  

No matter you want to sell shoes, food, or anything else you need to dig deeper and discover your target audience. Here are some tips for you: 

  • Spy your competitors to learn what your customers are looking for
  • Consider demographics 
  • Conduct surveys and study matrixes to understand your customers 

Even if your competitors are already providing the same services you can still stand out with a value proposition and creative innovations.

2. Low-Quality Product Image 

One single picture is worth a thousand words! 

This is why the quality of your images matters, a lot. Did you know that around 75% of online shoppers conduct their purchases just by looking at the pictures? 

Well, that’s a fact! 

You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on a professional photographer if you have a portable camera. You can start right away and be sure you click from different angles to attract your potential customers. 

3. No Product Description 

Along with high-quality images you need to add a product description that depicts the value of your product and helps your buyers to understand its benefits. 

Product descriptions provide your users with a reason to buy! 

Apart from that, lack of product description would not (in any case) let your website rank on the top of Google’s search results! For that, you need to prioritize SEO optimization

This is why you need to add product description and discover your niche’s keywords.


Don’t forget to follow the top SEO trends!

4. Complex Checkout Procedures 

Why do you think the customers are going to walk through complex and never-ending checkout procedures? 

Remember, customers are looking for easy solutions and if you’re going to make things tough for them you would burn down your own profits. 


Because customers would simply terminate the frustrating checkout process! Around 21% of the customers abandon their purchase due to this. Try to provide your users an easy and short check-out process. 

5. Poor Call-To-Action (CTA)

You need to push your customers towards the sale! 

If your customer wants to add a product in the cart or if they want to conduct a call, make sure your buttons help them. 

Always guide your users and help them to reach their purchase decision. The ideal e-commerce websites never leave their customers alone to figure out the next step. 

Instead, they direct them with killer call-to-actions. And for surprising results keep the following points in mind: 

  • Start your CTA with a strong verb command (shop, order, download, etc.) 
  • Use words that arouse emotions (“One-step away from your dream” etc.)
  • Use “sale-on” tricks 
  • Try to be creative

6.Hidden Charges

Hidden charges are one of the top reasons of cart abandonment!

Customers don’t like the hidden charges at the very end of the checkout procedures. Once they discover these, they would abandon their cart immediately! 

You can overcome this problem by providing your users with a shipping calculator. That would basically work on the items they are interested in. And with the help of which they can keep on calculating the total charges before even walking through the check-out procedure. 

The ideal e-commerce web development services allow you to install certain plug-ins that make it easier to add such calculators. 

7. Absence of Security Certifications 

Are you running an e-commerce website without security credentials? Why do you reckon people would add their details on a website labeled as “insecure”? 

Sure enough, they won’t even scroll down to check your products. One of the researches proved that around 85% of the customers abandon their purchase decision on insecure sites! 

Thus, soon after hiring the best e-commerce web developers in UK (or in any other corner of the world) go and get an SSL certificate. 

SSL certificates encrypt customer’s information that they enter on your website and protect each transaction details from being hacked and misused.

8. Webpage’s Navigation and Design is Poor 

Colors and designs can work wonders! 

Your web page's design is one of the important factors that decide either your business would lead this way or that!

A number of online users instantly hit the back button soon after they encounter the front page of any website.


Because the website might look suspicious or could not potentially attract its users. 

The website should be catchy that must have attractive images, creative phrases, and a smooth design. Further, it should be easy to navigate! Because a well-designed website can boost your sales!

Make sure you provide the uses with certain buttons and help them reach checkout easily.  

9. The Top-Search Bar is Missing! 

What if Google has not installed a search bar? How would you conduct your searches in that case? 

You’d have to go through millions of sites just to find a solution to your problem. For instance, if you want to find the best e-commerce web development solutions in UK then you would have had to walk through hundreds of webpages… 

This is why Google installed a search bar to help you grab your solution in just a few seconds. 

Why don’t you do the same for your e-commerce website? 

Let’s suppose if you’re selling clothes, shoes, jewelry, and much more under one umbrella, without a search bar it would be just like finding your lost cat in a huge forest.

However, with search bars your customers would make their purchases with ease!

10. Excessive (Advertisement) Pop-ups 

Pop-ups can also be a major reason of your website’s failure. These annoying ads keep on distracting your customers. 

Much worse? Your customers would jump out of your website. And that would lead to an increased bounce rate and a dropped rate of conversions! Hence, make sure nothing comes between your customer and their purchase.

Tips to Find the Best Ecommerce Web Development Services in UK 

Whether you want to run an e-commerce store in UK or any other part of the world, hiring the best e-commerce web developer is the very first step you ought to walk through. 

E-commerce web developers make it super-easy for every business owner to launch an online store. But as soon as you discover that they don’t always provide the best solutions, choosing the right fit for your business becomes a daunting task. 

So, how can you choose your perfect developer? 


Check out the quality of your developer’s services with the help of the points listed below: 

  • Past Experience and Industrial Reviews 

You need to find out how much digital experience your chosen agency has. Having some popular clients and an excellent industrial reputation reflects the quality of their services. 

Before shaking hands with any of the e-commerce developers make sure their existing clients are happy with their services. 

For this, you need to dive into their websites and check their portfolio. Generally, every web development agency has published their portfolio on their webpages along with a list of their clients.

This will help you to get a comprehensive idea of the company you would be working with and the quality of their services. 

  • Location 

When you’re working with a renowned and trustworthy e-commerce website developer, location does not matter. 

But if you have decided to work with any new company then make sure you choose the best agency located within your area. 

For instance, if you’re looking for the best e-commerce web development services in UK then stick with the one that is located in UK as well. 


Because sometimes your chosen company cannot understand your idea virtually. In this case, paying a visit to their office sounds mandatory. 

  • Price 

Before partnering up with any e-commerce web developer, set your budget. This way you can easily negotiate the services of your chosen developer. 

The best e-commerce website services in UK provide a clear estimated budget with the help of the build-in digital calculators. You can simply insert your requirements and your agency would accelerate your optimum budget.

Some of the agencies offer you limited space on which you can only sell a few products and you have to pay extra fees for additional space. 

For beginners, this isn’t a big deal but soon after your business starts scaling this can transform into a huge obstacle.

Thus, look beyond the entry-level packages and check how much you’ve to pay if your product list doubles.

Just publishing world-class products on your online store cannot accelerate profits if you don’t stop committing the mistakes we have discussed above. 

Indeed, the best e-commerce web development services in UK (and all around the globe) can help you get started with a bang! But true success depends upon how you run your business! 

By - 05 Mar 2021

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