Brought learning to fingertips with Click2learn mobile app

ABOUT Click2Learn

Click2Learn evolved with the idea of making lesson learning effortless, fun, and interesting for students with the help of digital innovation. The mobile app is designed to provide unparalleled extensive testing services and comprehensive study materials in all subjects for the students of Matriculation, Intermediate, and for those who're preparing for entry tests namely MCAT UHS, ECAT UET, NUST, GIKI, AKMU, NED etc.

  • Problem & Challenges

    The challenge faced initially concerned a series of conceptual steps that needed to be perfected; learning, training, practice & testing. The strategy developed by VROX team centered around the aim of delivering a project that benefits students, while simultaneously being of incredible use for teachers and academia. The final product - an effective learning app - solved the problem faced by majority of parents out there; the dire need and inability to assess their child's educational performance and monitor their learning.

  • Brought learning to fingertips with Click2learn mobile app

    We have done extensive research and analyzed the syllabus and problems that students, teachers, and parents in Pakistan face. And we came up with a handy solution which is this app named  Click2learn.